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Cotton On. I'm 6' and these stay long enough. Cheap. http://cottonon.com/US/p/cotton-on-men/the-other-crew/2034130101939.html#pmin=0&sz=48&start=145
It always strikes me as odd that IPAs, which I believe were solely designed to last longer than conventional ales, taste so much better the fresher they are. I guess they can go a ways without spoiling, but almost always best when consumed closest to birthdate.
Only one question to ask... DID THEY PLAY "DIRTY WHITE BOY!?!?"
You had me at bacon...
Principle - Nice haul! Hc4 - How was that? I'm on this. Hella' good at 11.5%!
Like you're caught in your sheets? Assinine.
Thanks for the help
Thanks doods. Appreciate the help. 16.5oz? Selvedge ID? Just wish these fuckers fit. Really dig 'em, but unfortunately, they're a 30 and I need a 31. Best jeans I've had, since my SE x Imperials.
Can anyone confirm what these are? Specifically, does the green pocket indicate 16.5oz slub, vs standard 14.5oz? Thanks for any help.
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