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Woot! So hard being an SD sports fan, save Aztecs Bball of late. Special when we don't choke.
White Trash Cuban CHARGERS VICTORY! First plugged JL2. Rolled and pinched for a while... Smoking ok now. Flavor's there, but draw still a bit compromised.
Robin - Did you try it tucked? I'm not one for tucking tees myself, but this could be an exception... Also, check 3prag's fit below yours for a more congruent waist-line transition. Clap - Very nice. SC is a touch long for my taste, but that's just a personal preference. The fit of your clothes is excellent.
Sacrilegious I know, but Jesus, every now and then I just need a craft beer break. Gonna' press the reset button over the weekend.
Disclose name of hotel please. Must make sure never to visit. As an aside, I had a Boulevardier on the rocks the other day. When I'd finished it, the bartender asked if I'd like another. "Yes please," I replied. He picked up my glass and said, "same glass, same ice?" "Uh, no thank you... and on second thought, I'll just take the check and cancel that second drink."
"We did not know this, Dude." Thanks.
Jet - was the 898 varnished, or does that really matter?
I'll have to remember this. Thanks.Today, had two victory draft Sculpins and a Ballast Point Nitro Sextant Stout, after beating the step-dad-in-law's arse on the links.
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