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Hmmmm... Not really my cuppa' but interesting. Not sure what the "natural flavors" are. Too sweet for me. Nice color though.
Hc4thehc - that Moinette looks great. Gotta' try it sometime. Speedway always a win in my book.
Nice malt component to this.
Great photos!
Torsion on a tear! All look hella' good.
@Pilot How was their Gose and Saison? The Dorado was one of the og IIPAs around these parts.
Seconded. Sometimes it's just the perfect beer for the moment.
Thanks for the kudos guys. I'm gonna' lay low for the next two weeks or so and let my achilles heal up. Though the rest of me is a bit torn an frayed as well (particularly my quads/IT bands), mainly from the downhills, but nothing too bad. Heading to Maui for a few weeks with the family soon. I think I'll start throwing in some random jogs there, with the idea of building back up for another marathon in the fall. I guess the San Diego Rn'R Marathon is well known for being...
Soft sand barefoot was all I ran for years before I started training for this marathon 2.5mos ago. I guess all the road running/high miles in shoes might have tightened/shortened up my calf muscles.Anyway, my first marathon is now officially in the bag. It was harder than I thought, but I did come in under my 4hr goal at 3:48:46. The longest training run i did was just over 20 miles. Hit a real difficult stretch at mile 20, where there is a nasty 1.5mi hill to climb. I...
3 miles soft-sand. Been road-running so much, I think my calves have tightened up a bit. At mile three my right achilles suddenly got a sharp little twinge. I stopped immediately and had it on ice within a few minutes. Feels alright, I think... not exactly what one wants to experience three days before their first marathon.
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