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Something is definitely f'ed up with the QC... Long story, but I ordered a pair of the new slim fit Bayfield wash jeans in 32x32. The waist measured almost 4" too big (almost cut like a low straight) and had a 5 button fly closure. All the slim fits that I've seen have a 4 button fly closure. That could be the reason why mine were cut so big. I then ordered another a pair of 32x32s and also 31x32s. Same crap with the 32x32s, cut way too big! The 31x32s had a 4 button...
I never really paid close attention, but the washed/pre-distressed denim will stretch a little. I like my new denim jeans to be comfortably snug, to allow for some stretching.
I do 32x32 in both low straight and slim fits. I agree with you that the fit of slim fits varies. I only have two pairs of RRL jeans…low straight dark wash (Stillwater wash) and slim fit New Mexico wash. They fit as they should. I recently ordered the new slim fit Bayfield wash in 32x32. Way too big! The waist measured ~3-4” larger than tagged. They actually measured out close to a low straight fit. I ordered another pair of 32x32s thinking that my first pair were...
The slim fit leg opening ~15" which is ideal for me. I also like the low straights for a little more relaxed fit (leg opening ~16").I have chicken legs, so the slim narrows may work. I'll have to try 'em out one of these days.
@Cooly: Nice outfit. RRL grand slam there! How you digging the fit of the slim narrows? I won't go any slimmer than slim fit. Any slimmer and the smaller leg opening won't work with work boots in my opinion (i.e. Alden Indys or Redwing Iron Rangers).
The New Mexico wash jeans are most likely sold out. Keep checking as they may pop back up. Check this link for the Sulphur Spring wash jeans and other sale items. Just sort for RRL if all brands pull through the link.http://www.ralphlauren.com/family/index.jsp?fd=RRL&ff=Brand&fg=Brand&fv=1000055%2FRRL&categoryId=84253116&SiteId=je6NUbpObpQ-R1PjAZ7_D5wCQh_Vjc4Bzg&utm_source=Affiliate&utm_medium=je6NUbpObpQ-R1PjAZ7_D5wCQh_Vjc4Bzg&eESource=LINK_AD:Z:POLO:je6NUbpObpQNote, the...
Nice write-up man! I've been on a RRL buying spree as well. I picked up the New Mexico wash jeans just over a month ago during the fall 40% off sale. They are killer!!! I also picked up the new spring slim-fit Bayfield wash jeans, but the sizing is way off, so they went back. Slim fits are great and now trying to locate a pair of the old style slim fit Stillwater wash jeans with the iconic back pocket stitching. If I am not mistaken, all new slim fits don't have the back...
I haven't been around the SF Alden forum all that long. Someone please explain the uncle/nephew thing. Thanks and Happy New Year!
@LA Guy: Hear, hear to an annual addition of the thread. Some of these posts tho
I've had an ordered canceled. There was one item left and I selected free standard shipping. I called customer service and they said express shipping orders get priority over standard shipping orders, so I most likely got bumped. If there are low quantities, always do express shipping.I feel the same way. My SA contact has not been responding to my emails. I will most likely order online since the prices are very similar to the store this time around.
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