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Sleek / minimalist. I dig.
No sir. I never said it doesn't fit. Look again. Someone else complained about the fit.From the beginning I only complained about the styling.But I'm glad that you now finally agree that his buttoning point is too low. See Elioda's post of Savini.
lol yes. I'm saying look more closely at it. It looks ridiculous. Someone above was saying that it looks like the button stance is falling upon his natural waistline.From what I can see, his natural waistline is higher, it is here:
doesn't look balanced when there's only a few inches of jacket left under those buttons.
button stance ridiculously low / fugly imo. not that anyone ever agrees with me.
Damn, I really wanted in on that Plum Museum Calf Adelaide from Carmina when it restocked. But I just e-mailed Skoak and they said they aren't getting my size in the next restock. So dissapoint.
I was interested in the Mohair/linen blend in Mersolair for some wrinkle resistance that pure linen won't offer.Any idea if it delivers?
Could someone advise regarding Harrison's Mersolair, 54% mohair 46% linen blend? It's 9 ounces. I mostly want to know, how is the wrinkle performance? Also appreciate any photos of this collection made up. Thanks
show us a picture of it. preferably w/ and w/o a tie?
I have a bolt of this in a brown/cream POW. I don't think it will hold up as the crotch of a pair of trousers, too soft.
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