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Thanks! Same here 👍
Sorry for the bathroom mirror shot, but here goes my gear for TGIF... Matlock Plaid Workshirt Slim Fit Fairview wash jeans Alden Ultimate Indy boots
@PierpontLeather Wow, what a piece! The details though 👌 Can't wait for my charcoal gator skin to come in.
I decided to pony up the extra $150 and get the Tod's City Gommino Spyder Drivers in brown suede nubuck. They have a full rubber driver sole. It's much more comfy and longer lasting than the traditional driver sole.
Nice piece! Not sure I like the boxier fit though. Guess I'd size down to get the regular fit.
@PierpontLeather She looks amazing so far. @aleksandr I'm jealous. I can't wait to see the finished product. Parker is custom ordering my charcoal gator, so it's gonna be at least a few weeks. At this point, I'm "invested" in the charcoal color and don't want to explore other colors. Patience is a virtue
You are amazing Parker! Looking forward to landing a nice charcoal gator skin and getting the project started.
Parker, I like the color of the sample, but prefer charcoal. Back to the drawing board Thanks for bearing with me on this. You are right, the sample seems like a graphite, which is lighter than I want.Hey guys, long story, but I decided that I really want charcoal, so Parker is going to get the charcoal color that closely resembles the sample on the website.
I picked charcoal based on wanting something close to classic black. I'm glad that it's closer to grey than charcoal. I need to get out of my boring shell It's a gorgeous gator skin!
Yes sir! I can vouch for this!!! One piece in the books and currently working on one now.
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