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Never hurts to ask And no, the jeans were not on sale.
I better enjoy them, most I've spent on a pair of jeans RRL CS gave me a nice discount and free next day shipping, which was cool of them.Flip-flops and sockless loafers will pair well with these jeans.So, the indigo dye will not bleed even though it says so right on the webpage?"This style has been dyed with true indigo and washed to give it a unique look. The indigo may rub off onto fabrics, leather and upholstery."
I am on a RRL denim jeans kick. I bought my first pair of RRL jeans about a month ago...Low-Straight Dark wash (Stillwater wash). I love them! I had my eye on the Slim-Fit Helm jean. I have too many dark wash jeans, so decided against it plus I wasn't digging the heavy weight denim. I just pulled the trigger on these bad boys to be delivered tomorrow. Slim-Fit Dylan...
Amen! Those are bad a**! Throw some spikes on the soles and you'll be ready for the links.
Hmm, that's what I was afraid of...they won't be as relaxed and comfortable as my light to medium-weight jeans. I wear jeans 2-3 full days a week (work from home one day a week, casual Fridays at the office and when going out on weekends). Not sure how comfortable heavy-weight jeans will be in a sit down most of the day office environment And I don't wear jeans enough to really break them down, so that could take a while. I am in the Philly area and probably would wear...
Thanks! Any feedback on the weight of the 16.25oz Helm jeans? Per above, just about all my jeans are light to medium-weight. I don't recall ever having a heavy-weight pair of jeans.
True, but if I am spending this kind of money on jeans, I want the RRL embroidery on the coin pocket.The Stillwater wash is very nice. I don't wear denim enough either to ever get decent fades, so I prefer to buy hand stressed denim.I may give the Slim-Fit Helm jeans a shot. How is the weight of the jeans? On the RRL website, it states 16.25oz, which seems heavy-weight and I prefer light-weight denim. As for sizing, I am in between 32 and 33 waist size, so I may size up...
They are nice looking jeans nonetheless.I have a pair of low-straight dark wash (stillwater wash).http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11750066&cp=1760781.4218845.2632366&MobileOptOut=1&ab=rlmobile_footer_viewfullsiteMy first pair of RRL jeans and love them! I might give the slim helms a shot.
Love the wash, but being a low-straight fit guy, don't think I can wear these slim fits, unless I size up in the waist? Also, I prefer lighter weight jeans and these are 16.25oz which is on the heavy side.Are your's seconds? The "RRL" embroidery and a rivet is missing at the coin pocket.
Mike, spread the wealth Just curious, how many pair of Alden's do you currently own?
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