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Yeah :
I will be moving to London for an internship from September until mid-January. Where should I live? I've got about 5000 euro saved up and will get an additional 800 a month. With a max budget of about 2000 for the first month, 500+800=1300 for the other months and 1000 for any problems; I think I will be fine. However, I really don't mean to spend it all if I don't have to. Last year I spent 6 months in Malaysia (with trips to Thailand and Laos) for a different...
Do you mean that the angle of the boats is different than that of the riverside?A couple from a public garden in my city:Hortus Haren I by npmeijer, on FlickrHortus Haren IV by npmeijer, on FlickrHortus Haren V by npmeijer, on Flickr
Keeping with the bugs on flowers trend: Grasshopper on Red Rose by npmeijer, on Flickr Dragonfly on Flowerstem by npmeijer, on Flickr
Only if you know both x and y of "new" triangle, but then why bother with the "old" triangle at all?
PM Crane's, he's really the go-to authority on lighting.
You can calculate the degree of the angle with sin/cos, and you can use this knowledge to calculate the height of the "new" triangle - assuming you know one of the other dimensions.
What's the reason for the horizon not being straight? I like the pic, but the horizon is way off.
Would like to report username thabauce. Sent me a spam message via PM, but I can't really find where I can report him for that. Maybe a little flag in the PM box?
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