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15.1mi @ 8:40/mi
^ Dig what I've had from Pfriem. Had a couple Sierra Nevada Celebration Ales, Great Divide Titan IPA cans and a short pour of Orval.
4mi at 7:50/mi
13.1mi at 8:35/mi. First double-digit run in a long while. Was a bit of a grind...
Sagged and pegged, since forever...
Alright, back from second calf injury and second time I've missed two-weeks of training. Yesterday was first test, with an easy 3mi run at 8:10/mi. Today, I bumped it up with a 6mi run at 7:50/mi, which felt pretty good. Gotta' get back in gear here, as I've only 12wks until Jan 17th marathon. My calves feel good. Seems like those two injuries were possibly the result of many years of scar tissue build-up, or something. I dunno. The constant self-massage and use of...
Would never want more than a glass at one sitting, but very enjoyable. The description says it all. Reminded me of something akin to a beer-y lambic kombucha
Looks like the Purple Hearts?
No worries. I reckon the nitro smooths the slight bite out on the old chub? On another note, one of the tastiest concoctions I've ever enjoyed... Last week at my fav pub, 1/4 Habanero Sculpin X 3/4 nitro GF Sculpin. EXCELLENT
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