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Quote: Originally Posted by tween_spirit I obviously didn't and of course respect your right to carry but you really want to tell me there are no differences in lethality between what you carry and this? Th's such a dumb argument. We should also confine free speech to written text and oral speeches.
Buy a Glock 19 and use whatever remaining funds for ammo, training, and spare mags. Forget about a second gun for carry, and use your Glock instead. Spend the $300 on more training, ammo, and quality gun leather. Get a Remington 870 for your shotgun needs. Easy to find barrels for either slugs or shot give you hunting flexibility.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol you're right. people should only care about issues that affect them directly anyway whatever this is exasperating, i won't interrupt your NRA meeting anymore Ok, how is me being armed affect society as a whole? It doesn't, so get back to playing dress-up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol It's more like "I'm not fine with carrying, but if you insist can you at least keep it to one gun and stop pretending to be a fucking action hero?" people being shot to death tends to rub us the wrong way, and the fact that america has such liberal gun laws eases the proliferation of firearms to people who may not be able to lawfully require them Again, how am I affecting you by being armed?
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Some of these responses are laughable because people cannot get it through their heads that legal gun ownership and CCW holders aren't the problem. Why is it that the anti gun crowd constantly lumps all gun owners legal or not and then attempt to argue from that point? GT, I'm well aware of your position however I sincerely believe your viewpoint is extremely biased by your past experiences and where you've lived....
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger austin powers movies aside, shoes don't have the potential to kill people. that's the key difference. "Potential." That's key. My car has the potential to run someone over. My kitchen knife has the potential to slice someone up. My baseball bat has the potential, well, you get it. We should ban everything. For the children.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter really, there have been dozens of similar discussions here on the same subject, and I didn't have any intention of opening that can of worms here, but 1. I don't believe that personal gun ownership really helps in self protection 2. even if it did, the vast majority of gun owners have much more arms than they really need to protect themselves - so if a person told me he had a single 9 mm and a 20 gauge...
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter yeah, but private sector theft, and the black market, are both side effects of a rampant gun culture. Black markets thrive with or without gun culture.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger even if we accept your premise that most crimes committed with guns use guns that are not obtained legally (and this is a stretch), you have to concede the point that if we didn't have a culture that glorified nonessential gun ownership most of those guns wouldn't exist in the first place. How is personal protection "nonessential"? And tell me, how is it glorified?
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger i have a feeling that most criminals who have guns aren't smithing their own weapons. You've lost me. Are you talking about gunsmithing?
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