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Ah yes, I remember seeing these in the FW 2016 lookbook. I'm into pre-distressed denim, but these are nice.Check out this article from the RL MAG...http://www.ralphlauren.com/us/en/magazine/east-meets-west?&ab=en_US_MLP_RRL_Slot_17_S1_SHOPCool info about east-west denim and denim in general.
Agreed. I'm not pulling the trigger at $289, but I will keep an eye out for a potential price drop. It's a small shop, so maybe the prices are negotiable.Which ones are these? Direct link and pics please.
I found this place that has some old stock, including the Billings wash, but no 30x32. They have my 32x32 size though http://www.thatjeanshop.com/SearchResults.asp?searching=Y&sort=13&search=RRL&show=60&page=1I wonder if they are first quality goods and not reject/seconds?
I know right! I live 15 mins from the KoP mall. I wish the RL there had RRL.
Yep really nice wash. Light to medium wash, soft denim with cool distressing/repairing/blotches. I picked them up during last years sale in November.
I'm really not into repaired denim, so will most likely pass on the Nevada slim narrows. I have a pair of New Mexico slims that have some repairing. Very nice wash, but I mostly wear them as beaters.I don't have ShopRunner or Amex. I'm in the Philly, PA area so I get stuff pretty quick using RL's free standard shipping. Plus they always waive the min purchase amount of $125 for feee shipping if needed.
I pulled the trigger on the Waffle Knit Cotton Crewneck stenciled with "R.R.L." at the chest in expedition orange. I'm thinking about the nevada slim narrows, just not sure about the slim narrow fit. 60% off is a damn good discount though!
Thanks for sharing this. I'm eyeing up the Repaired Western Denim shirt, Slim-Fit US Union Vintage wash jeans and Waffle Knit Cotton Crewneck stenciled with "R.R.L." at the chest. I don't have anything that shows RRL branding, so this shirt would be nice to have. Both the olive heather and expedition orange colors are nice. Hmm, which one...?
The repaired western denim shirt rocks! But it's pricey at $495. Can you post up the entire book? Any new denim wash jeans?
^F*ck bro, that is one bad a** shirt!
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