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I'm seeing the same thing. That's f'ed up, although this is nothing new with RL. They obviously haven't updated the website with the sale prices yet. Come on RL!!!Edit: the sale prices are up...http://www.ralphlauren.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=88122406&cp=2943767&s=D-DollarRank&ab=ln_nodivision_cs_rrl
Not sure yet, but got an email from my SA contact at the RRL East Hampton store..."Summer is almost here!We welcome you to share in our VIP Presale event where we will be offering 40% off our Spring 2016 Collection. Come share a glass of rose with us as we toast the upcoming season!In addition we are bringing back women’s Vintage!For any requests or inquires please feel free to contact me and enjoy the rest of your weekend!"
For sale is a pair Alden LHS Brown Chromexcel Single Flexible Leather Sole Penny Loafers on the Van Last, size 8.5D in worn condition. The Van Last is approximately 1/4 to 1/2 size larger than regular U.S. size. Green box and shoe bags included. These were purchased new from an Alden dealer. Please note that I had a cobbler install leather heal counters to compensate for my narrow heal, but still not digging the fit. $200, plus shipping. I will only ship within the...
I'm fairly slim (6ft, 170lbs) and the RRL Slim Fits are perfect for me. They don't hug my ankles, mainly cause I have chicken ankles Edit: and they don't hug my balls either
I wouldn't say the Bayfields are like a stonewash. Mr. Porter's pics of the Bayfields depict them lighter than they actually area. Here are pics of my Bayfields...The faded areas of the Bayfields are slightly lighter than the faded areas of the Easthams. Other than that, the Bayfields are darker in my opinion. I love them and they are my all-time favorite, all-around denim jeans. I am thinking about adding the Easthams so I have a summer weight jean in my arsenal.
I have the Bayfields and handled the Easthams. Very similar washes, but the Easthams are noticeably lighter weight. Felt like I was wearing sweat pants.
No sales and no discounts. Dang, I forgot to ask when the spring stuff goes an sale.
I finally reached the promised land my friends! The RRL store on 381 West Broadway in NYC. What an amazing store! I am still wiping off the drool. Cooly, I checked out the new Slim Fit Eastham wash denim jeans. Similar wash as the Bayfields, but noticebly lighter weight. Felt like I was wearing sweat pants. Comfortable, but not 100% sold on the super light-weight denim. I am going to hold off for now.
I haven't been to NYC in ages. I'll be up there tomorrow and Tues for work. I am taking the Amtrak Acela Express from 30th Street Station to Penn Station tomorrow (departs 11:31am - arrives 12:48pm). I'll have the afternoon to kill and most likely hitting up the RRL store on West Broadway. Can't wait bros as I've never been to a RRL store!
Regarding the so called sale, when I go to the mobile sale page and filter by RRL, 5 items are shown... Regulation Chino Pant Clures Slim Western Shirt Limited-Edition Straight Jean Brook Plaid Cotton Shirt Brushed Cotton Workshirt The last 4 items are sold out. When I got the desktop sale page and filter by RRL, 2 items are shown...Regulation Chino Pant and Brushed Cotton Workshirt. Total trash!!! Anyway, does anyone know when the spring stuff will go on sale?
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