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About 8 bottles in this giant glass!
@OccultaVexillum I was so expecting some type of sneaker anchoring that fit, as I scrolled down. Might just be me, but reminds me of certain Ervell looks.
Hi, what do these measure across the hem and how long is the inseam? Japanese fabric? Thanks
^ Nice hc4! I've got the pork tenderloin and potatoes au gratin in the oven, myself. Just grabbed a grimlin of the new Coronado Brewing Co x Bear Republic "MerBear" Rye IPA. It's got a slightly sweet malt finish, which is going well with this BoliPC and CR Northern Harvest Rye.
Melon, fwiw I think it works well there.
Another interesting read. Always enjoy the comments as well, particularly when the author engages in them. @gettoasty Matrix reference made me lol.
HOW DARE YOU!!! Seriously though, down here in San Diego I cannot remember a time when Vans weren't in the top three most popular shoes of the moment. At least as far back as I can remember, late 70's, they have always been in the mix. Strong surf and skate culture here, obviously.
When have vans ever not been having a moment?
This shit scares me to death.
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