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Coupla' magnums of Anchor Christmas Ale. Really enjoyed this year's version.
Bottled 2004. 53.1% abv.
A friend brought this over to our Christmas party. We polished it between about 6 of us. Was delicious.
AleSmith Barrel Aged Speedway Stout Cask. ^^^^^ Also, love Narwhal, myself.
Last barrage of fotos are excellent. Beards have supplanted 'staches, so cool to bring 'em back now.
@Parker I might get lambasted here, but the shirt seems a bit out of place. Silhouette is dope tho.
This is hella' good.
I dig the look of those black Adidas LAs.I haven't had any such problem with either of the Desert Treks I've owned. Also, the camo pattern is much more subdued in real life, than comes across in fotos. Look better with the gum sole a bit dirty too, which reduces the stark contrast you see in the foto I posted.
This is correct. The splatter effect isn't very authentic looking up close. Nothing like the MMM bird shit GATs, which is why I'm hopeful some wear and tear will do them good. I like the underlying light gray color of the shoe itself. I've always preferred my Desert boots a bit beat up. New ones just don't look right to me.
Or barfed, depending on the angle you're looking at them from. Lol. Like I said, I'm willing to give them a shot. Could work and be just a funkier version of a classic... could be a complete miss.
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