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@blahspam That's too bad, man. I like the positive attitude though! ^ I like my Suunto. Looks more like an actual watch, than a small computer strapped to my wrist. 4.2mi yesterday and 5mi today. Just getting back into it after coupla' weeks off from Carlsbad Marathon. Eyeballing the next one...
That might be the rare miss Regis. Top looks real good. I think I like the bottom half too. However, together... I'm not feeling it. Of course, I'm several strong beers in here, so
Cam revealed his true self after that fumble. Finally...
Good Super Bowl so far.
Melvin "Hubert" American Ale.
Heading to Whole Foods and Ralph's on my way home! Lol
Understood. Societe is well worth a visit. Excellent beers. As I mentioned above, their Bachelor Mandarina blew my mind. Not a fan of Modern Times, personally. Their beer is good, but to me they're a marketing first, beer second operation and there are just too many other worthy options to choose from. You'll enjoy yourselves regardless of where you stay, I'm sure!
Could the typically looser roll on non-cc allow for easier draws, even with "oilyer" sticks?
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