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The laces almost touch near the top of the laces with all my boots (Alden Indy Snuff Suede, Wolverine Courtland 1000 Mile boots and Red Wing Iron Rangers). For me it's a case of skinny anklesFrom reading your posts, it sounds like you should try a smaller size.
Can you guys tell me the differences between the Leather Soul Ultimate Indy, the Epaulet Innsbruck Indy and the standard 403 in brown chromexcel? What I do know is this... -the Ultimate and Innsbruck commando soles, the 403 neo-cork sole -the Innsbruck brass eyelets, the Ultimate and 403 black eyelets Am I Missing anything? Are the chromexcel leathers the same color? The Innsbruck appears to be a darker brown compared to the others. I wish the Ultimate and Innsbruck...
One thing to consider about my snuff suedes...I probably wouldn't want to wear those boots out in the elements anyway being that they are suede even after treating them with a suede spray.I have a pair of Iron Rangers. They do take a beating, but don't handle winter very well.
Why till late 2015? That's a long time to wait! I just missed a pair for sale in my size in the marketplace
Agreed! I was never crazy about the 404 anyway.My "ultimate" boot is the Ultimate Indy. I wish they made these a regular production boot. I love the commando sole.http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2014/08/08/alden-shoe-ultimate-indy-restock-lsw/I just picked up a pair of Snuff Suede boots from Alden San Fran. They have the double waterlock leather sole. Not sold on that sole for some reason. I can't put my finger on it. I plan on going to a local shoe store that sells Alden to...
I am looking for a pair of Alden Ultimate Indy boots 8.5D in brand new or lightly worn condition. This is the boot I am looking for... http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2014/08/08/alden-shoe-ultimate-indy-restock-lsw/ Please PM me with details, pics and price if you have this boot. Thanks! Adam
Alden Indy Snuff Suede second thoughts? I received a pair of these in 8.5D from Alden San Fran. I thought about the original brown or dark brown chromexcel, but I already have a pair of dark brown leather boots...the Wolverine Courtland 1000 Mile boots. I tend to go for browns in shoes/boots, so black is out of the question. That's why I went with suede snuff. They are great looking boots! I haven't worn them out of the house yet. I am uncertain about the soles. The sole...
Ok, then it's not a problem. Works for me! Now I will enjoy these suede beauties.
Hey guys, I need some help with Alden Indy boot sizing. I haven't been fitted in ages. I am generally a size 9D. I have a pair of Wolverine Courtland 1000 Mile boots in size 8.5D. That's what the guy at the shoe store recommended and they fit great. I swear my feet are slightly narrower than a D. Anyway... I just received a pair of Alden Indy Snuff Suede boots in size 8.5D from Alden SF. These boots are the bomb and super comfy right out of the box. After trying them on...
Nice boot collection you have there. For a moc toe, check out the Wolverine Courtland 1000 Mile boots. I have a pair and Iove 'em. They have a Vibram rubber pad and heel lift for more traction. I also have a pair of Red Wing Iron Rangers in Amber harness. And a pair of Alden Indy Snuff suede on the way. Can't wait for them to arrive. Never spent that much for shoes/boots, but they shouldn't dissapoint.
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