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Anywhere to pick up cherry red 1460 docs on sale? They're excluded from discount on their own site. Thx
Order cans or bottles. This is what I do at a certain cool San Diego bar, which my friends all dig, but has dirty lines, which makes their solid beer list taste shite.
Bobo - I think you would be hard-pressed to not look like a Renaissance Fair nerd... apologies to all Renaissance Fair nerds.
All looking sharp! Would've been curious to see a shot including the pant hems meeting the shoes, which IMHO is of up-most importance to the look.
Good to know it's global... If you brew, or even work at a brew-pub, you must have the CRAFTBEARD. @indesertum - Yes, to the owner/manager... tactfully. They want their beer to taste good, no?
5.1mi @ 8min/mi
4mi at 8:00/mi. First run in a week, after driving and eating like a pig across the country. Back tight as hell...
4mi @ 7:22/mi
Also, lemme' check up on beer gifting deal. Was in year before last and dug it. Refresh my memory on best shipping deal... Was it Priority flat rate and "this is local olive oil?"
Fueco - Have you had Great Divide's stuff? Only had a sixer of Titan IPA cans myself, but it was quite good. Wondering about the rest of their offerings...
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