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@venividivicibj where can I get me a pair of those digital camo pants? They are nice!
Yep! Bleeker is open. I have a contact there that I have been dealing with on a regular basis. I just spoke to him a few days ago. There is no RRL store here in the Philly area, so I hooked up with an SA at the Bleeker Street store.
So, one of the codes worked on the designer private sale and/or regular sale items?
I don't think the codes work on any RRL items. I called RRL customer service and they confirmed that the codes will not work. The discounts are already reflected in the designer private sale and regular sale. There are some items in the regular sale marked take an additional 30% off. The designer private sale ends today. I am hoping the items in the regular sale get marked down further at some point because I have my eye on a few things there.
Looking good with the Dylan slims. You are right, they are super soft. The light wash will make a nice spring/summer jean. I wear low-straights and not sold on the slim fit yet, but the sale may throw me over the edge.
Any idea when the next run of Leather Soul Ultimate Indys will be available? I put a deposit down at the beginning of February. They received the last run in January. I tracked last last 3 restocks... http://leathersoulhawaii.com/?s=ultimate+indy 1/15/15 8/8/14 2/5/13 I am not sure when the preorders started for each run, when the order gets produced by Alden, etc. It looks to be about every 6 months that a restock occurs. Will at Leather Soul said it may arrive before...
That's the ticket! Thanks!
I saw that as well. Pretty shitty items and nothing new on sale.
WTF! I gotta stay off this thread. Bad influence and bad for my bank account. It's all good though, RRL rules I have my eye on the Baker jacket, camo-print cotton tee, among a few other things.
Ut oh! There goes my bank account, LOL!
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