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^^ Coming back from an injury is always so sketchy. Feels so good to get back out there though.
3.2 easy mis. First run since 13.1mi Sat before last, due to tweaked right calf. Felt ok. Will test with 7mi tomorrow. We'll see...
Had the Pizza Port x Alpine Beer Co collab "Keep it Dankster" IPA on tap at Hamilton's Tavern last Saturday. Shit was wonderful. 6.6% ABV
Take it easy Walter.
6mi yesterday and 13.1 today. Right calf hella' sore.
Nice. BoliPC x Flor de Cana/Mexi coke for me.
Ok ok... I'm rotating a bit.
Have had both the Elysian and Almanac and both are very good. I, however, am in palate reset mode...
6.2 on Fri. and 8.1 yesterday. I think my Hoka Conquest are close to shot. Tried both the Huaka and Cortez models, but the uppers just weren't comfortable. Brooks Ravenna and Racer ST are en route. I like the Transcends I've been using... They just seem a bit bulky.
... getting closer
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