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Perfect break between IPAs.
Jesus Ken, Making me thirsty! Been crushing cans of GF Sculpin myself. Can't stop... Won't stop... Well, maybe to insert a Seizoen Bretta here and there.
Always set aside several days for Zurich whenever I'm in Europe. Very nice city.
Problem is many people's history, attitude, vibe, etc. don't comport with the gear they sport. Posers are the worst.
Nice and slow 10mile road run at 9min pace. First long-ish run since 5/31 marathon. Felt ok. Think I'm gearing up for marathon #2 this Nov.
Welcome back Jet! Enjoying a BoliPC and a cold beer w/ some sips of MtGay Extra Old...
When in Rome...
Sharp look Mr. Knightly. Vacationing with wife and kids in Maui just now, so nothing to wear but trunks, tees, flip flops and a decent tan...
6mi at 7:46 pace
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