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Lol zissou!!!
Half of what I cook is done on my Weber grlll outside. Hooked up to my gas line. Couldn't live without it. Allows me to sneak off and enjoy a cigar and cocktail, under the guise of "cooking dinner."
Have had this exact set for about 8yrs and it has worked fine. A bitch to clean, if you scald or burn shit accidentally, but a long simmer with dish soap and vinegar does the trick. Use the steamer a tremendous amount. Honestly, the most-used thing I have is a 14" cast iron skillet I've owned for over 20yrs and was my parents' for probably another 20yrs before I got it. I keep it seasoned with equal parts bacon fat and avocado oil. Cook about 75% of everything I make in it.
Indesertum is correct. However, the Brenne is average, at best. A bit cloy. Was a gift, which I break out every now and then when I notice it at the back of the cupboard. Still enjoyable tho.
Pretty good. Not my fave.
Zespas look surprisingly good, but keep MMMs.
Agreed. The pants give of more of a 60s Dylan vibe than normal current fare.
Last ones that smoked great fresh for me were the QdOs you rec'd, but think that was coupla'years ago.... I'd kill for a Partagas Short or Trini Reyes from five-seven years ago right now!!!
Lol... I'd imagine you're pretty well stocked, my man. Always enjoy your recs. Never steer me wrong. Still need to get myself some Long and skinnies though...
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