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Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Whoa now, both Malaysia and Indonesia are Muslim? I thought it could be one, but not the other. I've never met a Muslim Malaysian. You're joking right? Malaysia is a country pretending to be a secular muslim state, but the muslim UMNO party has been in control since the country started. Moreover, while the Shariah only legally applies to Muslims there, as a non-muslim you still have to deal with it a lot:...
I love how people always assume how people in an area as large as the US (thai, viet, cambo, burm, malay, phil, indo, sing) are all the same. They're not. Malaysia for example is a Muslim country, Indonesia as well but a little more complicated, Thailand is buddhist, so is Laos but Laos is communist, etc. OP: travel around a little more than just Hanoi and Saigon and see if you still like it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rangoon I miss playing Gunfright on my Amstrad 464. Also proper jopysticks that were like the ones in fighter planes,a big black phallic handle with a fire button on the front of it, not the little fiddly little things used today. They used to have suckers on the bottom for sticking to the table, absolute awesomeness. Remember the screeching noise those games used to make whilst uploading from the cassette? The 80's was a...
A challenger appears. (Yes, I use one. Yes, you will cut yourself. No you will not decapitate yourself.)
Apparently Dutchies ALL do drugs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel You guys are all right, any guy who weighs less and 200 lb. and doesn't have at least a 34 in. waist is a weak pussy excuse of a man Threads regarding body size fucking suck. Given the obesity epidemic in the United States I'm still surprised at so many people who are quick to generalize based off numbers without any regard to the fact that people have different frames. I'm 5"9 and 160 on me would be pretty fat...
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 She's not that type of girl, Gale. Feel kind of bad actually because I kept her up past 3 AM on our last Skype sesh. She also has a midterm tomorrow. Oops. Time zones for the lose. I remember when the girl I shared an apartment with came home from skyping with her boyfriend saying she loved him so. I told her "yeah, until something better comes along". She fucked another guy 2 nights later.
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