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Damn, this last page has me hella' thirsty! Bomber of Lagunitas Sucks for me.
^^ Nice fotos. Brrrr.
For a change...
True. Basically a grown out crop, with a little length on sides and back. When it gets to long, I end up looking more like a Faces era Ron Wood... big schnoz and all.
Yup. About like this... without the violet spotlights, of course!
Lord help me.... I can't stop rotating regular Sculpin cans and Grapefruit Sculpin bottles... One after the other. I've even squeezed a wedge of ruby red grapefruit into the regular Sculpin, which is fucking fantastic, by the way. I throw in a Saison Dupont, Foret, or even a Cascade every week or so to break things up. But, I'm not sure what's happening to me... except a hella' nice buzz, just now.
Guess I just brought it up as I was attempting to paint a picture and the hair can be such an integral part of "the look." Certainly didn't mean it as a jab at the more "follicly challenged," though upon review I can see how it might have been taken that way. Apologies, if so.
Must admit I go for my old full mod revival look sometimes. Sat. night I wore a kelly green FP with white tipping, trim black moleskin trousers at proper length/hem-width, white dress socks and modern (longer toe-box/vamp) black Paul Smith penny loafers. Basically, the same thing I'd wear back in 80' (substituting the PS loafers instead of tasseled Weejuns). I'm fairly slim, with a full head of hair, mind... Usually I don't go so straight at this look and vary one or...
No prob. Never apologize for party fotos! Just life... and beer. Societe makes very good beer, but their place, though ok the inside, is in a typical industrial complex and not worth the visit. Alpine is a bit of a drive outside SD, but has character , and of course great beer. Safest bet is Ballast Point, in Little Italy, which is mid-town SD and close to everything. Food's ok... Beer is top-notch, as you know. They don't have to worry about decent beer wherever they go...
Hamilton's TavernMonkey PawSmall BarStarlite for casual dining w/ outside seating too.At Hams right now for Super Bowl.
New Posts  All Forums: