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When in Rome...
Sharp look Mr. Knightly. Vacationing with wife and kids in Maui just now, so nothing to wear but trunks, tees, flip flops and a decent tan...
6mi at 7:46 pace
After a long day and ready for jacuzzi:
Some special Camacho, or other
Caid, in spite of their average Yelp reviews, I always enjoy taking the ferry across the bay to Marin Brewing Company. I like their beers (Mt. Tam and Cuvee Roge) and it's fun to get out of the city and into the sunshine for a bit. The ferry usually has some decent beers for the ride over too. Last time they had the Lagunitas Sucks. Makes for a nice outing, In the city itself, I'd just add Church Key, Magnolia and La Trappe Cafe to Ken P's list.
First run since marathon. 6.5mi at 7:46 pace. Faster than I meant to go. Feeling it now.
Hmmmm... Not really my cuppa' but interesting. Not sure what the "natural flavors" are. Too sweet for me. Nice color though.
Hc4thehc - that Moinette looks great. Gotta' try it sometime. Speedway always a win in my book.
Nice malt component to this.
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