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How do you guys prevent heel slippage, especially with loafers? Tongue pads? Will tongue pads ruin the integrity of the shoe?
I just picked up my first pair of LHSs...http://www.styleforum.net/t/85589/the-official-alden-thread/113730_30#post_8015740The length of the vamp is just right for me. I don't wear any kind of shoes with shorts, so can't help you there. I generally wear straight leg khakis, chinos or jeans, so barely any foot/sock showing. I can see showing too much foot/sock in a business environment a no no, but ok in a casual setting.BTW, these things are so dang comfortable right out...
Sounds good, thanks for the info!Is some heel slippage expected with a new pair of these? This loafer is on a flex sole so it will be an easier fit...less issues with the slippage. It is unlined so it should be a softer more flexible fit.
I've haven't acquires anything RRL lately but on a kick for some jeans. What do you think of these Dakota Slim Narrows? http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=60343456&cp=11588650.12138266&ab=ln_men_cs_denim&ab=GeoMobile_iUS_rUS_dUS&ab=rlmobile_footer_viewfullsite&view=98&MobileOptOut=1&s=D-DollarRank&pg=1&parentPage=family On sale. Nice wash and color. Not sure about that 14" leg opening. My go to fit is low-straight. From what I've read, slim-straight...
I picked up these LHS brown CXL loafers from Sherman Brothers this morning... http://www.shermanbrothers.com/product.php?ItemId=1000000002&ProductId=29449 Very comfy right out of the box. They will make a nice all-purpose casual shoe that can be worn with khakis or jeans. Took quite a few months for them to arrive. This make-up is now a stock shoe but being that it is a LHS it takes a long time to make. How do you suggest treating the CXL loafers? Mike at Sherman...
Got that email as well. It's rare that they do their own makeups.
@venividivicibj where can I get me a pair of those digital camo pants? They are nice!
Yep! Bleeker is open. I have a contact there that I have been dealing with on a regular basis. I just spoke to him a few days ago. There is no RRL store here in the Philly area, so I hooked up with an SA at the Bleeker Street store.
So, one of the codes worked on the designer private sale and/or regular sale items?
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