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Just grabbed box of erdm demi tasse. Always on the lookout for smaller sticks for a quick smoke by the BBQ. Was very tempted by the RG perlas, but wanted to try something different. Plus, the band was so much prettier lol. Thanks for the rec Jet... Now answer my PM!
+ 76 = 18,496
Would look better if not so snug below knees.
Probably? :-}
I am interested as well. As an aside, Regis, the sunscreen I posted has an excellent environmental/carcinogenic rating, rubs in well and isn't very expensive. Most importantly, it works.
^^ Always ready to learn. Enlighten me!
I use this daily on face and neck w/o any side effects. Fairly water resistant too. Live, work and surf SCal beach year-round FWIW.
Lorcan - those are good. Slightly oversized is fine.
17,350 + 65 = 17,415
Yes, I should have specified that I asked for it on rocks, as that was the mood I was in.
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