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My own personal hell.
Her neck is small.
Haven't seen a lot of 0201 fit pics. Hopefully I can get some honest wear in before summer rolls around. Thanks to Jay for sizing advice.
Is your mom giving you a hard time about dropping $200?
You said somewhere that you were 5'11" and 180-185.An average height fat person telling Scott he looks bad is awesomesauce.
So much better than the last running at the camera flexing your traps whilst holding hands with trolls and wearing a t shirt and jeans and a dumb hat pic.
Rarely disagree with you, but that's just silly.
What cut N&F?
I think he was referring to your comment about NN looking like a "little shit that you want to beat up."Heh, a lot of projecting around here. Liza Minnelli's not beating anyone up.
Lol, that's pretty creepy. I'm new to this forum's format for posting pics...In my efforts to post a pic, I created a creep gallery instead.
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