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Oh shite day, just smoked my last Trini Reyes and RASCC.
^ Was drinking cask Yulesmith at the pub just last Sat. Hella' good.
^ I'd like a nice sour night cap just now! Had this with my T-bone steak dinner... So rich and just, spot on. Need to get some new glasses...
Paloma with 2/3 grapefruit and 1/3 orange, and a Patron Reposado floater. Patron not my fave, but gifted and does the trick.
Nice page! Had the first before BBQ ribs for lunch, and the second during. Both excellent. I make sure to have plenty of Anchor's Xmas beer every season. Some years are better than others, but I always dig 'em regardless.
Lemaire looks better, IMHO.
High West "Bourye" hi-ball.
Cola - Get the coat sleeves shortened and your jeans' hem width/length sorted and that fit will be much improved. Looks a bit sloppy, as is.
New Posts  All Forums: