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habitant I don't think so. In theory, I kinda' like the idea of "glamming" up such a workwear staple... but i dunno, those don't hit for me for some reason.
Be forewarned, Uniqlo abruptly changed the sizing of their prima cotton/supreme multi-pack Ts sometime last year. I was always a Med, but now am a large. Wear med Hains and Uniqlo OCBDs too... Still solid for random jeans and OCBDs though.
Just working my way through. So far I've enjoyed every one of these. Perhaps, Chico King the least, I suppose...
Had two of these. Were f'n delicious, though unsure of name, if any: 1.5 Four Roses small batch 1 lemon juice 1 Luxardo 1 Chartreuse Shaken and strained. Served up w/ large lemon peel.
Circa 7p today...
Never had, but will avoid. Their other stuff's been good...
69,393 + 60 = 69,453
Partagas short x Barbancourt *****
Four Roses small batch/Antica Boulevardier.
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