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Cruise 8.1mi at 8:50/mi
Yes. My original post was voicing my disgust with the ubiquitous craft-beard. So played out. Imagine all the dander and food grossness falling off all those unkempt faces, right into the vats and pint glasses... This shit is taking it to a different level tho.
Wow. "No need to freak out."
Hate nothing more than the craft-beerd.
Nice Fueco! Look for Maui Brew Co collab beers while there. Their IPA is fairly meh FYI. Blonde and coconut porter are quite good. 3mi soft-sand trudge for me today.
Half-way through my second Stranahan's, Noily Prat, Campari and Regan's orange bitters Boulevardier.
^^ Agreed. Careful with the patches... If one piece has a few, maybe just one complementary "patch" as the pocket, collar or some other trim piece?
I predict this guy crushing moving forward. Proper attitude. Not defensive...
13.2mi @ 8:29/mi. Was planning on 16mi, but right calf started feeling strained at 13. Was a 2.5mi walk back home too. Gonna' have to really force myself to slow down the pace and remain injury free until Carlsbad 1/17.
8mi at 7:50/mi
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