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Easy, Van Damme...
That RyJ looks good Jet. Both Trini suggestions excellent.
Good Lord.
Barbancourt Silver Mexi Coke Cuba Libre.
Another Barbancourt Silver Mexi Coke Cuba Libre, with ERDM this time.
Tons of good places to eat and drink here, though it's not LA, San Francisco, or Portland. Definite shopping wasteland. Haven't walked into a store here in 10yrs.
Uncontrol would look good in Marg.
They make a lot of very good and interesting beers. Some definite misses thrown in for sure, but those just seem to be from pushing the boundaries and overreaching IMHO.
Good lord Du... Take Uber to Fathom on Shelter Island. Great little food and craft beer joint on the pier. Lions Share is a short walk from you and has an excellent happy hour, which starts at 4:30. The Kebab Shop is nearby and good for takeout as well. Don't think you're much of a beer guy, but my buddy's brewery/bar, Monkey Paw, has decent grinds and excellent beer/cocktails. It's close by in East Village.
Shoreman - Looking good. Like the beard and the color combo. Who makes the sc?
New Posts  All Forums: