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Mojito w/ agave nectar instead of sugar.
Sometimes, this just hits the spot.
Don't get these here in San Diego, so enjoying as many different iterations of Bell's as I can find while vacationing.
Thanks Ed.
Link to hard mod article?
Vacation Talk - I prefer flying in and out of a bustling city... say, Bangkok, then heading down south to island/beaches. You start off with some excitement for several nights, lay around in paradise for coupla' weeks, then kick out the jams again for several more nights before splitting... Best of both worlds.
I like Le Freak. Have had it on tap several times. Last night was Chimay pints for me.
+ 85 = 42,452
I'd like to work something out with you in the future. I'll be out of the loop through June though. Can usually get RR and Lost Abbey. Shipping via UPS ground for Xmas trades was pretty steep though. USPS Priority flat rate seems worth the risk...
New Posts  All Forums: