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Are the Muji Ts called U-neck? Not seeing them on the US site. Thanks
Agree BA>RB, but usually find i disagree with the herd anyway. Not that my taste is refined... I just seem to still like stuff that doesn't get hella' hype, whether the hype's deserved or not. There's so much good beer our there. Sometimes it takes away a little of the enjoyment of the bird in hand, when always chasing after the two in the bush. I mean, I get the chase is half the fun... Shit, I'm just rambling now after two Sculpins and two Calicos. G'night.
Not to mention, "cell bitch" denim.
Yep. I believe Gosling's and Bundaberg ginger beer is the original. I just prefer Ginger People for the reason stated. Good for both regular and Kentucky mules too!
+ 82 = 36732
Brad, looks cool and would still hit the mark, even more so IMO, without cardigan.
I use Ginger People's ginger beer. The bottom 1/8 of the bottle is all ginger sediment. Really has a nice bite to it. Gosling is the rum, of course.
^ Nice. Ginger People Dark n' Stormy w/ Cohiba Sig2
^ Love Trini Reyes. SigII with a dark n' stormy.
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