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This is my favorite stage of a jeans' fadez. Nice fit too, per usual.
Thanks for the feedback. "Herbert..." I like that jargon. Learn something new every day! I reckon that's a fairly accurate description of me.
Chavy or an ok casual twist on revivalist? Rugby (long sleeve) Pegged 501 Suede chukka (leather sole vs desert boot)
Both of the above sound divine. Gonna' break out a new bottle El Dorado 5yo for something or other later this evening.
Getting Miraned is a sign you're going places.
Coat looks real good.
Kind of over the whole stacking thing. I've gone through about 4 pairs of those raw ones and just get burned out on 'em after a while. Kept one pair of the Dauphin's though.
In the 80s, here in California, would have called Dean's red jacket a golf jacket. Windbreakers, as we referred to them, had no lining.
I like my jeans to sag and prefer a waist that's either 16.5 or 17" across. My dark CTs are sz 32 and the light wash are sz 30. They both accomplish the goal I referred to above. My DH MIJ 19cm raws were a 31" for reference.
New Posts  All Forums: