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I have a contact at my local RL store. He said there is a new RRL jean coming out this summer. The Dakota wash in slim-narrow...13.5 oz. Japanese selvedge right-hand twill • Heavily washed and handsanded to replicate years of wear. He sent me a pic from the summer 2015 lookbook. I really like the medium wash and weight of the Dakota, just not sure I can pull off slim-narrow. From what I understand, slim-narrow and slim are the same from the knees up. The difference is...
It's appears that we have a similar foot make up and shoe sizing. I have a bunion on my right foot. My one and only Alden is the Indy Snuff Suede in 8.5D. The roomy Trublance last fits me great. My local Alden dealer Sherman Brothers sized me up for a pair of LHS CXL Penny loafers in the Van last. They sized me at just over 9 and border line narrow on the brannock. They didn't have the LHS CXL penny loafer in stock, so they had me try on the Calfskin LHS shoe in a size...
The Baker jacket is one kick a** jacket! So 41ish chest, go with a medium? Thanks for the Frans Boone tip. They are much cheaper than the US site.
Alden SF and Sherman Brothers carries them...http://www.aldenshop.com/Store/DrawProducts.aspx?CategoryID=182&ParentID=4&PageID=&Action=http://www.shermanbrothers.com/product.php?ItemId=1000000002&ProductId=29449Alden DC also carries them. I wonder why there is a price difference between Alden SF and Sherman Brothers?
If anyone is looking for a pair of camo cargo pants, I definitely recommend the Camo Cotton Surplus Cargo Pant. Very nice, high quality, attention to detail medium weight cargo pants. The fit is in between a low-straight and straight fit, definitely not baggy. The leg openings are 8", so not too big there. I went with 32/32 which is what I wear in the low-straight. They have adjustable buckle tabs which helps you dial in a nice fit at the waist. I also considered the...
Nice job on the jeans! They sure lightened up which is great. It would take me twice as long to get that kind of wear. That's why I stick with the pre-distressed jeans Are slim-straights the same as slim-fits? What's the difference between Rigid and Once-Washed?
^Nice shirt. The pics on the website don't show the true colors, etc. the pics are very washed out, highly contrasted and brighter. I've seen the spring 2015 lookbook. The pics in the lookbook definitely show the true colors, etc. I am eyeing up the Camo Cotton Surplus Pant and couldn't believe the difference in photography between the website and lookbook.
There is no RRL store in the Philly area, so I called one of the stores in NY about the camo cargo pants. The sales rep is going to send a few pairs of the camo cargo pants to my local RL store no commitment, so I can check them out in the flesh. I wouldn’t have to pay for them upfront, which is cool! I wear a 32/32 in the low-straight, so most likely go with 32/32 in the camo cargo. The sales rep is also going to send 33/32 just for the heck of it. I don’t think the...
I am considering the Camo Cotton Surplus Pant, which is on sale. I have a pair of camo shorts which I wear a lot. Not sure how often I would wear these, but they would be good for kicking around and stuff. How is the fit and weight on these? They are probably lighter weight than the typical army navy store supply camo pants. http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=54992896&cp=11588650.55867066&MobileOptOut=1&ab=rlmobile_footer_viewfullsite
Thanks Don! There are so many choices. I'll start with the local retailers and go from there.
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