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Shave and ditch the scarf (or at least trade it out for a more classic one), and this is pretty sweet. I'd like the shoes better w/o such a gnarly tread, but I dig their creeper-ish height.
End of girls' spring break in Sedona, AZ. Switched into grey CP chukkas for dinner.
+ 50 = 24,300
Very interesting. I visited the one in SF (aka THE CITY) coupla' weeks ago. Very good beers, but I found it to be a bit pretentious and sterile, to be honest.
Oh man, went to some super fun raves/parties in random castles in that area with my wife years back. Ahhh... pre-children memories.
+ 82 = 23,306
^^ The function of the look is to look cool as fuck. Again, just my opinion. As far as non-originals go, I think GetSmart manages to do this pretty successfully.
Thanks. I remember my heyday fondly, but have no interest in recreating it verbatim. Sure, there's room for a few specific classics from that time, but I much prefer to mix them in with predominantly modern pieces. When you're a youngin' you might get away with looking like everything you own came from a thrift store (or even your own attic!), but I have absolutely no interest in that whatsoever. Doesn't matter if you do it correctly, still looks like a costume to me. I...
Got into mod music and clothes during the early 80s US revival. At times I have ventured off into more Stones rock & roll, or even swung back towards ivy territory, but there's always been that mod "undercurrent." Living in SoCal my clothes usually remain in a perpetual spring/summer mode. Below are typical items in my current rotation, usually paired with various Uniqlo supima cotton tees, OCBDs, and FP polos: Sawa FP x CDG Dior 19cm MIJ Adidas Match Play John Elliot...
In my experience, sometimes there's an interruption and a cigar will go out. Sometimes I relight without incident. Most other times it taste like shit and I get very cranky at what/whoever caused said interruption. Hence, my need to have a constant supply of smaller vitolas. Otherwise, my children's chances of survival would be greatly diminished.
New Posts  All Forums: