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Nice! I have 'em and love 'em!
Sweet, thanks for the info, I am in! I don't cuff my jeans, but I can definitely appreciate the quality and look of the "self-edge." I am gonna grab a pair of selvedge denim jeans.
Wow what a website! Thanks for sharing. Now I am really confused Oh @RydenFan, where are you?
Slightly off topic, but I love the jeans y'all are wearing. Would they happen to be selvedge denim? Can you give me a run down on what selvedge denim is all about?
This would be for a preorder with LS that I plan on putting a deposit on.
Will this affect preorders? Are we locked into the preorder price or would the new price be in effect?
The Bureau Belfast doesn't have my size available. It's a shame because I really like the 360 welt on their model. I am going with the LS Ultimate Indy. LS has my size available in the next run. They should available by the end of the year, possibly sooner per Will at LS. Good things come to those who wait
Unfortunately, Alden Madison is out if my size. I am considering the Epaulet Innsbruck Indy, but not sure if I am crazy about the brass eyelets I'll probably go with the LS Ultimate Indy. .
I checked with Alden Madison back in early December and they had my size in stock. I'll check back with them. I prefer the darker edge trim on the LS Ultimate Indy. Other than that and the wax laces, is it the same as the Alden Madison 403 on commando?
I missed out on the last run of the LS Ultimate Indys. Per Will at LS, they have my size available in the next run. They require a $100 non-refundable but transferable deposit and will be available within a year, with no exact ETA. I asked Will when can I realistically expect to have a pair of Ultimate Indys in my hands. He said this run will be available by end of the year, possibly even sooner. How realistic are these estimates? I really want some CXL Indy's with...
New Posts  All Forums: