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Jesus man. That's rough. Good luck moving forward.
MMM 22 suede side-zips with the slightly thicker (not creeper-ish) rubber sole.
Copy. That's what I thought I remembered. Thanks all...
So, mmm boots 45... Gats 46? Or, boots 46. Gats SOL.? No width issues, FYI. Feet slightly narrow.
RFT - After all these years, I don't know what size mmm boot I wear. CP Achilles 45, AE 12, ConAS 11... Am I a 45 or 46? I think it's the gats that run smaller, no? Thx
@noob in 89 Go full Karate Kid antagonist and ditch beard.
Looks real good Basil.
Is this guy the new version of bitchin' piano playin espresso machine bachelor Dood?
Looking sharp!
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