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Or barfed, depending on the angle you're looking at them from. Lol. Like I said, I'm willing to give them a shot. Could work and be just a funkier version of a classic... could be a complete miss.
I get what you're saying here, but it's a different shoe than the desert boot... as the wallaby is. I enjoy variety and like quirky twists on "classics." In fact, picked these up recently, which I'm sure you'll applaud! Once they get a little beat up, I think they'll work with my faded jeans. Of course, I'm fully prepared to bin 'em if they don't.
My Desert Trek Camos are a favorite with jeans.
Had 4 of these at Hamilton's. It's real good this year. Switched to Sierra Nevada 16oz cans and Jameson Reserve (meh) at the Mother Hips show later.
The 220z Mosaics were a nice palate cleanser before the Stone Xocoveza.
My buddy's brewery. 9.8% ABV. It's quite good.
Post-golf Pliny the Elder, followed by Sierra Nevada Celebration at my favorite pub.
Pulled 4 BoliPC out of the 61% humi a full day before bringing them out on the golf course to have with some buddies yesterday. They smoked perfectly. Nice and easy draw, with that slight crunch to the wrapper.
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