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Quote: Originally Posted by cb_32 FUCK DOPE where to cop? You need permission from these dudes. I'm more of a 3 hipo guy myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty Wow, grade 4. What did your breeder say? lefty She denied everything, even after I emailed her X-rays. In the end, she blamed me for not getting 3rd and 4th opinions, saying I was unnecessarily operating on my dog. In the end, she gave me half of my money back.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty Why can't he exercise? Didn't the patella surgery work? lefty Yeah, it worked as well as we could have expected, especially with what we started with (grade 4 on each leg), but he still gets lame every once in a while. Well fetch with him and take him on walks, but we don't push him like my bird dog.
Quote: Originally Posted by dwyhajlo All of you guys without any guns (or Swiss Army knives) are just gonna be marks for boognish now. You're all going to be relieved of those nice watches and wallets with the quickness when he runs up on you with the quickness. Consider yourselves warned. I imagine it's going to play out like a cross between The Most Dangerous Game and 50 Cent's "Ski Mask Way" video. Thanks for playing.
Thank you for taking the time to post that. A lot of good info that I'll try to put towards good use. As far as treats go, he's an empty pit. We usually use cheese or boiled chicken. He stays on a strict diet due to his innablity to really exercise, so anything is fair game and tasty to him. He's the only dog I've ever seen that will gladly take antibiotics, chewing them and all.
Alright, I'll bite. Only thing not pictured is my phone, which is responsible for the poorly focused pic.
I've got a yellow lab that's got "issues." We've had him since he was weened, and his problems started in our first apartment when he was about 6 months. He would get terrified of doorways and hessitate to go through them. He would sit there and shake, nosing in and backing out. You should see the look of confusion and terror on his face. All of this would culminate with him charging through and tripping himself. After he would make it through, he would strut around all...
Quote: Originally Posted by Knisse Care to elaborate, what is a NFC? - i myself am purchasing a combined key-wallet to at least have one less thing to daily worry about. I assume he's talking about Near Field Communication tech, or short-range wireless. In short, your phone will be your wallet. All payment and ID info will be handled through a mobile device.
I'm certainly not an expert, but I did have a pair of once-worn Jordans from '90 or '91(hideous purple/white with the mesh on the sides) that crumbled once I took them out if the box a couple of years ago. The foam sections of the soles basically crumbled to dust without much effort. The rubber was fine, but it delaminated from the foam in the arches.
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