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Back in the game after 2mos. Gotta ease in... 66,700 + 60 = 66,760
Think I've posted this beer before, but I am totally down with this sessionable IPA trend.
Whoa... would be tough for me to stomach in the summertime. Went to see my shitty Padres beat the even shittier Rockies last night. ALL beers were 20ozs and $11.50, which is obviously a ripoff. However, when you're looking at a long list of Corona, Stella, Lite, etc.. then notice the BP Sculpin and Green Flash west coast IPA randomly mixed in, well, the sting lessens just a bit.
Very nice. Maybe a lighter color trouser would be a little more congruent/seasonal?
Dammit. Wife insisted I let smoke go out half-way for an earlier than expected dinner. Taste like f'n shite now. Was delicious earlier. Bitter.
If price is right... Bite!
Haven't participated since I left on vacation in mid-June. Will get back in game Tues. Dreading impending soreness...
Isn't their B grade what most here (b&s/eBay) consider excellent?
^ Was this an older iteration? HUMag46 for myself.
Never had this, but generally a very solid brewery. I've mainly focused on their Saisson and farmhouse ales though. Having my summer session standby. Only ever drink these canned. Much brighter IMO. With an H. Upman Mag 46
New Posts  All Forums: