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Both of the above sound divine. Gonna' break out a new bottle El Dorado 5yo for something or other later this evening.
Getting Miraned is a sign you're going places.
Coat looks real good.
Kind of over the whole stacking thing. I've gone through about 4 pairs of those raw ones and just get burned out on 'em after a while. Kept one pair of the Dauphin's though.
In the 80s, here in California, would have called Dean's red jacket a golf jacket. Windbreakers, as we referred to them, had no lining.
I like my jeans to sag and prefer a waist that's either 16.5 or 17" across. My dark CTs are sz 32 and the light wash are sz 30. They both accomplish the goal I referred to above. My DH MIJ 19cm raws were a 31" for reference.
Got rid of all my "designer" jeans (DH, JE, HL) and now only have two pairs of Levi 501CT. One is almost raw and oversized, the other is a lighter wash and sized down for a trimmer fit, but still plenty of room in seat/thigh. Feels good. I was tempted by the Uniqlo loose/tapered, but was feeling nostalgic.
^ I find Saison Dupont, Foret., and sometimes Orval, to be the perfect break from all the IPAs I'm usually drinking. Before I started rotating them in a couple years ago, I would get so burnt on hops I'd just walk away for months at a time, only drinking Miller cans and the occasional brown ale. If I throw in a random Cascade or Kriek of some sort every month or so, it seems really help too! I don't mean to make it seem that I don't enjoy many kinds of beers, just in...
KenP, I'm afraid I must disagree with you on the Grapefruit Sculpin. Shit's divine and goes down real fast like a Kolsch or something. Habanero is just way overboard. I admit the classic west-coast IPA style can be a bit heavy-handed sometimes, which is why I bounce to saisons and other brews often. OC - I dunno, I hit up Alpine about every other month... Nelson, Pure Hoppiness and Duet are pretty hard to beat. Never had Tree House, Alchemy or Hill Farmstead. I suppose...
New Posts  All Forums: