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What's underwear?
@soband I think you might want to go back to drawing board. It's all a bit too much. It's just not working. Maybe try the pants and go from there. You have another jacket option. It's not terrible... It's just not really working.
That went down fast at 3% ABV. Now onto this.
Nice hc4! Cooling off myself.
^^ Copy that. Unfortunately the one good bottle shop I found in NYC, where I had the Edward, didn't have any bottles. I did grab a mixed sixer of Evil Twin 16oz cans to bring back with me though. 2ea of Even More Jesus, Imperial Biscotti and Molotov Lite. Not bad...
Finally tracked down Hill Farmstead at two separate bars and one bottle shop with taps. All were pretty fresh, but the one bar with the Excursion #3 might have had something going on with their lines, as it seemed just off on the back end. The Edward and Citra were both absolutely delicious though. I'm real glad I got to try them, but I think I built up my expectations a bit to high.
^ Dood, your intake of good beer is truly inspiring, As mentioned above, had my first Hiver the other day in DC and really dug it. Definitely more "robust" than expected. In NYC now and popped into Blind Tiger on a fairly hot and humid day, after tromping around the city. Crushed a Saison DuPont first to quench the thirst.., Moved onto a Jack's Abbey, "3x dry hopped hoponicus" after that, which was very good. Hadn't had anything from them since the Xmas beer exchange a...
Thanks OC. We spent all day cruising memorials, botanical gardens (with last of my Westbrook Gose!) and of course were on the mall for parade and culture festival before getting rained out. We kept an early dinner simple at Wiseguy Pizza. I've got a cooler full of beers here in the hotel room and the hotel (Liaison) has a rooftop deck to peep the fireworks, so no standing around in the rain waiting for them to go off, or cancel. Looking forward to grabbing the train at...
We've been staying with friends in Vienna. We came into town for the sights and dinner/drinks, but now are in DC proper tonight and for the Fourth. We take the train into NYC on the 5th. The Gibson was quite enjoyable. Started out at the bar, then wrapped up on the outside patio, which we dug. I had an Old Fashioned, Side Car and a Sazerac. Dined at Doi Moi, which was equally good, particularly the whole fried snapper. Hit up Church Key today (thanks brp). Had Oxbow...
A few more. The Avery was best. Passion fruit was very pleasant. The Radler was crushable, of course.
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