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New to thread. Lifelong runner, off and on. Training for first marathon and am about 6wks in, with about 6wks to go. longest run was 16.2mi at an 8:27 pace. I have an 18mi run scheduled for this Sat. Switched to Hoka Conquest from Ascics gt2000 about a month and like them a lot. A bit squishy on turns, but really seem to reduce the wear and tear on my joints and back. I'm wondering if there isn't something lighter and a bit more solid for me to use on race day? Of...
^ ^^ Those both look delicious just now! El Dorado5/Mexi Coke Cuba Libre for me.
Hate "open air" good Samaritans. TriniReyes are one of my favorite smalls for sure. This is my first from a box that came in a few weeks ago. Really enjoyable so far. Robust with a slight edge, yet rich and balanced. Can see these aging well. BoliPC with ElDorado5 x MexiCoke Cuba Libre.
This is very good. Aged in wine barrels with Rainier and Bing cherries.
I like that back cuff detail. Where to buy? Thanks
Amazing^^^^ In my buddy's backyard for smoked brisket. Followed by Alpine Mango Duet cask.
@KenP BLASPHEMY!!!! Fresh Grapefruit Sculpin is the best EVAR!!! Seriously though, shit is so crushable. Don't know how any IPA fan wouldn't enjoy it. Oh well... I'm going to stop by BP in about 20mins, get a half-growler full, and drink for both of us! I still rate Alpine Nelson, Pure Hoppiness and regular Sculpin ahead of it, thoughI've probably had 20gals of the GF and the "novelty" isn't close to wearing off.
Case of 22oz. 3ea of Mandarin Nectar, Duet, Nelson and Pure Hoppiness. The Mandarin was just bottled the day before, so pretty damn fresh, which it needs to be. I thought it was delicious and very refreshing. I'd rate it higher than the RB average for sure, but I would say it was a tad heavy with the orange and honey, and could be greatly improved by simply reducing that component to where it hints at these flavors instead of being so obvious. The freshness is what saves...
New Posts  All Forums: