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Ballroom Dancing II by npmeijer, on Flickr I like this one more than the previous one, more balanced.
Same for password reset.
I understand your reasoning for the first shot in which you can still see part of the tunnel, but the second shot only has the silhouette: wouldn't my method have worked there?On a completely different topic, I just found dad's old analog Pentax ME with 28/2,8 and 50/1,8 lenses.'ll probably take it out for a walk one of these days.
Ballroom Dancing by npmeijer, on Flickr Crane's: meter for background, no flash, underexpose -1? I like the second one the most btw.
So I thought I had lost my password and clicked the "I forgot my password" thingy 3 times, haven't received an e-mail. Contacted you via the feedback thingy. I remembered my password again - yay! But I still think the "I forgot my password" thing is broken, so that.
Quote: Originally Posted by parnassus Genting Highlands. +1, the casino and themepark are really not that special.
Quote: Originally Posted by EMY do you find the 35 and 50 to be redundant? I want to get the 35, but feel that the focal length is too close to 50. Yeah, I don't use the 50mm much but to be honest that's mostly because my crappy D3000 doesn't have its own internal motor so it doesn't autofocus. D'oh. Anyway, that's among the reasons why I want to upgrade to a D7000 but moving to London in September will be expensive - on the other hand, it...
Nikon 18-55 f/3.5 - 5.6 VR - kit lens. Don't really use this one anymore. Nikon 55-300 f/4.5-5.6 VR - my go-to zoom lens for far-away shit. Great for zoos, etc. Nikon 35 f/1,8 - favourite lens Nikon 50 f/1,8 - nice for portraits I've got a crop-sensor camera, so effective focal length is x1,5. Szeph el ratón: what was wrong with the 50mm? If you sell the 17-50 (effective focal length 29-80mm?), I would guess that the 35mm prime would be your best option.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Well thanks. It's funny you say that because the magazine I shoot for has given me a couple of columns to teach people how to take better photos. The first lesson is going to be on white balance which is the most overlooked thing in digital photography. White balance is to digital what filters are to film. IMO fully understanding WB is probably the single most important thing a digital photographer should know all...
Quote: Originally Posted by longskate88 What kind of activities can I expect? I've heard it's a great, clean city and very modern...but I'd still like to do more than just walk, shop, and eat. Any outdoorsy stuff going on there? Singapore is just a city, so no. SE Asia is great to get a feeling for different cultures. Most people don't speak English very well, but good enough to communicate with - especially in the touristy places, so that...
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