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I'm going to ask them for a rendering of the Penny Driver in Bitter Chocolate Repello Suede so I can get a better idea what it looks like.Hahaha! It's all good. We all have our opinions, although sometimes they can be strong and over the top
I spoke to a rep at Rancourt this morning. They are in the process of revamping their MTO structure, so MTO prices may change. In my instance, where I’d just be changing the leather for suede, it would be an additional $50. I’m looking at doing this Penny Driving Moc in Bitter Chocolate Repello suede.It's a nice value at $345, considering most of the high end European drivers are $400-500+.
Not quite sold out, but very limited quantities online.
I hear you on the Tod's. They are quite pricey, but I have no problem plopping down the money if I really like them. I'm really digging the Tod's City Spyder Moc Drivers.So true that the full driver sole version isn't any more durable than the regular version. My bad there. I wouldn't wear them trekking through the city anyways. I do like that the full sole version has more support though.Rancourt quoted me $60 for the MTO fee back in August. I'm waiting to hear back from...
Those are very nice. I have my eye on these in the penny style. They are the City Gommino Loafers, which have a full rubber driver sole. They are more durable than the regular Gommino Drivers.I also have my eye on these Tod's City Spyder Moc Drivers. I really like the contrasting full rubber driving sole.'m still thinking about getting...
No problem man!I got an email from RL with a 10% off code, which can be stacked online with the 40% off sale styles. I called my SA and he checked with his manager about stacking the code in store. No go The items are not available online, so I have no choice but to go through the store in this instance.
Nice pickups!F*ck bro, you destroyed it. I picked up just a few pieces. Looking forward to seeing your goods.
I purchased my items from Technically, my order didn’t qualify for the price adjustment since I didn’t purchase at full retail, but the rep made a one-time exception for me. I’m very thankful for that Call the stores and ask. Can't hurt. AdjustmentsIf makes a permanent price reduction on a product featured on our web...
Good to know. Thanks!
PSA: Extra 40% sale styles online. I'm sure the same thing applies in stores as well. Happy shopping! I bought something last week and just called for a price adjustment.
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