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3 miles soft-sand. Been road-running so much, I think my calves have tightened up a bit. At mile three my right achilles suddenly got a sharp little twinge. I stopped immediately and had it on ice within a few minutes. Feels alright, I think... not exactly what one wants to experience three days before their first marathon.
Attaboy... Good luck!
Did 8mi at an 8:13 pace. Was a hungover nightmare.
12.1 @ 7:38/mi pace. First marathon in sight. Weird to me that 12mi has become a not so long run after these months of training.
6mi at 7:23
Nice. Bruery is a nice celebration beer. Hope you had some others too!
Maybe I misunderstood "2013 birthday brew?"
Happy Bday Hc4thehc! Cheers to you. Drank the big bottle myself after a long day at work.
4.1mi at cruise pace to get things moving again from last Sat.
He was already forgotten man... no need to quote.
New Posts  All Forums: