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Lotta epic looking beers above! Brp2, will be in DC myself in a few weeks. Thanks for the intel. Cheers!
From Unita Brewing. Enjoyed this quite a bit. I think it missed its intended mark, but I didn't mind at all.
Dunno. I always enjoy it. Yeti was pretty damn fine.
I would say you're not incorrect, but the malt taste/flavor profile and nose are forward, with hops in the back, which seems oposite of the ones I've had that you're describing. Just my perception. It's a good beer, but I find I'm often out of sync with BA and RB reviews...
A nice change-up. There's a definite hop component (mostly on the finish), but the sweet malt dominates and also adds a creaminess to it. Reviews are mixed, but I liked it quite a bit, myself.
... after my earlier comments, this collab proved quite good. This was delicious.
^ I like both. Haven't nubbed one in a while, but this deserved it. Solid all the way through.
Nice. What's the liquor? After long day of house chores:
brp2 - You had a bad bottle. Hoppy Bday is real good. I'm under the impression Alpine's beers don't travel too well, for some reason. Not sure they have decent distribution, or maybe something else... Dunno.
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