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Slum Village, Gang Starr and some old Eric&Rakim are about all I can stomach these days. Never been super into hip hop, but when Slum's first came out, I was blown away. Really liked Styles of Beyond for some reason too, but that may have been just weird timing or something...
True... Took me right back there!
14.5mi at 8:30/mi
^ Sounds interesting... Christmas spirit with Anchor's 2015 Chistmas Ale. I indulge in plenty of this every year. Some years are better than others, but I'm never disappointed. This year is no exception. 5.5%
5.2mi at 7:50/mi
What kept me up ALL NIGHT was wondering what Regis would do in such a situation.
Those look good.
Alesmith Bourbon Barrel Aged Speedway Stout on cask. Hella' boozy. Damn good.
Nice Blahspam! Congratulations.
Cheers Fueco.
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