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I mean this as a complement, but the same can be said for you.
Job permitting, and if you have healthy hair, I think everyone should grow it long once or twice in their lives. Experiment a little...
I appreciate the viewpoints from this thread's members. You have both the history and eye for "the look," but a willingness to take some of those elements and move it foreword. If you don't mind, I'll post some more, time to time, when I feel I've got something somewhat relevant to share.
^^^^Wrong. I had firm, but (sorry if TMI) if you end up with her on top at some point, maintaining the "proper angle" is impossible. Sold our Thermarest at a substantial loss almost immediately.
This is my favorite stage of a jeans' fadez. Nice fit too, per usual.
Thanks for the feedback. "Herbert..." I like that jargon. Learn something new every day! I reckon that's a fairly accurate description of me.
Chavy or an ok casual twist on revivalist? Rugby (long sleeve) Pegged 501 Suede chukka (leather sole vs desert boot)
Both of the above sound divine. Gonna' break out a new bottle El Dorado 5yo for something or other later this evening.
Getting Miraned is a sign you're going places.
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