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Yep, not a bad deal. I took advantage of the gift card promo on a pair a Slim Fit Fairviews. The promo ends tomorrow at 11:59pm ET.
I still have my eye on the Slim Fit Fairviews, but also like the Slim Fit Billings. The wash does look very similar to the Bayfields though. Which ones on page 4 of the Fall 2016 Denim lookbook are the Billings? 4th from the left?
I have my eyes on these too. They arw low key compared to regular camo and per boxdok, they can be worn with a lot of different tops. My SA sent me some pics. Note that they are actually darker than in the pics on RL.com. No surprise there, LOL!
Yeah man, good stuff! That last page is great with the visual explanation of the fits.
Thanks for sharing. That denim though The slim-fit Fairviews will be mine! I think they are also listed on page 3, 6th one from the left. That pic is great because it gives a nice comparison of most of them.
Anyone see these new fall denims in the flesh? The Fairviews look really nice! 14.7oz seems a little heavy to me, but it's probably more in the medium weight category. Love the darker wash, distressing and sick fades. RRL is the best in the business at doing pre-distressed denim.
I always call to get the $5 return charge waived
Not available in my size. Availability is one risk if waiting for a sale.I tried them on at the Broadway store in early May. I just didn't pull the trigger at the time. They are very light-weight. Almost felt like I was wearing sweat pants.Correct Cooly. The website is notorious for having mis-presented pics.
Agreed man! I am eyeing up the slim-fit Eastham wash jeans for $209. Regular price $420.
I am eyeing up some denim. Either the Fairview... Or the Billings... Leaning towards the Fairview cause I need a darker wash in a slim fit.
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