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lol Fuuma, always appreciate the images you choose.
Almanac Farmer's Reserve Blueberry Wild Ale. Excellent.
8.5mi yesterday in new shoes. Felt super fast... right up until the point my calves said "no." Too much too soon. Was supposed to do 9mi, but everything tightened up and had to stop. Slow 5mi walk jog today in the Hokas.
5.2mi recovery run today. Decided upon the Adidas Boost Adios. The Brooks Racers were a close second, but didn't quite feel as comfy for whatever reason. Test run manana.
11.5 in Vans... I swear! Thx for link, but jcrew only has the grey in 11.5.
@Notwithit, link to those original vans you posted? Thx
Loved ryeGB's fits. GetSmart's too, though they were at pretty opposite ends of the spectrum. Who was the trustfund character who bounced between Thom Browne and Balmain?
Your t shirts constantly ruin your fits. from what I can tell, suit and boots look solid.
18.3 miles this morning. Kept a pretty decent pace, for me, at 8:13/mi. Legs tired now. So far the Adidas Adios fit best. Awaiting Brooks Racers. I think one of those will be what I run my first marathon in.
Thanks for the suggestions. I've got the Brooks Racers, Newton Distance, Saucony Fastwitch and Adidas Adios Boost on order to try out. The Hoka Conquests are definitely reducing my body's wear and tear on the mid and long runs, but are just to extreme for me to use all the time, or on race day. Need to integrate a more "normal" shoe into the rotation. We'll see if any of these work.
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