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Damn smart Mr. K.
I've worn Lands End polos (and turtle necks) at work exclusively for 20yrs. The navy color lasts a long time. They're trim, well made, have the longer tail in back and you can get them in tall sizes, which I like. For the pub, etc. I prefer Lacoste (vintage or L!ve, which have the longer tail) and some bright colored FPs. I also have a few pairs of nice and slim chinos, from their now defunct Canvas line, which are really well made.
^ No knock on Colorado, my man. I'm a big fan of quite a few breweries there. Just drank a Great Divide "Titan" a few minutes ago, which I always enjoy. Also dig everything that I've had from Odell. Oscar Blues Dale's is a staple of mine and I really like most of there others too. My wife's favorite gluten free beer is New Belgium's. Of course, Avery is top notch too. However, the sheer amount of excellent beer in San Diego is overwhelming.
Modern Times is fine, but way down on the list of good San Diego breweries. If I was visiting here from out of town and only had a few days, they wouldn't make the cut. Don't get me wrong, I've had plenty of their offerings on several different occasions. Enjoyed most all of them. However, there's just a shit-ton of better options available here.
Thanks. I like the loose and tapered fit on the pairs I already have, and was wanting a white pair too.
Paisley shirts were a huge part of the mod revival look here in Southern California from 79-81.
I miss the longer tails the older FPs and Lacostes used to have. Much harder to find now.
Like those. Link?
Smoking vicariously through you, Torsion! Been roped with work and the kids lately, so just cant break away. I've got Sunday earmarked though...
Happy birthday! Today's small haul and a Lagunitas Waldo's Special to enjoy whilst prepping dinner.
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