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Just got home from work and ready to catch a light one.
"We did not know this, Dude." Srsly, I did not know this.
Yea, unfortunately they don't seem to distribute their better (IMO), or more interesting beers. Their "core" beers are pretty good, but nothing which would necessarily separate them from the pack. For instance their Islander IPA, which just took gold in the WBC strong ale category, is pretty good, but not as good as their 435, Frog's Breath, and Idiot IPAs... again, just my opinion.Went to see The Drowners and Temples last night. The new Ballast Point joint was just around...
28554 + 60 = 28614
They're definitely one of my top local go-to breweries. Lots of good new ones springing up (Hess, which just won WBC gold, and Societe are both very good), but overall I tend to stick to Ballast Point, Ale Smith, Alpine Beer Co., Green Flash, Monkey Paw, Coronado Brewing Company and Lost Abbey for sours and Belgian styles. Of course, many folks still consider Stone king around here, but I burned out on their hop overload about 10yrs ago... Still enjoy them here and...
... what would you wear it with?
Plus, high neck crew is not louche.
X-post from waydn thread: ERDM Demi Tasse with rum and grapefruit cocktail.
Several beers from Monkey Paw Brewery here in San Diego, earlier today after golf w/ dad-in-law. All excellent. Saison was a standout... as was the oatmeal pale. These guys know what they're doing.
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