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+1 on Jurassic Park. It was to me what Star Wars was to my dad and Avatar is to my little sister: the start of a new time in movies.
Pelican is good enough for the armed forces..
Yeah, he was featured on the flickrblog twice.
My brother wanted a cool background for a poem (to be photoshopped on the right). Pink Rose by npmeijer, on Flickr
I'm assuming you will start over with the sticky threads? As I read it, you will have a couple of "primers" written and updated by key-members and I guess the WAYWN threads - correct? Because the current 9 stickied threads without a single "do this if you're a noob" thread in MC is a little over the top imo.
Quote: Originally Posted by changy Lumpinee has these $2000 baht ringside seats which is where all the foreigners sit. Just get the nosebleeds, its maybe 30 feet further back and a lot cheaper. Yup, paid 1850 Rajadamnern ringside. But I think the other seats were 1600, and 250 is almost nothing for a wealthy foreigner like me. Besides, you can't really get the cheap seats with the gamblers as a foreigner can you? They just won't sell it to ya. :/
Quote: Originally Posted by Angiedevz You probably bulked up from your protein shake because your protein shake had a lot of carbs, your muscles need protein to recover. If you want to get ripped then you need protein shakes that have less than 10 grams of carbs in it. For dieting you need to eat less carbs AT NIGHT. Low carb diets r bad but if you cut out carbs after 3-5pm its fine. My bf eats carbs in the morning ( a lot for energy) and for lunch...
Marion Nestlé's commentary: Quote: On the personal side: if you want to avoid eating pesticides, you can stick with the EWG 15. Washing produce before eating it is always a good idea even if it doesn't get rid of all of the chemicals (USDA studies are done on washed produce). When in doubt, buy organic. As for the political, if ever there was a situation where more research was needed, this is it....
From Thailand: Thai Boxer Rajadamnern 2 by npmeijer, on Flickr Thai Boxer Rajadamnern 3 by npmeijer, on Flickr
Quote: Originally Posted by Kiwi Man Thailand is corrupted as fcuk! I don't know how one currupted country can be different from another. Because they don't pretend it doesn't happen. Malaysia's very moralizing - that's what I don't like about it.
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