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4mi @ 7:40/mi
Yes. Yes, it is. Good luck with your recovery.
6mi @ 7:50/mi
@fallen asleep Thought you were flying those dreadlocks in first pick! Too bad... Otherwise, looks great.
Liking the flare on those jeans, Fuuma. NYI, that's the best I've seen from you so far. Looks good.
Weleda "Sage" deodorant. We've been down this road before...
Solid, enjoyable beer. Drank many Imperial and aged stouts over the holidays. Nice to have a dry roasty porter with a relatively low abv of 5.9%.
Not my cuppa, but liking that coat @thefoxtooth
5.1mi at 7:50/mi yesterday. Been in an old-man-every-other-day run mode, with 2days off after long ones. Missing about half my desired mileage, but keeping injury bug at bay for now...
Also, had several Societe Bachelors (mandarin?) last night. They were absolutely phenomenal. The nose was one of the best IPAs I've ever inhaled.
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