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Stripes are for business. What man would conduct business at night, let alone at a festive event?
I like it in color.
Oh come on, their colour difference is large enough to justify it. That said, his sleeves are much too long which makes his arms look grotesquely long.
Don't know what to make of it NOBD - it's all a little bland and gray and there's nothing really to catch the eye. What was your plan with this shot? Spartan Warrior by npmeijer, on Flickr
Hoozah: the sunset is pretty enough, but 1) are those your fingers on the right blocking part of the lens? 2) as you can see, the sunset is clearly visible (though really white at some points) but the buildings and the street aren't. That's because your camera just can't see as much contrast as you do. Now, there are some people who like this look as it is, but I would advocate showing more of the sky and less street in that case because the sky is really what you want to...
First one, the little ball doesn't really add to the scene. And +1 on the bridge, although you could increase the exposure for the bridge a little.
Are these straight from the camera Il Ciclista? Looking very cool! Pfurey: very impressive! One question: your outdoor pictures sometimes tend to have a blown-out sky - looks alright with the white dress most of the time, but there are certain pics where I think a polarizer would've been better?
Watch out! While your bathroom may be the darkest room, it probably also is the smallest one with the whitest rooms: and that means lots of unwanted bounce-light. Ideally you just have a long room, and you position the model about 3m away from the wall. Might I suggest outside?Couple of shots from today: Eid ul-fitr at Trafalgar Square in London.The end of the Muslim holy month Ramadan is celebrated with Eid ul-fitr. This year it was again celebrated at the foot of...
Yes it would; if you choose your exposure so that a picture taken without a flash is completely black, and then adjust your fash to light the hand from the angle you want you would have everything black expect for the parts that your flash-unit has lit. Of course, you do need a relatively dark room for this.Sample settings for my d7000:-iso100 (as low as possible)-1/320 (flash sync speed)-aperture high enough to make the exposure completely black, probably in the range of...
Kill ambient, snoot the flash. White t-shirt on the model if you want to see the out of focus torso, black t-shirt if you don't.
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