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I've yet to acquire a bottle of Gran Classico though. Would definitely like to try some cocktails with it.
Did I say Aperol? If I did, I was mistaken. I do like crushing Aperol Spritzs though. Have had many different variations of Boulevardiers over the years, but I seem to come back to the less expensive Vermouths like Noilly, Martini and R, and Cinzano, when I mix them up at home and have been very happy with the results. Use Reagan's Orange Bitters instead of Angostura more often than not too. Have had them in bars with Cochi, Vaya and Punt as well... Usually with a stronger...
Silver Oak usually a safe bet.
Looks like you've been on a productive road trip Fueco.
Ordering it, plus some other things once I find that 25% off coupon I have laying around somewhere. Thanks Pio. For the Boulevardier, lately I've been using the Northern Harvest Rye and Cinzanno. 2:1:1 is the way.
^ Guess I already am... Bummer. Assumed they'd be a step up in quality.
Def fit your style B0bo. I'm fairly burnt on CP Achilles and Stans, but need a new light colored sneaker. Thoughts on the Adidas x White Mountaineering Nastase?
@dieworkwear Enjoyed your last post. Thanks for exerting the effort.
Monkey Paw x Pizza Port "Fear the Underdog" collab. 6.7% abv IPA.
Is his stage name Ed Hardy?
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