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@brp2 Depends on where you'll be staying, as your time is fairly limited. Let me know and I'll point you in the right direction.
It's not some anti-capitalist sentiment. Also not like they weren't already a fairly large corporate entity. It's just a weird feeling somehow. I dunno, there're SO many great beers out there. It's more fun when things are a bit more unique, undiscovered, harder to come by, blah blah blah. GF Sculpin is one of my favs of all time, so I don't expect to abandon ship altogether.
Man, lots of nice beers going down here, per usual. Have mixed emotions about continuing to support BP, after the buy-out. I'm not sure what I'll ultimately decide. However, for now, this is still top tier IMHO:
Carlsbad Marathon. 3:50 on the dot. Had terrible cramp issues last few miles, so was pretty happy with overall time, as I was forced to walk on and off.
Very cute!
2mi at 9:30/mi yesterday. Will go for another short jog/walk later this morning, before Carlsbad Marathon tomorrow. Hate the 6:15 start and 45min travel time. Doesn't give much time bot breakfast, bathroom etc...
4mi @ 7:40/mi
Yes. Yes, it is. Good luck with your recovery.
6mi @ 7:50/mi
@fallen asleep Thought you were flying those dreadlocks in first pick! Too bad... Otherwise, looks great.
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