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Case of 22oz. 3ea of Mandarin Nectar, Duet, Nelson and Pure Hoppiness. The Mandarin was just bottled the day before, so pretty damn fresh, which it needs to be. I thought it was delicious and very refreshing. I'd rate it higher than the RB average for sure, but I would say it was a tad heavy with the orange and honey, and could be greatly improved by simply reducing that component to where it hints at these flavors instead of being so obvious. The freshness is what saves...
Thread's slow, so I'll post. Tail end of an erdm demi tasse and some homemade lemoncello.
Nice on a warm SoCal afternoon...
I'm feelin' rummy too. Last night on back deck with FDC 4yo, Mexi Coke Cuba Libre and sips of ElDorado 5yo and Mt Gay Extra Old. Tonight: El Dorado 5yo with San Pellegrino blood orange soda and fresh lime squeeze.
All systems go, as far as I know...
First try of QDOCoro (JetRecTM). Only had in humi for a few weeks. Smoked real nice from stem to stern. Thought it would get a little bitter towards the end, but never happened. A very balanced smoke. Enjoyed with Flor de Cana 4yo and Mexi Coke Cuba Libre, plus coupla sips of Mount Gay Extra Old and El Dorado 5yo, with a buddy in town from DC on my back deck.
Yes, the casual side fits both my current reality (work and play), and my past tastes as a mod revivalist. Like most folks, I assume, I do have occasion to wear a suit, or at least blazer and trousers, for weddings, more formal parties and posher restaurants, etc... The MacNeils are one pair that come out for blazers and sometimes jeans with an ocbd/v-neck sweater combo. They're sharp enough, but stay on the less formal side being walnut pebble grain. Never seen anyone...
Salad w/ some sort of grilled protein on top?
^^ Ha! Yes, yes he is.
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