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4.8mi @ 8:15/mi
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@Gerry Nelson Liking those colors a lot. Wonder what buttoning the next button up instead might look like. May have a bit more balance. May be best as is...
4mi at 7:50/mi
Yea, really digging the music banter here. I mean, it's not my fave genre of music, but I definitely get really into one act or another, every 5yrs or so. That first Skepta vid @Find Finn posted was f'n great. I also liked Devlin's simple skin/hard mod look.
Damn, those a smart!
I'm no aficionado, but the way these two flowed together was f'n dope.
Doods seemed real cool. Chatted them up after the gig I saw. Really dug how they rapped about being broke-ass, instead of this fake $$$$ shite. Back then it was pretty unique. Solid flow.
Yes, Styles of Beyond SOB.. Sorry, on my third GF Sculpin here. I was really into them, back when 2000 Fold just came out. What i meant by timing was, I'd just met my wife... We were living it up.... That and Slum Village were such great party record, and we were hitting it pretty hard back then. Saw SOB live and they were hella' fun. Really dug their vox interplay. Complementary duo.
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