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Put the bottle in the freezer and a tighter crop: Eristoff Bottle II by npmeijer, on Flickr Cool effects NOBD! Can't view the exif data so: 1) why don't you use flickr? And 2) what lens are you using?
Would've preferred a tighter crop NOBD; too much empty blue space on the bottom. Edit: deleted picture.
According to my stats, he came to the picture by searching for "inside the temple kuala lumpur". The picture: Inside the temple by npmeijer, on Flickr
I guess I'm officially a pro now.. Just got a flickrmail from a Canadian museum's educational programs manager asking me if it was okay if they used one of my pictures for a program to educate kids visiting. So cool!
Found a few from my parents' old photo albums. Most of them have them or other family on it, which isn't really all that interesting. But these 3 were pretty cool imo: Blossom by npmeijer, on Flickr Berlin '90 by npmeijer, on Flickr Berlin '90 by npmeijer, on Flickr
I was under the impression that I knew a few things about photography, but now I'm doing the lighting 102 course on and I'm finding out that I really didn't know all that much. I'm going to get a sync cord tomorrow and start the course, should be fun! CDFS: it's a little bland for my tastes. I like the detail on the wood and the color of the cement-mixer, but there's not much else going for it. I would think that both of these would really *pop* if...
Yup, very cool IC! The main night club I usually work for has more professional lighting and a very high ceiling so the light's diffused, but another venue I shoot at is the opposite: low ceiling, smaller and quite harsh lighting. Yesterday, when shooting at that other club my camera had lots of trouble with the autofocus: at times the people I was taking pictures of were so dark that the lens just didn't know where to focus. Now, when I came home later I did realize I...
A couple from this year's freshmen introduction week to my town. They're part of a larger set I did for a local night club, which can be found here: And the set on flickr: _DSC0236 by npmeijer, on Flickr Kei-week 2011: Handsome Poets5 by npmeijer, on Flickr Kei-week 2011: Sascha Visser1 by npmeijer, on Flickr
Pretty nice il ciclista, +1 on the tones. What lens did you use? Looks like the 50/1,8, but I can't view the exif.
A few old ones from the Hindu festival of Deepavali 2010 I shot during my time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Deepavali 2010 I by npmeijer, on Flickr Deepavali 2010 II by npmeijer, on Flickr Deepavali 2010 III by npmeijer, on Flickr
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