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Beefeater is solid for Negronis. I like it with Cochi, Dolin or even Martini and Rossi, myself. Just my opinion, of course...
Fokken - Your sentiments are on the money, but I think most of your dates might be 10 years off. Still, I understand where you're coming from and mostly agree.
Met those guys from Brewdog many years ago at my buddy's pub in San Diego. They were f'n hilarious and passionate about their fairly average (at the time) beer. Just got better from there... Solid Belgian Ale here.
Nice. Congrats again.
Torsion - Thanks for keeping the thread alive, but most importantly, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your first? Regardless, cheers to you. Usual Cuba Libre and the so smooth and reliable QDO... the gift that keeps on giving!
Nice barley wine here...
Me too. Where you at LD? I'm down here in Nado.
This was absolutely phenomenal. Almost too rich 3/4 way through. A nice 8oz glass would've been optimal.
Will be crushing these at the beach. Solid Czech Pilsner!
Last night at the drive-in. Only takes two of these to slap you up side the head. 10% abv, but something about these hops just ... Pretty rough and unbalanced. Somehow, I still enjoyed them!
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