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I pulled the trigger on a pair of MeUndies trunks and put them through the full test this weekend...lounging, sleeping, working out, etc...My wife even likes them, especially the cool pink color The micro modal material is so soft and comfortable. My only concern is the longevity of this material and pilling. I've had my current supply of Under Armor Boxerjock Boxer Briefs for just over a year. I wear them weekly and obviously wash them weekly as well; there is no sign...
I guess I will order a pair of Meundies to try out using one of their promo codes and free shipping. If I like them, then I'll use the promo code to order a full supply. Prior to wearing Under Armor Boxerjocks, I wore 100% cotton boxer briefs. I will never go back to cotton. I love the feel, breathability and longevity of the Under Armors. The only negative is the thick waist band. Hopefully the Meundies can deliver the same.
I was wondering the same thing about Meundies. I've been a long time wearer of Under Armour Men's The Original 3'' Boxerjock® Boxer Briefs. Which one of the Meundies is closest to the 3" inseam Under Armor's? Probably the trunk? The Under Armors are great, but looking for something more "sexy" with cool colors, breathable, moisture wicking, long lasting and reasonably priced.
There is barely any room at the top, especially the right boot where it's just about touching. The boots are comfy and fit well, so I guess no worries.
Yes, sort of. Mine almost touch at the top, at least you have some spacing. Once the boots really break in, I bet it will touch. Like you said, I don't think much of it, they still fit and wear fine. I guess it's the nature of the beast with skinny ankles
I wore my Courtlands out for the first time today. They are breaking in very nicely; pretty much broken in out of the box. And very comfy too! How do you handle skinny chicken legs and ankles like me where the lacing spaces up very close together at the top? Almost touching. I wear medium weight socks. Can you visualize what I am talking about?
A local cobbler recommended spraying the boots with a silicon water resistance spray, let dry overnight, then apply mink oil. Seems like overkill?
I don't use oil on my boots. I've always been a fan of mink oil because it is easy to apply. The key is not to over do it as it will darken the boots too much.
I didn't like the look of the 1000 mile plain toe boot so I went with the Courtland moc toe style boot. And I prefer the rubber sole on the Courtlands for the more rugged look and feel.
Well, my Courtlands arrived today. I am very disappointed. The boot on the right has a nice blemish/indent right above the moc toe and there also is a small black blemish above one of the eyelets. Poor quality control! They went back to the authorized dealer this evening and the owner is going to reorder. I told him to make sure that Wolverine hand picks my new pair. I will report back when the new pair arrives. Other than that, I love the look of the moc top style and...
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