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5mi at 7:30. Hard-pack La Jolla beach run with a stop for some tight calf stretching.
Great post Roytonboy.
Nice, Fueco and MP. I'm back to the grind tomorrow, after coupla' days off for needed rest.
No internet, obviously, but didn't shows like "Ready, Steady, Go!" spread the look far and wide back in the day? Did they capture much of the morphing of mod into skin? As far as OC is concerned, though I'm loath to admit it, they were early adapters/embracers of punk, mod and ska. For some reason a kind of greaser component (think Social Distortion, and RFTC, from san Diego) always seemed to creep in... which I personally despise.
F'n Bam. You're pretty damn classic.
lol Fuuma, always appreciate the images you choose.
Almanac Farmer's Reserve Blueberry Wild Ale. Excellent.
8.5mi yesterday in new shoes. Felt super fast... right up until the point my calves said "no." Too much too soon. Was supposed to do 9mi, but everything tightened up and had to stop. Slow 5mi walk jog today in the Hokas.
5.2mi recovery run today. Decided upon the Adidas Boost Adios. The Brooks Racers were a close second, but didn't quite feel as comfy for whatever reason. Test run manana.
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