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MOK, strike me down if I'm out of line, but I think it would do you justice if you trimmed your beard a bit lower on your cheeks.
Prurient- Are those the hunt pants from last year?
You do realize that the majority of firearms used in crimes are cheap, small caliber handguns right?
The second amendment isn't about hunting.
Hendrix's misinformation is common. Shit, google the McCarthy barrel shroud clip.
I don't have an assault rifle, but my AR rides in the truck while checking livestock.I use a similar carbine for 3 gun comps.
Yeah, I'm agreeing with you. I was pointing to Feinstein's "shoulder thing that goes up" moment.And I'm sick of hearing about the so-called gun show loophole. Any dealer that wants to sell at a show has to follow the protocol he or she would normally follow.Private citizens can perform face to face transactions, just as they would with any other privately owned property.All of the proposed measures aren't about increased public safety. It's about control.
Relax. He's pointing out Feinstein's bullshit in that interview. To sum it up, she said we need to get these mass murdering weapons that aren't good for anything but killing off the streets. She also said that these same weapons are no good for self defense or hunting.
10,000 posts?
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