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Guilty. My reasoning is that I'm getting off at the next stop anyway, and there might be someone who's going a little further.
London Skyline Silhouette by npmeijer, on Flickr
Today in the London underground: a guy dressed in a black t-shirt, black jeans and with a generally unkept appearance was balancing a big chrystal ball on his elbows. I suppose he was practicing and thought the vibrations of the train were beneficial. BUT IT WAS RUSH HOUR. Earlier this week, a couple of hippies probably traveling kept the doors of the train open so all their hippy friends could get in. Selfish bastards.
Not a big fan of the raster-overlay on the skin - would rather see the pic without it. Tonight was bonfire night! Not 100% happy with this shot, but it was the best of the bunch and I think the composition works well enough - it's just that I would've liked to see all fireworks sharp rather than just the purple blast. On the other hand, your eyes do get drawn to it and there's not much distraction from it. Anyway, first time shooting fireworks, learnt a lot! Bonfire...
I can't figure this one out, never seen anything like this: Spooky St. Paul's by npmeijer, on Flickr Basically, there's a shadow of a building in the clouds?
NOBD: interesting shot! I think the black and white works really well here, how does it look in colour? Krp480: the football player is really good and I like the eyes shot as well. I'm not really feeling the other ones. Crane's: shame you didn't get her other hand in the frame, but a cool shot nonetheless! I'm thinking you desaturarized it a little? From more: more Divali! Yesterday was mostly a scouting exercise, so I knew where the good pics would be today: Divali 4...
And some more Divali! Divali 1 by npmeijer, on Flickr Divali 2 by npmeijer, on Flickr Divali 3 by npmeijer, on Flickr
Good pics Trader! Shame that the jacketsleeves in the second pic are horrible, but I guess that's outside your area of jurisdiction. Cool pics Crane's, but a little standard? I like the first one the best Szeph, good use of lines! Went up the stairs of St. Paul's to get a good perspective on Old Bailey. That cathedral is a lot larger than I had anticipated from the outside! Old Bailey by npmeijer, on Flickr
Went to St. Paul's today to photograph the Occupy London movement - similar to the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York. Some pretty interesting characters! This are a few I made, you can see more in the set. 1 DSC_1241 by npmeijer, on Flickr 2 DSC_1276 by npmeijer, on Flickr 3 DSC_1361 by npmeijer, on Flickr 4 DSC_1353 by npmeijer, on Flickr 5 DSC_1248 by npmeijer, on Flickr 6 DSC_1319 by npmeijer, on Flickr 7 DSC_1230 by npmeijer, on Flickr
6'1 (188cm) Heaviest was 194 lbs (88 kg) 4 months ago. Moved to a different country and the first month was all restaurant and no gym, so I'm probably between 175 and 185 now. Goalweight is pretty much 185 lean.
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