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Had my first Oberon on tap, at a little place in Blueridge, Ga, near my parents' cabin coupla' summers ago. They started distributing Bell's in SD later that summer, but up to that point I'd never had any of their beers. It was highly enjoyable. Had a few of them on the patio that afternoon. One other thought Jet... I love spicey food, but not spicey (heat-wise) beer. Thought the Sculpin habanero was a complete waste, past a few interesting sips. A while back my fav pub...
@jet You shopping up in LA? I'm still partial to Sculpin, grapefruit, or not, myself. I see they're bottling Alpine's Nelson and Duet, which are great. Look out for AleSmith's IPA too. Other than that, if you want less abv%, I really enjoy Pizza Port's Ponto SIPA in 16oz cans. For non-San Diego, I dig Bell's Two Hearted. Unfortunately, we don't have access to all the epic east coast shit, but I'm still a so-cal homie... If you're out at a pub and ever come across...
Still saddened by Bowie. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TpH_cpV2oYk
Mount Gay Extra Old is hands down best bang for the buck IMHO. Really like ED12&15, FDC12 and Appleton21. Zacapa is a fine first foray into sipping rums, but is too much of an oak x caramel bomb for me. I always come back to the MG extra old though. Tonight: Branca Menta riff on Mojito, with fresh mint demerara simple syrup. It's nice and herbaceous. Best for the warmer months, I think. Enjoying with a BoliPC.
If the title of this thread was "How Many Miles Did You Limp Today?" I might be able to contribute something. Sore as all hell...
@brp2 Depends on where you'll be staying, as your time is fairly limited. Let me know and I'll point you in the right direction.
It's not some anti-capitalist sentiment. Also not like they weren't already a fairly large corporate entity. It's just a weird feeling somehow. I dunno, there're SO many great beers out there. It's more fun when things are a bit more unique, undiscovered, harder to come by, blah blah blah. GF Sculpin is one of my favs of all time, so I don't expect to abandon ship altogether.
Man, lots of nice beers going down here, per usual. Have mixed emotions about continuing to support BP, after the buy-out. I'm not sure what I'll ultimately decide. However, for now, this is still top tier IMHO:
Carlsbad Marathon. 3:50 on the dot. Had terrible cramp issues last few miles, so was pretty happy with overall time, as I was forced to walk on and off.
Very cute!
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