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I received a pair of Chocolate Brown tassel loafers in the Forest last, size 12 today. It's my first experience with this last and I am loving it. FWIW my best fit so far was Rain 11.5 so I am a little surprised this wasn't more loose fitting. Also for anyone who was wondering, Carmina mailed me replacement laces for the ones that snapped on the suede string loafers mentioned last week in this thread. Haven't received them yet but the representative that e-mailed me...
care to share a photo?
Has anyone ever seen shirring on a fresco jacket? I'm thinking about ordering a Neapolitan style jacket in either Minnis Fresco (520) or Smith Woolens Finmeresco (brown), both at 9-10 oz. Kind of want a shirt sleevehead with some light shirring but am wondering if this is even possible with such a crisp material. I don't think it will work out the usual way. Also kind of concerned about whether this will jive well as buggy-lined. Not being smooth fabrics -- to say the...
Same. Actually I paid on August 10th and haven't seen a shipment notice yet.
I like B7.
I did email them and expect it won't be any problem having a replacement lace sent. However, the current laces that are in the shoe are not mobile. They seem to be for show only. I don't think I'd be able to remove and replace them. Certainly not looking forward to getting ripped off by a cobbler over this. I agree with whoever said it was probably a weak spot in the hide.
lol not hard at all. I was just on the first step of a regular shoelace knot, pulling the crossover taut to the shoe. This is my fourth shoe from them, I really like them but what a shock this was! Must be because the laces are suede?Now I'm wondering if i can stitch a new lace to this one and pull it through as a replacement somehow. But I think they are stitched or glued into place.
On the Carmina string loafers, are you not supposed to actually ever use the laces? I just got this pair in yesterday. Came with the laces in a weird knot that I didn't like. I went to re-tie them and the lace cracked off. It is literally two hours into my first day wearing them and I look like a fool at the office. lol.
I bought it. Liked it.
Which SuitSupply lines have the widest lapels? I feel like the larger sizes don't look very proportional. I'm looking at size 44.
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