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Interesting and pretty good. Maybe not for the entire bottle solo, but I'll muscle it...
Passed on it myself a few times, but it is very good, Nice and piney. Really digging it.
^^^ Wish I could taste that Pilot! For me now :
+ 85 = 40493
Yea, guy who turned me onto them years ago was a boat captain who sailed all over the Carribean. It's what he said they used in Bermuda when he was there. Long way to travel when Jamaica is known for good ones too. I dunno. I've had maybe six different ones and prefer Ginger People's. None were bad though!
Are the Muji Ts called U-neck? Not seeing them on the US site. Thanks
Agree BA>RB, but usually find i disagree with the herd anyway. Not that my taste is refined... I just seem to still like stuff that doesn't get hella' hype, whether the hype's deserved or not. There's so much good beer our there. Sometimes it takes away a little of the enjoyment of the bird in hand, when always chasing after the two in the bush. I mean, I get the chase is half the fun... Shit, I'm just rambling now after two Sculpins and two Calicos. G'night.
Not to mention, "cell bitch" denim.
Yep. I believe Gosling's and Bundaberg ginger beer is the original. I just prefer Ginger People for the reason stated. Good for both regular and Kentucky mules too!
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