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I stay out of CE, personally. However, I am thoroughly enjoying this intrusion into our normally scheduled RFT programming. The discussion seems quite civil to me, though I get where Fok's concern is coming from.
@oldsberg Have you seen Filmage?
Some just bother me more than others (i.e. Hudson, Whistle Pig), for whatever reason.
I don't mind that they're basically blenders/barrelers/agers, some of the pricing is f'n ridiculous though.
High West is very good imho. The BouRye is something I always keep on hand.
Levi's 501 shrink to fit, bought in various sizes, to intentionally be either slim or baggy, starting in 1972. Almost always pegged and sagged since 1980. Dug the white, army green and tan versions, in addition to the standard raw, mostly worn with Weejuns, Clarks deserts and chucks around this time. For some reason I got into Polo jeans (had the necessary button fly, minimal branding and seemed thicker with better pockets), from maybe 1987-1989, then right back to 501s....
Good story. Old trick to deploy for sentimental bottles of brown liquor: fill with Listerine, or European equivalent of gold mouthwash and place in your medicine cabinet for occasional use. Surprises guests and has bonus effect of making you seem more dangerous than you actually are!
Sure wish I was. Did go for a nice walk on the beach this morning though!
Was actually a Melvin Brewing tap takeover at my local pub, Hamilton's Tavern. Their whole crew was out here in SD. Took over the jukebox too. Met most of them. Good folks.
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