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Is my Tournament low size the same as my Achilles Hi size? I'm a 45 in the Achilles and 44 in the desert chukka, FYI. No width issues. Thanks in advance CP gurus!
Jesus, did 'em on a thicker bar and struggled with my normal 15x4. Couldn't muster usual few extra on last set.... 14,680 + 60 = 14,720
Was discussing this just the other day. Thinking about experimenting with it first. I'd like to try with Gran Classico and some different vermouths, as I've only used Campari with M&R or Cinzano. The Red Hook is another candidate.
+ 62 = 13,183.
Imagine my embarrassment...
JE "coast."
Basics for Spring.
+ 63 = 12,748
Make sure to request 2:1:1 ratio (rye/bourbon:Campari:sweet vermouth), or at least 1.5:1:1. The common ratio is 1:1:1, but most agree the drink's quality is vastly improved by upping the booze quotient.
V - Think I recall you digging Manhattans or Old Fashions. If you haven't already, you gotta' pair a Boulevardier with a nice cc. I can't stop.... I prefer with rye, but this Four Roses single barrel is money too.
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