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Last night at the drive-in. Only takes two of these to slap you up side the head. 10% abv, but something about these hops just ... Pretty rough and unbalanced. Somehow, I still enjoyed them!
Hc4, I'm sure I missed this somewhere along the line, but are you in the industry? I notice you usually have the logo'd glass to match (or in this case, almost match), what you're imbibing. Always drinking the good shite too! Just curious.
I feel the same. Canning has allowed me to rediscover some older favorites, which I had previously grown tired of many years ago. Seems like certain beers are just brighter somehow, more vibrant, in cans. My fist experience with this was with Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale, several years ago. Sculpin was next... and now this. It's one of the things I really appreciated about Westbrook's offerings, earlier this summer. Damn, wish I had some of their Gose and "One Claw" cans...
Congratulations Tween!!!
... for some people, that is.
Slaps for beach only. Birks if you need to multi-task. Espadrilles?
^^ Nice to take a break now and then. Cohiba Siglo II Cuban cigar, enjoyed with a Cuba Libre of Flor de Cana 4yo, Mexi Coke and Flor de Cana 15yo floater.
Nice Torsion! Enjoying a Cohiba Siglo II (circa 2010/11 I believe), with a Cuba Libre of Flor de Cana 4yo, Mexi Coke and Flor de Cana 15yo floater, on the back deck myself. I know tubos are generally not preferred, but this was from a box I purchased as gifts for a buddy's wedding.
Amoeba Records if you're in SF, Berkley or LA.
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