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+ 85 = 42,452
I'd like to work something out with you in the future. I'll be out of the loop through June though. Can usually get RR and Lost Abbey. Shipping via UPS ground for Xmas trades was pretty steep though. USPS Priority flat rate seems worth the risk...
Love the Sanctification. Stuck to Anchor Brewing California Lagers for the beach today. Went out for my bro's bday on Sunday and had a bunch of good shit on tap: Drakes Denogginizor, Alpine Nelson, Coronado x Monkey Paw Schwarzbier, Bell's Pale, Pliny TE and Hess. The Alpine was in a 72oz glass boot... Jesus, we kinda got loose.
last Friday... + 62 = 42,267 ... and for some reason they were f'n hard as hell.
Interesting and pretty good. Maybe not for the entire bottle solo, but I'll muscle it...
Passed on it myself a few times, but it is very good, Nice and piney. Really digging it.
^^^ Wish I could taste that Pilot! For me now :
+ 85 = 40493
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