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+ 85 = 31,404
+ 85 = 30,970
Seems you could increase the cotton in that blend and get a more "natural" feel, but still retain much of the benifits from the poly... or, does the curve drop quickly?
Several Stone Pale Ales. This is the one Stone beer I will always return to. Just a classic American pale....
No, but it looks pretty good. Will grab a bottle next time I come across it. Thanks for the tip.
Re: RUM I've had quite a few, and as a cigar smoker tend to reach for either rum or bourbon more often than other spirits. There are certainly several very "sip-able" rums, which aren't to hard to find. It depends on what you're after. They all usually have some decent age on them, which often took place in some type of of barrel previously used for whiskey, sherry, etc... My personal favs of this type are Zacapa 23, El Dorado 15 and Flor de Cana 12. These rums take...
^ Love me some Templeton. For me tonight:
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