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@b1os Definitely try the Monkey Paw collab. I haven't had, but most everything MP is quite good. That Stone list in general looks solid, save the Cali-Belgique... but even that was still pretty nice, and with the sage (a favorite herb of mine), could be delicious.
^^^ Totally feel the same way about Pfriem. This is always delicious:
Be forewarned: Once you go quality polarized, there'll be no turning back.
@Cravate_Noire Peninsula Bangkok? If so, one of my favorite bars. If not, looks like one of my favorite bars! Excellent cigar selection, to be sure. It's been too long, unfortunately.
^^ If he is he better ping me!
Really enjoying the last bit of banter. Just when you thought there was nothing left to say... Every generation has a cutting edge movement, or two, which is closely followed by a cartoon version of the "original." Some movements are more radical than others, perhaps due to current politics, economics, etc... Same shit. Different day. Some were followers. Some were leaders. A few lifers. Most just passing through. Plenty of fond memories. Unfortunately, coupla'...
About 8 bottles in this giant glass!
@OccultaVexillum I was so expecting some type of sneaker anchoring that fit, as I scrolled down. Might just be me, but reminds me of certain Ervell looks.
Hi, what do these measure across the hem and how long is the inseam? Japanese fabric? Thanks
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