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I have a lot but I think the changes that I would want done on them are significant enough that anything I send in would be more likely to mislead Luxire than help them. IE I have a few double breasted jackets I could send, but major modifications would be needed to get a single breasted pattern. I have a very casual 3 roll 2, but the quarters are not the shape i'm looking for and the balance is going to have to move down a lot for a 2 button. etc etc.I have one jacket...
Has anyone trusted Luxire to make a jacket without sending in an item to be copied yet? I was considering having them make a single breasted jacket for me based on measurements from a double breasted one. Now I'm wondering if that's going to be too likely to go wrong. I kind of want to just tell them what measurements I look for when purchasing jackets online (ie, 22.75" p2p, 26" sleeve, et cetera). Wondering how likely that is to work out.
I agree that those shoes are not really attractive. The last looks very different from what was ordered, the insole and soles look unfinished, etc.However, we have to keep in mind that this is just a test pair and may not have been made to the same standards as what will be delivered for the finished product.Additionally, the company needs to start somewhere. I can easily see Luxire a year from now, or two years from now, creating shoes with the same fit and finish as the...
I have tried, but honestly the nearest decent shop to me is about 60 miles away.The local operations offer an extremely problematic combination of issues including language barriers, incompetency, low skill, carelessness, and a general lack of experience dealing with discerning clientele. It is so bad that I gave learning tailoring myself a shot at one point (opened and reshaped a few ties, let out some waistbands, did some sleeve hemming).Even in my experience with better...
Looks good except for that bump. Man it would be such a disappointment to receive a jacket with one stickler of an issue like that. Then you have to deal with sending it back and waiting for a fix etc etc.Obviously, no local tailor is going to work on a shoulder for anything affordable. :/Besides that issue I really like the styling and construction of this jacket. Great photo too.Can you please share photos of the shoes?I ordered a pair too and am curious if they are in...
Do both of the above. Also consider adding "side pleats".
^ Which fabric is that? it's very smart.
Looks perfect except cuffs slightly too narrow, yoke .25" too wide.Your cuffs need to be bigger so the sleeve can come down a little bit more.Rest of the stuff is just because shirt isn't ironed and your body shape slightly unideal.
Prices on the site are VAT free.
Well, from the description of details, it sounds great. But that picture :x. The balance is definitely not to my liking. For my tastes: the roping looks too stiff, lapels too wide, quarters rounded awkwardly (they square off much too soon).
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