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Thanks Don! There are so many choices. I'll start with the local retailers and go from there.
There is a Uniqlo near me. I'll check 'em out. Thanks for the tip!
Could be, but I am going to try some more out.These are worth a shot. The women's 8-11 may do the trick.I agree on the technique thing, but the I was adjusting the Calvin's many times throughout the day. They are really thin and that could be the issue as well. A smaller, slightly thicker sock would be ideal.Wow, these are expensive! Nordstrom only has one size. Hmmm...The Ninja Sox seem decent and they offer different sizes.http://ninjasox.com
Slightly off topic guys, but any suggestions on a good now-show sock? I recently bought these Calvin Klein no-show socks from Nordstrom... http://m.shop.nordstrom.com/s/calvin-klein-no-show-socks-men/3371511?origin=category&BaseUrl=Underwear+%26+Socks They suck! The fall of my heels like crazy. I am a size 9 and most of the now-show socks are one size fits all. The one size fits all deal is probably the main reason why they fall off my heels.
How do the RRL graphic tees fit? I generally wear a large in most brands, with the rare exception of a medium here and there.
Are you comparing the Sacramento to the Low-Straight Dark Wash (RRL calls these Stillwater wash)?http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11750066&cp=11588650.12138266&MobileOptOut=1&ab=rlmobile_footer_viewfullsiteIf so, is the Sacramento lighter or darker than the Dark Wash jeans? What is the weight of the Sacramento? 16 oz?
I am looking for a pair of RRL Low-Straight Sacramento wash jeans 32x32 new with tags. Please let me know if you have a pair available, pics and price. Thanks!
Thanks again! So, is the wash color of the Brooks is in between the Topeka and Stillwater? Brooks softer feel as the Topeka?
I see the Brooks in the first pic. Which one is the Brooks in the other pic? 2nd pic, second one from left? Is the Brooks softer than the Topeka? It's a slightly lighter weight jean. The faded areas appear more pronounced on the Brooks compared to the Topeka. The Brooks is definitely darker, but not darker than my Low-Straight Dark wash jeans. I may have to stick with low-straights. The slim-fits are ok, but the heavier weight, stiffer denims don't feel comfortable on...
I am looking to build my RRL jeans collection. Can't wait to get my Topekas tomorrow!
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