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I always call to get the $5 return charge waived
Not available in my size. Availability is one risk if waiting for a sale.I tried them on at the Broadway store in early May. I just didn't pull the trigger at the time. They are very light-weight. Almost felt like I was wearing sweat pants.Correct Cooly. The website is notorious for having mis-presented pics.
Agreed man! I am eyeing up the slim-fit Eastham wash jeans for $209. Regular price $420.
I am eyeing up some denim. Either the Fairview... Or the Billings... Leaning towards the Fairview cause I need a darker wash in a slim fit.
Look back on some of my previous posts on the Bayfields. Long story, but the first two pairs of Bayfields I ordered were way off. The third pair was right on and fit as a pair of 32x32 RRL slim fits should. The main culprit in my situation was that the first two pairs had a five button closure and were sized quite big. The third pair had the standard 4 button closure that is on slim fits. I did not give up because I liked the wash and weight so much!I have my eye on...
Anyone see these jeans in the flesh? Just looking for some live feedback. The pics on the website are not always accurate.
I am not near any RRL stores, so I mostly shop the internet and occasionally directly with the stores via mail order.Their lease is running out and they decided not to renew it.
Not 100% sure, forgot to ask, but sounds like a future date.
That totally makes sense. But always wondered why they had both of those stores to begin with.
Here's some interesting info... I just called the RRL store on Bleecker Street in NY to ask some specific product questions. The SA said that the store is closing due to landlord and lease issues. Very interesting. I wonder if this wss more of a business decision as opposed to landlord and lease issues?
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