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Scroll up a few posts. Cotton Dockers included a link.
@WBaker First would be money if pants didn't have cargo pockets and boots instead of trainers. Second is spot on for hell raising in NYC. Looks good.
Perfect timing Fueco. One of the beers mentioned in KenP's great Fall-Beer writeup mentioned above.
^^ Heard good things about Epic's Elder Brett. Never had anything by them. Suppose it was inevitable, but don't much care for my Alpine Beer Co. beer coming in a Green Flash bottle. Don't get me wrong. I dig GF beers a lot as well. It's just, Alpine was such a tiny, precious gem...
Never seen, nor had FdC7, but I'll take your word for it. My favorite all-around sipper is Mt.Gay Extra Old. Blows everything away at its price and most that cost substantially more. Perfect balance of age and rum "bite" IMO.
Damn crushable. Quite juicy at only 5.25%.
Yea, hard to pass up at that ratio. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy it. But at some point, it seems, I'm almost not even drinking rum anymore.
Preferr the FdC 12 over the 18, myself. I love well-aged rum, but at some point it seems to lose all its rum "character" and is becomes a caramel/oak bomb.
Change jeans and it might work. Not seeing it with that crisp bd and grossgrain.
SugarButch - That sucks. Happened to me with my left calf several weeks ago, but it's healed now. Unfortunately, had to stop my planned 13.1 at 7.5 yesterday, after straining my right lower-calf. There goes another two weeks. Growing old ain't for pussies...
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