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Thanks Bam! Of course, none in my size.
Aether and Ga, welcome back. Both looking good. Getoasty, that is fly. Where do they stock those loafers/slippers/whatevers?
4mi at mellow recovery pace.
RE: JET I hope he doesn't mind me speaking to this, but I did have one PM with him some time ago about a particular cigar purchase, which he has always graciously helped me with. In that discussion he mentioned still being pretty bummed about the passing of his father and was focused on work and spending time with his brother. As FOK and others have mentioned... LIFE.
Yesterday was too hot. 17mi at 8:42/mi.
Doesn't look tight. Perhaps it will stretch out a bit?
Yesterday: 4.1mi at 7:31/mi
Another nice beach beer.
Back to basics. I'm both an Anchor and Crowes fan, so this is right up my alley.
KenP, Hc4 and B1os bringing heat per usual. Hella' refreshing! (2/17/2011)
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