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I have one pair of RRL denim jeans so far, the low-straight stillwater. Awesome wash by the way; nice all-purpose light-weight dark wash with subtle fading and whiskering. I want a lighter color wash and eyeing up the low straight midland, but they don’t have my size online. I called RL Customer Assistance and they were not able to locate in stores either. Unionmade and STAG Provisions has them in my size, so there are options. I wear 32x32 in the low straight. ...
Looking at the measurements low straight vs. slim, it's marginal between the two; 1/2" in the front rise and 1" in the leg opening. The rest of the meaurements are the same??? I don't trust these measurements though.
Low straight for me. The cut is just down right comfortable and the leg opening works well with boots. I've always worn similar straight cuts in other brands. I been meaning to try slim because many of the washes are really cool, but haven't gotten around to it. I ordered a pair of low straight once washed recently. I immediately returned them because I didn't like the way they felt. Too cardboard feeling for my liking. Pre-distressed jeans all the way for me! RRL does a...
The code worked for me last night, when I tested it through most of the checkout process. The code appears to be dead now though. Oh well, I missed the boat. I should of loaded up last night. Well, it saved me from burning a hole in my wallet, LOL!
Anyone have any live pics of these slim-fit New Mexico wash jeans? http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=65309826&cp=11588650.12138266.62444556&ab=ln_men_cs_slimfit&s=D-DollarRank&parentPage=family I heard that the New Mexico wash is supposedly really light in color, much lighter than online. Thanks!
What is the code?Edit: I found the code! I can't believe it still works. Says through July 31, 2014..."Luxottica Discount: Receive 40% off full-price merchandise and 30% off Home and sale merchandise40% off full-price merchandise and 30% off Home and sale merchandise through July 31, 2014 (11:59PM EST). The discount is applied when you enter the promotional code at checkout. The discount does not apply to previously purchased merchandise and may not be combined with any...
Looking f'in good as usual Robert. I gonna crack out my dark washed western denim shirt tonight. I'll see if I can grab a snap for y'all.
^Nice Ultimate Indys Mike! I wore mine today along with my RRL low-straight stillwater wash denim jeans, RRL western cotton shirt and RRL ranch hand jacket. I RRLed it up today! What denim jeans are you wearing? -Adam
Agreed!!! I especially like RRL's distressed denim jeans. RRL is great at doing an authentic distressed look. I just have one pair now, low-straight dark wash (Stillwater wash) jeans and the fading/distressing is right on the mark! I recently picked up the dark wash western denim shirt. The fading/distressing on this one is killer as well.
Thanks man! I ordered the Cotton Twill jacket the other day. It goes by the Ranch Hand jacket in the fall lookbook. I should have it sometime next week.
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