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F*ck man, this is tempting!!!
^Could be or maybe Straights? Ralph is looking good!
Thanks! I am 6" and just under 180lbs. For reference, Polo/RRL custom/slim fits I wear a large and classic/regular fits, I wear a medium. A large in this one should work.
Now I need to have this one. Enabler! Nah, it's all good. How is the sizing? Details say vintage-inspired athletic fit. Would I follow my normal protocol... slim/custom fit = large or regular/classic fit = medium? So a large?I have those shorts and really like them.Nice! I'm glad you found some heavier dark wash denim jeans. You and I were going back and forth on this You settled for the Riversides and I settled for the Fairviews.
Thanks for sharing. I love the cover!
I have the Bosca Weekend leather card wallet with single gusset currency opening. I'm thinking of stepping it up to a Burberry Horseferry Check Card Case. I just love the distinctive check pattern.
I prize the handwork/distressing as well, especially in denim jeans. And yes, the cost is definitely justified. I don't wear denim enough to be able to accomplish this. Minor distressing and hand repairing is my style. Majorly destroyed pieces are not my style. I've said this many times, RRL is the best in the business at this in my opinion.
^ Yep, it looks that way. I added a full priced RRL item over $150 to my cart , applied the LABOR code and no go. It does however work on sale RRL items. I do like the fact that it discounts right off the cart and not send you a gift card like the last promo they ran. BTW, the last gift card promo worked on all RRL items. I purchased a pair of RRL slim fit denim and it worked like a champ!
The tags are coming off and I will be wearing them tomorrow. Friday is casual day at the office. I had a similar issue with my slim fit Bayfields, but the waist measured huge on the first pair of 32s.
Very nice! Those are the City Gommino Loafers, which are more of a full rubber sole driver. Definitely more durable than the Gommino Drivers, but I prefer the later.
New Posts  All Forums: