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Boots are kickass.
No, they're fine unless you want a lot of tight stacking. Caltex- I've never had denim like Momotaro in regards to stretching. I could put on a pair of 501s, mow the yard, and have them be 2-3 sizes too big in a couple of hours. Most denim stretches, and when you add heat and moisture, they seem to really distort. I've worn my 201s on construction sites in 105 degree temps. Squatting and kneeling all day, sweating my balls off, and the fuckers haven't stretched at all....
Pretty much my past experiences as well, minus the China stuff. He's a stand up guy.I noticed a slight "defect" on a hem that he did, but I'm not going to mess with it. Adds character.
Cross post from Momotaro thread. Year old 201s. I'll get better pics in natural sunlight when I get the chance.
It's been a year now. 201s with one initial soak and two washes. Probably about 7 or 8 months effective wear.
0201s after about 6 months of wear, two soaks and two washes  
The ironing.
I have a pair of Alphas, classic fits, and urban slims, all in sz34. The rise on both JCrews is about the same. The only real difference is that the urbans are slightly slimmer in the thigh and have more of a taper. They're right around 7.75" on my 35.5" essentials and 8.2" on my classics f I recall. Both JCrews are cut fuller and with less taper than the Alpha. Almost a bit too roomy....13" thighs I think?The Alphas are perfect from the knee up, and the urban are great...
Post 1,356 about your vans. Nobody cares.
I've typed hundreds of posts in this thread, only to change my mind and hit the back button. Usually want to comment on badass bows, jwied or tween fits, but end up chickening out. But Cdhagg sucks so hard. There, no I feel better. Fuck you and your stupid hyper bow legged express modern male pose and how you leave your stupid contrived pouty bottom lip in your cropped pics. Fuckinrage.
New Posts  All Forums: