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6mi yesterday and 13.1 today. Right calf hella' sore.
Nice. BoliPC x Flor de Cana/Mexi coke for me.
Ok ok... I'm rotating a bit.
Have had both the Elysian and Almanac and both are very good. I, however, am in palate reset mode...
6.2 on Fri. and 8.1 yesterday. I think my Hoka Conquest are close to shot. Tried both the Huaka and Cortez models, but the uppers just weren't comfortable. Brooks Ravenna and Racer ST are en route. I like the Transcends I've been using... They just seem a bit bulky.
... getting closer
Perfect break between IPAs.
Jesus Ken, Making me thirsty! Been crushing cans of GF Sculpin myself. Can't stop... Won't stop... Well, maybe to insert a Seizoen Bretta here and there.
Always set aside several days for Zurich whenever I'm in Europe. Very nice city.
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