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I predict this guy crushing moving forward. Proper attitude. Not defensive...
13.2mi @ 8:29/mi. Was planning on 16mi, but right calf started feeling strained at 13. Was a 2.5mi walk back home too. Gonna' have to really force myself to slow down the pace and remain injury free until Carlsbad 1/17.
8mi at 7:50/mi
Anywhere to pick up cherry red 1460 docs on sale? They're excluded from discount on their own site. Thx
Order cans or bottles. This is what I do at a certain cool San Diego bar, which my friends all dig, but has dirty lines, which makes their solid beer list taste shite.
Bobo - I think you would be hard-pressed to not look like a Renaissance Fair nerd... apologies to all Renaissance Fair nerds.
All looking sharp! Would've been curious to see a shot including the pant hems meeting the shoes, which IMHO is of up-most importance to the look.
Good to know it's global... If you brew, or even work at a brew-pub, you must have the CRAFTBEARD. @indesertum - Yes, to the owner/manager... tactfully. They want their beer to taste good, no?
5.1mi @ 8min/mi
4mi at 8:00/mi. First run in a week, after driving and eating like a pig across the country. Back tight as hell...
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