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Heading to Whole Foods and Ralph's on my way home! Lol
Understood. Societe is well worth a visit. Excellent beers. As I mentioned above, their Bachelor Mandarina blew my mind. Not a fan of Modern Times, personally. Their beer is good, but to me they're a marketing first, beer second operation and there are just too many other worthy options to choose from. You'll enjoy yourselves regardless of where you stay, I'm sure!
Could the typically looser roll on non-cc allow for easier draws, even with "oilyer" sticks?
@brp2 Plenty of options in Solana Beach, which neighbors Del Mar (Including Pizza Port). La Jolla, not so much. Both are great if you're looking for a beach getaway. Otherwise, I would stay in SD proper and focus my drinking and dining in the South Park community. If you go that route, I'll be happy to point you in the right direction.
JL#2 and Branca Menta x Flor de Cana 4yo, with fresh mint simple syrup Mojito. Refreshing. This stick is really improving as it goes down. Nice sugars...
Franks, what shoes? Clean look. Well done.
Sounds reasonable to me.
They very well may have Sculpin. If so, opt for the cans. Coronado Brewing Co IPA is becoming very widely distributed as well. Don't get the Lagunitas IPA. One of their few fails IMHO. I've also seen the Elysium "space dust" 22oz at various Von's around here too. Shit's real good.
Had my first Oberon on tap, at a little place in Blueridge, Ga, near my parents' cabin coupla' summers ago. They started distributing Bell's in SD later that summer, but up to that point I'd never had any of their beers. It was highly enjoyable. Had a few of them on the patio that afternoon. One other thought Jet... I love spicey food, but not spicey (heat-wise) beer. Thought the Sculpin habanero was a complete waste, past a few interesting sips. A while back my fav pub...
@jet You shopping up in LA? I'm still partial to Sculpin, grapefruit, or not, myself. I see they're bottling Alpine's Nelson and Duet, which are great. Look out for AleSmith's IPA too. Other than that, if you want less abv%, I really enjoy Pizza Port's Ponto SIPA in 16oz cans. For non-San Diego, I dig Bell's Two Hearted. Unfortunately, we don't have access to all the epic east coast shit, but I'm still a so-cal homie... If you're out at a pub and ever come across...
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