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PVW 20 last night from a buddy who acquired 6 bottles in a trade. Haven't had in over 5 years, due to redonkulous pricing. Every bit as good as I remember.
^. Looks hella' good. Hot here in SoCal. These are hitting the spot.
Bene - I think overall, the slouchy/relaxed look seems more natural than your more severe/stark silhouettes.
This looks very nice.
That's why he should name her Jezabel.
The 1977, in particular, was SO damn good.
Rais - Please explain NEETs.
Coupla' Grapefruit Sculpins after work. So refreshing.
This was well-balanced and had a real nice smokiness.
File a claim through eBay and let them sort it out. You can return his PayPal "refund" after you receive your $ back through ebay.
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