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Amazing deal. The jackets look super lame in the photos but hopefully that is just because the models are not wearing the correct size.
wow. link me that item at his shop?
If this is true then I am wrong. FYI I was quoted $1,275 for a Minnis Fresco two piece suit in January 2015 ($1,000 for just the jacket). I understood that they raised the prices after that. Maybe they stopped raising prices. Or maybe that quote was off the cuff. Or maybe you are looking at cheaper Minnis fabric. This was one of my major issues with them, the prices were invisible and always changing and you could never tell. Which was an even more frustrating experience...
They instructed me to file chargebacks with the card companies when we couldn't work out issues with the items or get along anymore (didn't want to process any refunds). I did that and got mostly everything back. Nothing really further for me to gain by commenting on it here.I started using other shops, one of which made that fresco jacket w/ the Milanese buttonhole that I posted a few days ago that you liked! I'm a lot happier with that. And I'm going to get something...
The Luxire jacket above may earn glowing feedback in the Luxire thread, but here it is & . I personally had one Luxire trial jacket and two pairs of trial shoes that have never seen a single wearing. At one point experimenting with a startup operation in India was intriguing but, in my experience and opinion, the prices eventually shot up to the point of not presenting a good value for an item which, by the maker's own words is "not there yet." I think quotes for most...
Buttonhole on my fresco commission.
Yes a lot of people in this thread have been critical of the heavier fresco for years. I have the three ply fresco and I don't think it's bad.
IIRC it's something like 25 euros for shipping. The free shipping for 5 ties is kind of complicated. It actually depends on what you are purchasing. The answer to your questions is to experiment with the checkout process to see whether free shipping is available or not. For example, you can get free shipping if you purchase 4 non-outlet ties along with several outlet ties. You will not get free shipping if you purchase 5 outlet ties.
I thought the colors looked representative. I personally didn't like the rust but also didn't order it. The green was 100!
I regret / move on from all my style choices within a span of 5 years. Honestly, most of my jackets only see two or three years of regular use.
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