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Those suede brogues look great. 9 months later, I haven't been very impressed with how my suede bals have held up. I feel like the suede is wearing out more than I expected. At first glance, your suede appears to be of a higher quality.
Quick update: I purchased some brown suede balmorals from Zee's back in February and have been pretty pleased with them so far after several months of regular wearing. Initially I was a little disappointed with the quality of the suede, but I feel like the shoes look better now that I've been wearing them for several months. Included below are some iphone photos to give you a general idea.
Hey all, do any of you treat your quoddys? If so, do you use the conditioner from their site? Just got a new pair and don't want to thrash them too hard.
These are awesome. Does it cost anything extra to order custom like this?
Wow, this suit is amazing. Very nicely done. The cut is fabulous and the pants are very flattering. I hope to achieve a similar look.
Hi All, I learned a lot about the HK suit scene from this and other threads, and thought that I would give back a little by providing a bit of a review of my experience with WW Chan thus far. I was in HK for three days last month and managed to fit in a visit to WW Chan to begin the suit commissioning process. Due to my short trip, I was only able to go through the initial measurements, design discussion, and fabric selection and not the basted fitting. However, since...
Hey davesmith, check out the actual measurements of the shoe. They may very well be larger than an 11D US since 10.5 UK doesn't quite translate exactly to 11 US, FWIW.
Hey all, as I mentioned in my last post, I just recently commissioned my first pair of shoes from Zee's last month. I am interested in ordering another pair via email and want to know what kind of experience you have had with repeat orders without going in for a fitting. Last time I was there, I went through the fitting process with the canvas shoe model. Is this necessary for every pair, or do they keep this kind of client fit information on file? Thanks for your help.
hkhobo - those shoes are beautiful! great work with the leather dye. do you have a GY welt on these as well? I would very much like to emulate the color you achieved here. any tips on how you pulled it off?I just visited Zee's for the first time and had a pair of dark brown suede cap toes as well as a belt and card case. Overall I have been very pleased with the end result for the price although the quality of leather for the belt is not what I had expected and whatever...
New in box Shell Cordovan Black Double Monks - Size 10.5 UK/11D US
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