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Round two. Also, understand some of you don't go for the frosted mug. When I'm headed for the jacuzzi, I always grab one that can handle the entire 22oz out of my freezer. As an aside, do any of you know how to adjust the uploaded picture size on my iphone 5? I remember selecting med. I think large would be better.
Delicious. Started real clean, with a nice dank nose towards the end.
PVW 20 last night from a buddy who acquired 6 bottles in a trade. Haven't had in over 5 years, due to redonkulous pricing. Every bit as good as I remember.
^. Looks hella' good. Hot here in SoCal. These are hitting the spot.
Bene - I think overall, the slouchy/relaxed look seems more natural than your more severe/stark silhouettes.
This looks very nice.
That's why he should name her Jezabel.
The 1977, in particular, was SO damn good.
Rais - Please explain NEETs.
Coupla' Grapefruit Sculpins after work. So refreshing.
New Posts  All Forums: