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Thanks! Size is medium.
The creasing on my Ultimate Indys is consistent with @kelpqq and the 403s that @SSingh1975 just purchased, especially the one large crease across the middle of the toe. Mine are about 6 months old and I do use shoe trees.
Thanks bro! Glad I got the medium. The large would of been blousing on me.
Sorry for the bathroom mirror pic, but I had to post this up while at the office on casual Friday. Per my post above, wearing the Matlock shirt, Bayfield jeans and Alden Indy boots.
It's a little snowy in Philly this morning. I am rocking the Matlock Plaid Workshirt, Slim fit Bayfield wash jeans and Alden Indys.
It's about time! I received the Matlock last week. I love it! It's a sweet ass plaid flannel shirt!
^Nice! What fit and wash of those denims? I am infatuated with RRL denim.
Nah not really. I have a runners build with border line broad shoulders. This is my first RRL jacket and it fits right on point. I initially ordered a M. Way too snug all around and felt like it was painted on. And it was really short, like above the belt.I generally wear a L in slim fit clothing (i.e. RRL Slim Dark Western Denim Shirt) and a M in regular fits (i.e. Matlock Plaid Workshirt).
Are you talking about the Cotton Twill Jacket (Ranch Hand Jacket)?I am 6ft/170lbs and have it in large. It's hit me right at the belt. I think it's designed to hit at the belt. I love the jacket!
RL finally figured out the issue with those 32x32 Bayfield wash jeans that were sized too big and had a 5 button fly as opposed to the usual 4 button fly which should be on slim fits. Apparently there was an issue with that size and all is fixed now, so I re-ordered the 32x32s. I received them yesterday and they are all good. They fit a touch slimmer overall compared to my Slim Mexicos, but that's ok. I really like the light blue wash and the light-weight denim (12 oz).I...
New Posts  All Forums: