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Had two of these. Were f'n delicious, though unsure of name, if any: 1.5 Four Roses small batch 1 lemon juice 1 Luxardo 1 Chartreuse Shaken and strained. Served up w/ large lemon peel.
Circa 7p today...
Never had, but will avoid. Their other stuff's been good...
69,393 + 60 = 69,453
Partagas short x Barbancourt *****
Four Roses small batch/Antica Boulevardier.
Sorry to over-share. I know many of you smoke plenty of better/older sticks than this... But I'll be damned if this isn't hella' delicious. Lost box, but I believe purchased in '10 and from '09. Might be one year off... Good to the nub.
Barbancourt and Ginger People Mule + Trini Reyes.
Trini Reyes
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