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Well worth the wait buddy. Parker and I are working out the details on my next piece. I won't go into the details, but I can tell you we'll be doing something with gator
There really is an art and science behind making card holders and wallets
^Nice! I received an email from RL this morning with an "Exclusively for You: Take 30% Off" code, but the offer is not valid on full-price RRL merchandise.
I wanted to give Parker another shout out. I received the card holder in perfect order. Only about 10 days door-to-door for a custom order! The Chèvre Mysore Gris/Skye color combo with the slate thread is right on point! It is definitely tiny, but maybe not as tiny as Parker described it above. It’s the perfect size IMO. Here is a pic of my Goyard, Bosca and Pierpont card holders all stacked up. I also threw in my Superior Titanium money clip, which I use if carrying a...
Parker did an amazing job! I can't wait to get it into my hands. My idea came from the Hermes MC2 Darwin card case which I first saw on a watch forum and then handled one at the Hermes boutique. Parker made it happen, at a fraction of the cost
Thank you!I placed a custom order for a simple card holder in Chèvre Mysore (Gris with Skye lined in card pockets and main lining panel). The standard simple card card measures 4" x 2.75". I wanted something smaller with similar specs as the Hermes HC2 Darwin card holder (~3.9" x 2.55"). Parker was able to easily accommodate my request. This compact size is perfect for me as I only carry 5-6 cards and a small amount of cash. If I need to carry a large wad, then I carry it...
Ah, I love the Gris/Skye Chèvre Mysore combo!!
Yes Parker!
I wanted to give a shout out to Parker @ PierpontLeather. I placed my first custom order for a simple card holder in Chèvre Mysore leather (exterior one color / interior same color with some two-tone detailing). Parker answered my many questions via email about materials, colors, threads, etc. He was a pleasure to deal with. The order will ship in less than 10 business days. I will post a picture upon receipt.
Parker, thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated. I'll be heading over to your Pierpont Leather - Official Affiliate Thread shortly
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