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Lol at shorts "dilemma." Not rocket surgery.
Meis - looks like you need to sag 'em just a bit more... moose knuckle happening.
Damn.... That is seriously some rough shit Jet. Be grateful you were so close to him and that you made sure he knew you loved him. Many sons won't have that experience. Hope your mom and rest of family are doing ok too.
Sounds good. How'd a pour of rum on rocks go with that? The non-bitter versions work great, when cut with some seltzer.
Yes, you can actually tell the difference between fresh squeezed and not. However, you can often tell the difference between which tequila you use and Cointreau v. Grand Marnier. I've made mine using oranges from my two trees out front, along with the limes... both of which are different varieties of orange, which you could actually discern when paying close attention. Last Sun., when I was tasked with making a shit-ton of margaritas to order for a party, I even used...
Just bought 3 bottles. Not taking ANY chances with my margarita consumption.
26458 + 60 = 26,518
Shave and ditch the scarf (or at least trade it out for a more classic one), and this is pretty sweet. I'd like the shoes better w/o such a gnarly tread, but I dig their creeper-ish height.
End of girls' spring break in Sedona, AZ. Switched into grey CP chukkas for dinner.
+ 50 = 24,300
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