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Moo... You're such a card!
Holy shit... That was it. Kinda' disturbing actually. Peeps take this shit WAY to seriously.
That was a week-ass meltdown. I prefer the more psychotic ones, like than one cat years ago in all the Yohji. Used to post with a cigar now and then iirc. Dressed pretty good too.
Xpost from Cigar thread. I def have a weakness for the canned SV beers.
JL2 and pint of IPA.
15850 + 64 = 15,914
Never had a QDO. Always been intrigued.
^^ Keep digging. Sounding cheaper by the load.
In my limited experience, T-Reyes are damn enjoyable after some age on them. Been holding my last 4 and considering another box. Would like to hear your opinion, when you get around to smoking 'em. Jet, how do those RG perlas compare to the rascc?
20% for average/competent service. 25% for special/expertise 30% when comped booze, dessert, apps, etc... Just my opinion and practice.
New Posts  All Forums: