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Legit meaning not fake and nothing suspicious that I should know about. And I have honestly never tried on a shoe that comes in different widths per size except for my Sperry's, in which case a medium fit me fine. I realize I'm kinda taking a gamble with these.
Well, it really doesn't bug me that it's not cordovan. I am a complete noob at this so I am relying on the judgement of others as well as my own here, and if yall say there legit then I will probably pull the trigger on 'em.
Quote: Originally Posted by mtc2000 The shoes in question is NOT Cordovan as advertised. Model 946 is in Alpine gain Calf skin, currently available new at around US$440. So you're saying that this is sketchy and I should avoid it?
Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 ^Aldens in high school? I was wearing Nike's and Jordan's back then, haha. You should probably ask the seller what last it is on since lasts fit differently. As far as the 'real deal'...I doubt they have fake Aldens. I've never been a fan of thrifting so yeah. Ha, yes high school. And I am not that big of a fan of thrifting either, but with a slim wallet it is just inevitable sometimes. Thanks for the input...
Hello, Alden noob here (currently rocking some Penguins and Van's Authentics). Been looking for a high quality shoe made in the good ole USA and it seems like I have endless options, all which are out of the price range for a high school student making minimum at the Gap. However, this Alden pair I found on ebay seems to be in my price range. I don't terribly mind the fact that they are used, as they seem to be in terrific shape. I have a few questions that though that I...
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