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I was wondering the same thing. Unless it's the lighting, the edge trim appears lighter on the Alden Madison version. And the stitching at the top of the boot is matching on the Alden Madison version, as opposed to white on the LS Ultimate Indy. Subtle differences if there are really any differences.
Yep double waterlock leather sole. From Alden SF. I have a pair too and love them to death!http://www.aldenshop.com/Store/DrawProducts.aspx?CategoryID=178&ParentID=4&PageID=&Action=
What kind of belt do you all wear with the LS Choco suede Tankers? I can't think of much that can be worn with Choco suede. Maybe a dark brown leather belt?
Nice LS Choco suede tankers! I love that rich dark brown color. LS had my size available, so I pulled the trigger. They should arrive on Wednesday.
Very nice. They actually look green in the pic, LOL!I might grab a pair if they still have my size, which they had as of late yesterday.
Thanks for the side by side. The chocolate suede is really dark and rich. Very nice boot, which will complement my Indy snuff. I dig the commando sole. Not sure I can resist...
Is this the real true life color of the choco suede? So is the choco suede basically a dark brown? It appears really dark in LS's Instagram pic compared to the pic on their website. And the toe stitching seems like different a different color. Maybe it's the lighting? How will the choco suede age?http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2014/12/09/alden-shoe-choco-suede-nst-boot-restock-lsw/I have a pair of Indy Snuff Suede boots, which go great with my dress attire...khakis and...
I can see having both. They have totally different looks.What about the width? I am a 8.5D in the Trubalance. I've read that some people tend to find Barrie slightly more narrow in the front than the Trubalance and they go with an 8.5E.
Thanks guys. These are really nice. Since I already have a pair of suede boots (Indy snuff suede), would it be too repetitive to get these? I can hope that Leather Soul does another run of the CXL tanker boot. And excuse my ignorance, but why do they call it a tanker boot?
Those are hot! So, really a dark brown suede? I am on a side kick. I picked up a pair of Indy snuff suede boots recently and love them!I wear a size 8.5D in the Trubalance last. What size do you recommend in the Barrie last?
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