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Thanks Jet. Really appreciate it. Ya, realized I missed out on tons of sales, but was preoccupied with Christmas shopping. Oh well.
Jet, Partagas, Krish, or whoever wants to chime in... Need a cab of something that's smoking good fresh right now. Half will be as gifts for an upcoming party next month. The other half to throw in my humi. Gotta' keep it under $200. Thanks in advance. Feel free to PM if you've got a particular box code or source... I've ordered from most of the usual suspects.
Shirt not flattering dat mid-section.
Have you tried Fiirestone's "Wookey Jack?" It's a rye black ale and marvelous.
Enjoyed after slew of draft Christmas ales, including Scaldis, Bells, AleSmith and Anchor. Was a nice palate cleanser after the Bells, which was delish, but on the sweet side.
Looks good Teger. I have a very nice black spring-weight bomber from that era. Great details, fit and construction.
Oh shite day, just smoked my last Trini Reyes and RASCC.
^ Was drinking cask Yulesmith at the pub just last Sat. Hella' good.
^ I'd like a nice sour night cap just now! Had this with my T-bone steak dinner... So rich and just, spot on. Need to get some new glasses...
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