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Check out this new RRL denim jacket...WASHED DENIM JACKET... http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=65354996 This is a type 3 jacket which is like a traditional Levi 50-60s inspired jacket. I was trying to locate a Roper jacket, but this is really what I am looking for. Is 15.25 oz. considering light, medium or heavy weight for a denim jacket? As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.
Fitted is good! You mean more like a fitted M / loose L? I am usually in between sizes M and L. What size would be best for this one? I was thinking L so I have a little room for layering underneath.
Is the the Stillwater wash? I've seen one called the Wilmington wash. It's heavily washed, hand sanded and hand mended to give it that killer worn look.How is the sizing on this jacket? Run big, TTS or small?
^Very nice jacket! Anyone have information on this one... I found it on Instagram. He has #SAMPLE, so maybe it's not a production piece? It's not listed anywhere on the website or in the lookbooks. By the way, this guy has a killer RRL collection.
I got this Kane shirt...http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=67831696&cp=11588650.12138271&MobileOptOut=1&ab=rlmobile_footer_viewfullsiteTechnically not on sale, but I got hooked up
You on an RRL tear my friend. I ordered the Kane cotton western shirt today.
I like my shirts slim through the body and sleeves as well. I have a 41" chest and fairly broad shoulders, but never measured my shoulders. I'll try the Large to start.
How do the RRL button down casual shirts fit? I am looking at the Kane Cotton Western Shirt slim-fit... http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=67831696&cp=11588650.12138271.62840056&ab=ln_men_cs_slim-fit&s=D-DollarRank&parentPage=family I am 6 ft, ~173 lbs and generally run in between sizes M and L. I never purchased an RRL shirt. I wear a L in the RL Polo custom fits button down shirts and M in the classic fits. Since it's a slim fit, should I go with a...
Those jeans are killer, but pricey! Look back on the previous page for Bobbo316's post on these for nice live pics.
Nice Bob! Thanks for sharing.
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