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Perhaps Justice Potter Stewart said it best (when pressed to define pornography). "I'll know it when I see it."
Alpine, Ale Smith, Green Flash, Monkey Paw, Ballast Point, Coronado, Hess, Societe, Lost Abbey/Pizza Port... Just to name a few. There's quite a few good ones fosho.
Stone is very good at what they do... Super hopped up SoCal style IPAs. I still enjoy their Pale Ale. However, like most things in life, one gets burned out with the over abundance of an item and will move on to different things.
Agreed. Always found DL's (rather conservative) hair a bit incongruent with his style. Looks like you figured it out DL. Well done!
JL#2 and a Barbancort silver Cuba Libre.
I've never had a skunked bottle. Is it really that common? I agree with Tooch. There are certainly other saisons, which are highly enjoyable... They're just don't seem to be around when you need them! For instance, here in San Diego I've had quite a few delicious ones from Lost Abbey. I usually grab them when I see them. However, when I'm sitting outside at a nice restaurant and fancy a saison on an early summer evening... Well, none of these mythical ales are anywhere to...
Tween Nice fotos. Just got back last week myself.
Mojito w/ agave nectar instead of sugar.
Sometimes, this just hits the spot.
Don't get these here in San Diego, so enjoying as many different iterations of Bell's as I can find while vacationing.
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