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Yes, the casual side fits both my current reality (work and play), and my past tastes as a mod revivalist. Like most folks, I assume, I do have occasion to wear a suit, or at least blazer and trousers, for weddings, more formal parties and posher restaurants, etc... The MacNeils are one pair that come out for blazers and sometimes jeans with an ocbd/v-neck sweater combo. They're sharp enough, but stay on the less formal side being walnut pebble grain. Never seen anyone...
Salad w/ some sort of grilled protein on top?
^^ Ha! Yes, yes he is.
I mean this as a complement, but the same can be said for you.
Job permitting, and if you have healthy hair, I think everyone should grow it long once or twice in their lives. Experiment a little...
I appreciate the viewpoints from this thread's members. You have both the history and eye for "the look," but a willingness to take some of those elements and move it foreword. If you don't mind, I'll post some more, time to time, when I feel I've got something somewhat relevant to share.
^^^^Wrong. I had firm, but (sorry if TMI) if you end up with her on top at some point, maintaining the "proper angle" is impossible. Sold our Thermarest at a substantial loss almost immediately.
This is my favorite stage of a jeans' fadez. Nice fit too, per usual.
Thanks for the feedback. "Herbert..." I like that jargon. Learn something new every day! I reckon that's a fairly accurate description of me.
Chavy or an ok casual twist on revivalist? Rugby (long sleeve) Pegged 501 Suede chukka (leather sole vs desert boot)
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