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I had to stop by Target for a few things and picked up a pair for shits and giggles. I'm due for a new pair of work jeans anyways. I doubt these will compete with my usual 501 stfs. They are indeed selvage. Denim is fairly heavy, but not as heavy as 501 stf. They appear to be rinsed, than wadded up and left on a Chinese factory floor to dry. Fit is ok, considering the yoke is almost parallel with with the waistband. Rise is 10" and hem is 8". Very similar to 514s. As...
Yes. A faux fur collar, flared jeans, and anime hair would make his look pop.
Oh, you're Helm? Damn, I missed that in the above posts. You're ammo bags are invaluable at the range. Beats nail aprons for sure.
Keep them new by not wearing them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flursheim Hey Ace, I was and you've got a great memory bro. Someone else is running the company now but I am still involved in the design aspect of most of the new products. I'm heading a couple of other ventures right now including a line of Mil and LE gear. I hope that bag has served you well. Let me know if I can help with anything. I'm sorry I missed the NRA show. I-Shot was originally planning to launch their new...
I agree that Kydex is not ideal. There's a 10 week wait on my holster, and I need something in the meantime to keep the LCP from shifting and printing. I have a ton of Kydex, and a DeSantis copy it's something that can be done in 15 minutes. I'll probably use something to increase friction with the pocket lining. I did venture out Saturday with a piece of poster board covering the print. Worked well, but the draw sucked.
Damn, what a nice paint job on that downspout. Nice fit as always mok.
Well Crane's, as much as I wanted to love the P238, I just couldn't choose a SA over a DA for pocket carry. The little Ruger just disappears in a pocket, and I imagine it's only going to get better once my holster gets made. I'll make something in .06 kydex in the meantime.
Think of a gun's firing mechanism (regardless of the type...hammer fired double action, hammer fired single action, striker fired double action only, combinations the three, etc.) as a mouse trap. SA- (single actions or SA like a 1911 platform) are meant to be carried with the hammer cocked, and have an external safety (and often times an internal firing pin safety a la Series 80 1911s) to keep the sear from inadvertantly dropping the hammer on the chambered round. Pro...
Quote: Originally Posted by hollowsleather I'd be happy to triple my price if it gets me more quality cred You need more hyperbolic tales of game-changing gimmicks and goofy mysticism on your site.
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