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Plus, high neck crew is not louche.
X-post from waydn thread: ERDM Demi Tasse with rum and grapefruit cocktail.
Several beers from Monkey Paw Brewery here in San Diego, earlier today after golf w/ dad-in-law. All excellent. Saison was a standout... as was the oatmeal pale. These guys know what they're doing.
2 Flor de Cana Silver .75 Cointreau 2 fresh grapefruit juice 2 grapefruit seltzer Barbancourt 8yo floater ERDM Demi Tasse
Many "Frog's Breath" IPAs at Coronado Brewing Co. Several 435 IPAs too. FB citrusy and spicy. 435 a very nice break from overtopped errthang. Thought it worth mentioning they were recently named World Beer Cup Champion for mid-size brewery and brewmaster, along with taking gold and silver medals for a couple of their brews.
Lol at shorts "dilemma." Not rocket surgery.
Meis - looks like you need to sag 'em just a bit more... moose knuckle happening.
Damn.... That is seriously some rough shit Jet. Be grateful you were so close to him and that you made sure he knew you loved him. Many sons won't have that experience. Hope your mom and rest of family are doing ok too.
Sounds good. How'd a pour of rum on rocks go with that? The non-bitter versions work great, when cut with some seltzer.
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