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What cut N&F?
I think he was referring to your comment about NN looking like a "little shit that you want to beat up."Heh, a lot of projecting around here. Liza Minnelli's not beating anyone up.http://img40.imageshack.us/img40/4602/018tu.jpg
Lol, that's pretty creepy. I'm new to this forum's format for posting pics...In my efforts to post a pic, I created a creep gallery instead.
I was going to say the same thing.Awesome thread by the way.
This is the guy that says you look dorky. You look fine.
I'm looking at either the JB0101 or the JB0701 at Blue Owl. I've been in communication with Jay, but I'm looking for some other opinions. I'm currently 6'2" and 190-195 with a 35" waist and 25" thighs. I usually wear 34x38 STF 501's after a hot soak, but I've lately become interested in slimmer fits. Below are my slimmest fitting jeans. I don't want to go any slimmer from the thigh down, though I suppose I could go an inch slimmer in the thighs. I honestly don't know if...
Lol, 2400 posts, and you find shirt tucking to be a mind boggling?
Tried Amazon? I find more sizes there than at Levis. There's two or three 501 sellers on there, but I know one doesn't list what's stf and what's prewashed.
Flamboyantly nauseating.
Much much better. Stop looking so pissed off all the time.Now Reedo needs to stop raising his eyebrows and cocking his head to the side.
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