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Word. Looking forward to next year already!
Thanks. Those, or the RG perlas? Only have room for one of 'em.
Will do. Thanks
Love the 12yo, but haven't had the Cask Strength. How does it compare?
Yeah, a while back they sent out a bunch of different mash bills to him. He passed 'em around to a few of us, then more of us got together to test them out together, after we gave him someinitial input. We started mixing and matching until we hit on what our drunk asses all agreed was a winner. Coupla' years later and walah! Pretty cool and quite expensive, from what I gather, but he owns a few bars and moves a lot of their product, so... Obviously some deal was reached....
Gifted a bottle from my buddy's private barrel. Gonna' crack it and the Noel both tonight.
Couple more...
Dunno about those shoes... the color and leather laces giving an almost hiking, or monkey boot even, vibe. Might be exacerbated by the angle of the foto. Side-view?
From recent SF Xmas Beer Exchange.
^^ Woot! Just unpacked it. Hella' stoked!!! Thank you so much. Never had one of these and all look fantastic.
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