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Was thinking $100 for these.
Were Weejuns strictly a mod-revival thing, or did they cross over from Ivy back in the day?
These are unaltered. I've worn off and on, but not for coupla' years. They've been washed once and have no discernible fading, except some minute wear starting to happen in the crotch, which I'd probably reinforce to be safe if I was keeping. PM if your're interested. They are Size 31. Below are the actual measurements: Waist - 17" Inseam - 35" Hem - 7.5" Shipping CONUS included. Elsewhere to be determined. I've been a long-standing member here for many years and...
Just pulled into Mammoth and made a quick stop for Owen's Valley Wet Hop Black IPA, which is stellar.
Been on my own mod revival trip lately. One of the more recent additions are these US made Allen Edmonds "Lowry Hill" kiltie tassel loafers. Prefer these to the Weejun tassels.
It's ok. Was a gift from my buddy, so would depend on price, of course. Thought it was fantastic in a Manhattan earlier. Has a slight "offness" to it, I can't quite put my finger on. Pretty vanilla/banana forward... almost like an over-aged rum. It's enjoyable, but I'd reach for other things if I was drinking it straight.
Nice haul. Brenne (single malt French whiskey aged in congnac barrels) rocks with ERDM Demi Tasse, on back deck.
Merry Christmas x Guinness!
Might look better with sunglasses vs the ones your wearing. Looks fine as is... as Ken said, just don't worry about it, as it's aight.
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