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CDHagg spotting
To be honest, I've always wondered this too. Meh, I dig it.
Get it? He'll let it slide. Get it? Moo, king of the obvious inside jokes.
Yeah, and at times, they get washed. Life goes on. Your jeans look fine.
Boots are kickass.
No, they're fine unless you want a lot of tight stacking. Caltex- I've never had denim like Momotaro in regards to stretching. I could put on a pair of 501s, mow the yard, and have them be 2-3 sizes too big in a couple of hours. Most denim stretches, and when you add heat and moisture, they seem to really distort. I've worn my 201s on construction sites in 105 degree temps. Squatting and kneeling all day, sweating my balls off, and the fuckers haven't stretched at all....
Cross post from Momotaro thread. Year old 201s. I'll get better pics in natural sunlight when I get the chance.
It's been a year now. 201s with one initial soak and two washes. Probably about 7 or 8 months effective wear.
0201s after about 6 months of wear, two soaks and two washes  
The ironing.
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