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Are they not "leather?"
OPA ABR 10 HUmag46. These have been real good to me... Sad to see them go. Only one left after this.
Yea, I like the AB cans ice cold as beach beers, but not a fave by any stretch (don't pick up the licorice component tho), and agree with you on the Cali. Stone is a solid brewery for sure... Far from my dearest San Diego brewery by a long-shot. That Xocoveza sounds interesting.
^^ what are those chukkas?
Covskin, that is very smart looking gear right there.
Brp2, nice haul, per usual. Had my last Stone Enjoy By tonight, followed by my local brewery's flagship IPA
Always delicious.
That DJ 1942 goes down so easy.
Had a couple of Grimms at Blind Tiger in NYC. Wastotally impressed.
Switched to FdC and Mexi Coke Cuba Libre after the IIPA. The beer had enough malty sweetness to start, but something about the sweetness of rum and cola really pairs so well with a nice cigar.
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