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I've had some success with RL customer assistance, but started to build a relationship with a SA at one of the stores. That's the best way to go in the long run, plus the sales are usually better in store vs. online.I have the Slim New Mexico wash jeans and a pretty cool 55 victories/1947 heat winner tee on the way.
I know right! I bet we'll see the sale prices shortly.My New Mexico wash jeans are not on there. No worries because my connection at the East Hampton store confirmed that they are part of the private sale and will be 40% off.Edit: The sale prices are not showing up on my iPad Air but they are showing up on my wife's iPad mini...most 30%, some 40% off. Weird. I am not tech guy, but maybe a cache or cookies thing?
The 40% off RRL fall collection sale goes live tomorrow online/in stores and runs through 11/29 @ 11:59PM EST.ralphlauren.com/privatesaleI am grabbing the New Mexico wash ones. The Fairmonts are too distressed/stained for my liking.
All fall collections works for me. I'll take those $450 slim Fairmont wash jeans for 60% off Edit: I got the card in the mail and the sale is up to 40% off.
Select RRL items or all RRL items? I am after the slim fit New Mexico wash jeans.http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=65309826&cp=62444556&MobileOptOut=1&ab=rlmobile_footer_viewfullsite
Love these! Gotta a pair myself about a year ago. Alden snuff suede is top notch. They are my most comfortable pair of boots.
Yes , they are very nice and the lighter wash that I was looking for. The photos on RL.com are way off, as usual. I didn't have a chance to take photos, but they look more like this...http://stagprovisions.com/collections/rrl/products/low-straight-jean-midland-washYea makes sense, it's best to size down with denim, especially when in between sizes. I called RL customer assistance and ordered the 31W. They upgraded me to complimentary 2-day shipping, so I should have them...
Guys, I need some RRL denim jean fit advice. I received these low straight midlands today. http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=42330216&cp=62444606&MobileOptOut=1&ab=rlmobile_footer_viewfullsite Nice light wash, soft, mid-weight denim. Exactly what I am looking for. I usually wear 32x32 but feel that these fit me right on. Should they be more snug? I feel like I am in between 31 and 32 waist size. Denim definitely stretches out and also rebounds back...
Same here, with my Ultimate Indys and it's due to my skinny ankles No cure there, LOL!
@oynag: Unfortunately I missed out on the 40% off promo code. I have a pair of the Low Straight Dark Wash/Stillwater Denim jeans. I like wash and the lighter weight. Low straights fit me great although they can be roomy in the seat area after wearing them a while, due to my flat rear. They rebound back after washing and light dryer setting. Maybe there won't be much diaper a** with the lower rise in the slims?
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