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Someone offered/paid more.
End the suspense JET. What cigars are you getting?
Just came back from dinner at Coronado Brewing Company. Had the fresh/wet hopped Hopportunity IPA. Best fresh hopped ale I've had since the first tap of Stone's Enjoy By series, which has been sub-par to lame for at least a year. Wish I had one of my growlers with me. However, my buddy just texted me and said the latest enjoy iteration by was back on track... We'll see.
Copy. Thanks.
Hmmm... I like many different strengths and flavors of beer, wine and spirits, though of course I have my favorites. If it's a quality smoke, don't see why I wouldn't enjoy it. You think it's too mild?
So want to try my first QDO. Pre-ribeye Flor de Cana 4yo silver and Mexi Coke with Sig1.
My go to is Mt. Gay "Extra Old," which isn't hella' expensive, but is very sip-able and truly embodies that rum mystique: For aged, I dig El Dorado, Flor de Cana and Zacapa (in that order). IMHO both Zacapa and the Dorado 21, though delicious, kind of "age" themselves out of that aforementioned rum mystique/character.
Love the Flor de Cana 4yo for Daiquiris Hemingways and Mojitos. Really dig the Barbancourt silver, but never see it in San Diego. Is it distributed anywhere in us?
Use a Sharpie.
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