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Good to hear about the stiffness or lack thereof. I've always bought light to medium-weight pre-distressed jeans and not dark ones like these, but will give 'em a shot. Cheaper plus I can do my own distressing You are right about RL customer service. They stink. The rep said they would send a request to the warehouse and it would take up to two business days. Anyway, I called one of the RRL stores in NYC and they were very helpful. All low-straights have back pocket...
This is an amazing article! I bookmarked the link back in May and now the link is dead. Does anyone have the electronic version of this article or magazine issue they could email me? If so, please shoot me a PM. Thanks!
Thanks for the feedback! I imagine that are not as stiff as they appear due to the them being washed once.I contacted RL RRL customer service and they were clueless about the back pocket stitching. I also contacted STAG Provisons, a RRL authorized retailer. They believe it’s the newer pairs that no longer have the back pocket stitching, but can pull a pair for me that has it. I always thought that all low-straight jeans had the back pocket stitching. And why are the jeans...
I am not digging the repairs and stains on the slim boot Sante Fe wash jeans, plus uncertain about the slim bootcut fit. Gonna stick with low-straights. Anyone have the low-straight One-Washed jeans? What is the weight of these jeans? Are they really stiff? How long will it take to start getting some nice fading, wiskering and honeycombing on these? Would I go with the same size as my low-straight Dark Wash jeans? Do they have the back pocket stitching? The pics on RL...
Thanks for sharing! I think the slim boot is right up my alley. I called the RRL store in East Hampton, NY and they have my size in the slim boot Santa Fe wash and on sale for less than the sale price online
I am tall and slender (6ft and ~170 lbs) and low-straights are my fit of choice. How does the low-straight compare to slim and slim bootcut in terms of fit and measurements? I never tried slim-fit jeans. I have my eye on the slim-fit New Mexico and slim bootcut repaired Santa Fe wash jeans. The later are on sale and pretty cool repaired denim and wash! I wear boots a lot in the fall and winter. The low-straight leg opening is about 16". That is a nice leg opening for shoes...
I'll take a look at Bick 4. VSC seems to get high praises here on SF.What about Alden Leather Defender?
Cool, thanks for the feedback! So is VSC the go-to CXL boot treatment around here? I've used mink oil on my Wolverine Courtland 1000 Mile boots. It definitely darkens the brown CXL, but puts a nice waterproof coat on 'em. Don't think I need that much protection for my Ulltimate Indys.
Good to know. Does Venetian show cream darken brown CXL? What do you recommend that won't darken CXL?
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