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Tried Amazon? I find more sizes there than at Levis. There's two or three 501 sellers on there, but I know one doesn't list what's stf and what's prewashed.
Flamboyantly nauseating.
Much much better. Stop looking so pissed off all the time.Now Reedo needs to stop raising his eyebrows and cocking his head to the side.
Don't know why NN gets shit for his glasses and you don't.Can you post a fit with better hair, a clean shave, and no glasses?
After last year's debacle, is Danner going to do the F&F 50% sale this year? Anybody know?
Awesome. I like how Miran is almost evolving full circle back to Malakas.
I had to stop by Target for a few things and picked up a pair for shits and giggles. I'm due for a new pair of work jeans anyways. I doubt these will compete with my usual 501 stfs. They are indeed selvage. Denim is fairly heavy, but not as heavy as 501 stf. They appear to be rinsed, than wadded up and left on a Chinese factory floor to dry. Fit is ok, considering the yoke is almost parallel with with the waistband. Rise is 10" and hem is 8". Very similar to 514s. As...
Yes. A faux fur collar, flared jeans, and anime hair would make his look pop.
Oh, you're Helm? Damn, I missed that in the above posts. You're ammo bags are invaluable at the range. Beats nail aprons for sure.
Keep them new by not wearing them.
New Posts  All Forums: