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I miss the longer tails the older FPs and Lacostes used to have. Much harder to find now.
Like those. Link?
Smoking vicariously through you, Torsion! Been roped with work and the kids lately, so just cant break away. I've got Sunday earmarked though...
Happy birthday! Today's small haul and a Lagunitas Waldo's Special to enjoy whilst prepping dinner.
Cotton On. I'm 6' and these stay long enough. Cheap. http://cottonon.com/US/p/cotton-on-men/the-other-crew/2034130101939.html#pmin=0&sz=48&start=145
It always strikes me as odd that IPAs, which I believe were solely designed to last longer than conventional ales, taste so much better the fresher they are. I guess they can go a ways without spoiling, but almost always best when consumed closest to birthdate.
Only one question to ask... DID THEY PLAY "DIRTY WHITE BOY!?!?"
You had me at bacon...
Principle - Nice haul! Hc4 - How was that? I'm on this. Hella' good at 11.5%!
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