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In the 80s, here in California, would have called Dean's red jacket a golf jacket. Windbreakers, as we referred to them, had no lining.
I like my jeans to sag and prefer a waist that's either 16.5 or 17" across. My dark CTs are sz 32 and the light wash are sz 30. They both accomplish the goal I referred to above. My DH MIJ 19cm raws were a 31" for reference.
Got rid of all my "designer" jeans (DH, JE, HL) and now only have two pairs of Levi 501CT. One is almost raw and oversized, the other is a lighter wash and sized down for a trimmer fit, but still plenty of room in seat/thigh. Feels good. I was tempted by the Uniqlo loose/tapered, but was feeling nostalgic.
^ I find Saison Dupont, Foret., and sometimes Orval, to be the perfect break from all the IPAs I'm usually drinking. Before I started rotating them in a couple years ago, I would get so burnt on hops I'd just walk away for months at a time, only drinking Miller cans and the occasional brown ale. If I throw in a random Cascade or Kriek of some sort every month or so, it seems really help too! I don't mean to make it seem that I don't enjoy many kinds of beers, just in...
KenP, I'm afraid I must disagree with you on the Grapefruit Sculpin. Shit's divine and goes down real fast like a Kolsch or something. Habanero is just way overboard. I admit the classic west-coast IPA style can be a bit heavy-handed sometimes, which is why I bounce to saisons and other brews often. OC - I dunno, I hit up Alpine about every other month... Nelson, Pure Hoppiness and Duet are pretty hard to beat. Never had Tree House, Alchemy or Hill Farmstead. I suppose...
You add the west's BP Sculpins, Alpine Pure Hoppiness and Nelson, maybe a Lagunitas Sucks, Societe the Pupil or Odell's to that list... You can die a satisfied man!
Nice line-up. Not sure it's fair to judge a fresh growler against a bottle. Pliny on tap crushes the bottle. Tree House might come out on top, regardless...
DH probably the OG abbreviation of SF.
Damn, this last page has me hella' thirsty! Bomber of Lagunitas Sucks for me.
^^ Nice fotos. Brrrr.
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