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Sorry to over-share. I know many of you smoke plenty of better/older sticks than this... But I'll be damned if this isn't hella' delicious. Lost box, but I believe purchased in '10 and from '09. Might be one year off... Good to the nub.
Barbancourt and Ginger People Mule + Trini Reyes.
Trini Reyes
Was drinking that and the Nut Brown on tap last night. Very solid brewery.
Perfect timing Regis.
don't forget your CRAFTBEARD.
Dood, I get what you're saying, but there's fitted/tight (Regis) and then there's TIGHT. It's not like you're being offensive or something, but surely you can look at your foto and see where some people here are coming from?
Lol. Think my phone didn't refresh page... in addition to misery of first pull-ups in coupla' months. Thanks for fixing. Sore as hell today.
Any moron can see Fuji's shirt is too tight. Rest of this convo is superfluous.
New Posts  All Forums: