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I picked up 2 pairs of Gap Tailored Khaki straight fit in navy and khaki color. They fit, look and feel great. I used my wife's Old Navy credit card to get 30% off The only other color available in this style is black. I am not a fan of black. I may pick up a few more pairs of the khaki color. I am trying to build up a business casual wordrobe. No more shirt and ties when I start my new gig on 10/29 I also tried Eddie Bauer straight fit and they were way to full in the...
I need a supply of khakis for a business casual work environment. The 3 for 1 sale that just passed is one of Jos. A Bank's best sales. Unfortunately, I did not pull the trigger. I was looking for some khakis and tried the Traveler Plain Front Tailored Fit Khakis. Way to full, especially in the rear. Very disappointing! I wear the Traveler Tailored Fit Pleated Front Trousers dress trousers daily and they fit great. The sales associate said that their khakis are cut fuller...
I went with Kiwi mink oil because it is sold locally. I applied a coat on this afternoon. It darkened the leather just a little bit. The mink oil also softened up the leather, which is a plus and hopefully will speed up the breaking in process.
I received my Iron Rangers in the mail today. Quick and free shipping from Amazon (order placed on 9/4, shipped 9/5 and received today, 9/7). Great looking, bad a** boots!!! They look amazing with jeans. Heavy boots and will take some time to break in. Other than that, they are awesome. Any recommendations on how I should treat the boots? I usually use a water resistant type of spray.
I love the styling, especially the capped toe. They will make a nice, casual, rugged boot. I went to a local Red Wing authorized retailer yesterday. They did not have the Iron Rangers in stock. The closest style they had in stock was the Beckman, so I tried them on for size. Stiff and heavier boot, but atleast I got a feel for the sizing. MSRP on the Iron Ranger is $280. Amazon has them for $219.28 (22% off) with free shipping. Fantastic price! And they are sold and...
How do they break-in? From looking at all the pics in this thread, they break-in very nicely. Worn look and very comfortable.I usually use a spray on product to make my shoes/boots water resistant. The spray will darken the leather a little bit.
The Red Wing Iron Ranger boots look pretty cool, but maybe too vintage for my tastes. They are different than the typical Timberland boots I've had in the past. Are they a timeless design that won't go out of style? How are they in terms of fit and comfort? What about the width? I have narrow feet. Is the Amber Harness color more like a redish brown.
I am looking for a pair of casual, rugged brown color boots that I can wear with jeans. I've had Timberlands in the past. I really like the styling of the Timberlands boots, but wish they made them in narrow widths for my narrow feet. This model is very cool. I really like the look. It's similar to their traditional style boots, but with a rugged look. Men's EarthkeepersĀ® Rugged 6-Inch WP Plain Toe...
Should I stick with the 36 or exchange for the 38?
How is this belt for size? My true waist size is about a 34. This is a 36 Jos. A. Bank leather dress belt. 36 dress slacks. I tired on the 38 belt. It was at the second to last hole in and not that snug. This 36 belt is at the second to last hole out and fits nice. Not much tail though. Which size should I go with?
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