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Def fit your style B0bo. I'm fairly burnt on CP Achilles and Stans, but need a new light colored sneaker. Thoughts on the Adidas x White Mountaineering Nastase?
@dieworkwear Enjoyed your last post. Thanks for exerting the effort.
Monkey Paw x Pizza Port "Fear the Underdog" collab. 6.7% abv IPA.
Is his stage name Ed Hardy?
I took one month off for each of my kids too. Was well worth it. Good luck back at the salt mines! That Davidoff looks solid.
^ Nice. Tonight:
^^ The totality of the Fuuma pic is grand. Slight sleeze x much chic. A Modern Rn'R Serge G.! Was thinking you'd be in flares though, which would look great here too. As an aside, digging "Bringing the War Home"
How does Gran Classico compare to Aperol in a cocktail, like a Boulevardier or Negroni?
Agreed. I fear all that aged juice has either been gobbled up, or repackaged to sell at exhorbitant prices.
Also, TotP, nothing readily springs to mind, which would refute your assertion. Not to sound like an old fogie, but with regards to bourbon and rye, even just 10yrs ago was a world of difference. Hopefully things normalize sometime down the road again...
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