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Use a Sharpie.
Wow. Sorry to hear that.
X-post from cigar thread: Sig1 with 1972 MacCallan Speymalt.
^Sweetness. Sig1 with 1972 MacCallan Speymalt.
Gin Ricky abomination, that's actually refreshing and getting the job done. Beefeater, lime juice, Regan's Orange, agave nectar and seltzer water. Had most everything laid out for a Hemingway, but discovered Cointreau was almost cashed.
... Or both.
Far out. Have a safe drive and enjoy Alpine!
It's in a pretty cool 'hood, has solid juke box, great atmosphere and well above average food to boot. Owner's one of my BFFs, is a cicerone (sp?) and takes his shit seriously. Highly recommend, along with Hamilton's Tavern and Monkey Paw, his other joints.How long you in town for?
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