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Any man under 90kg is no man.
Quote: Originally Posted by cretaceous_cretin Looking at penises in the locker room=trolling for some schwanse? Soundz gay to me. But if that is what floats your boat, have fun. Quoting for schwanse. Also: have my own weights. Not due to hairy nude men, but because most gyms are shit.
Sometimes I get told I'm a cold bastard. I'm not really trying to be, I'm just a little introverted and apparently tend to go into cold-businessman-mode at certain times. Pix are too big for imageshack. Edit: there we go: Edit2: nope, not working on imgur. Pictures too big.
Work into snatches by moving the kettlebell higher every swing. In fact, that's how I used to start my high-rep snatches all the time - even when I had worked up to a 100.
Oh, that takes me back. I often get complimented on my English as a non-native speaker and I thank MTG - and computer games - for it. Used to play t1, was even a member at TMD and considered writing articles for SCG, at age 14. Quit around the time when they had that Asian block, think it was the one after Mirrodin block - which was cool. Mox, lotus, recall, fow, yawgwill, shit, tutor for tendrils.. gg?
Read Paul Theroux's travel books.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy what you wear should be fly... like a g6 like a g6 It is most definitely the dumbest song I ever had to listen to. HOW MANY FUCKING TIMES CAN YOU REPEAT THE CHORUS?
Do you live in Singapore? Have you ever been there? While I've never been to Singapore, I've lived in Malaysia for 6 months. For most clubs in KL, the dress code is no shorts and no open shoes (eg flipflops), collar optional. My friends went to ZoukOut 2010 (Tiësto, Guetta, etc.) and I believe they wore the same clothes and were fine. As for the weather, don't wear a sweater.
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