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"We did not know this, Dude." Thanks.
Jet - was the 898 varnished, or does that really matter?
I'll have to remember this. Thanks.Today, had two victory draft Sculpins and a Ballast Point Nitro Sextant Stout, after beating the step-dad-in-law's arse on the links.
Sorry for the buzzy inside pub fotos. Split this large bottle with a buddy after coupla' Societe IPAs. Very good.
Only ever had on tap. Doesn't seem to get the highest ratings, but I've found it fits the bill when I'm suffering from hops burnout and am not feeling Saison or Belgian-ish.
Moose Drool is so crushable.
Vermouth is definitely the weakest part of my cocktail game. Don't know why it's so f'n hard for me to make the investment, when arguably, it will effect most given cocktails way more than the typical base spirit will. I dunno...
Indesertum - Below, I would argue, is perhaps the most important link for your visit to San Diego! If you happen to be here at the right time for one of their better events (i.e., 2d Saturdays), you'll be stoked. The owner is an SD craft-beer original and few have his passion, or knowledge for good beer. http://hamiltonstavern.com/
Lol ^ This was delicious:
Socks throw this off IMHO. A dark blue with brown accents might work better, but this level of dress is no longer within my purview. Haven't regularly worn suits since late '98!
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