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Nice Torsion! Enjoying a Cohiba Siglo II (circa 2010/11 I believe), with a Cuba Libre of Flor de Cana 4yo, Mexi Coke and Flor de Cana 15yo floater, on the back deck myself. I know tubos are generally not preferred, but this was from a box I purchased as gifts for a buddy's wedding.
Amoeba Records if you're in SF, Berkley or LA.
Glad he got it right eventually. I wish the Branca Menta wasn't so sweet, but it's still very enjoyable if deployed correctly.
Doesn't rate against the top IIPAs, but quite nice.
Overcharged my humi a bit, before leaving on vacation. Everything's fine, but should have pulled this out yesterday to dry. Didn't know I was gonna light up, but after a nice long day at the beach, rum rocks and a cc just sounded too good. Delicious, but tough draw to start. Seems to be getting better now.
Seltzer, crushed ice and squeeze of lime. Damn refreshing.
I like it for added kick to Mojitos, or as a hi-ball, but too sweet on its own.
22oz mug of Monkey Paw x Coronado Brewing Co "C-Monkey" American Strong Ale. Was very good. Followed up with this %12 abv shared.
What's underwear?
@soband I think you might want to go back to drawing board. It's all a bit too much. It's just not working. Maybe try the pants and go from there. You have another jacket option. It's not terrible... It's just not really working.
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