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Aw yeah! Roger.
100-200??? Jeez. What's the plan.
Yes but I said "Shades of Blue Tape Stripes":http://luxire.com/products/shades-of-blue-tape-stripesThey sent me the wrong one. Also a few others that I asked for I didn't get.
Wellllllll. You could get me that drakes yellow flower pattern this week at the price I offered you by PM .Or you could just tell me to be happy I got these loafers for $138. Either way.
Here are some pics of swatches I recently bought. Hard to be helpful photographing white fabrics, but if you click on the photos and look at the originals you might get some details that help you decide. I decided to order the Warzone white and the Wine linen. For what it's worth, Blue Tape Stripes is definitely not what I asked for / what was on the website. The salmon linen's color also surprised me.
lol of course he's not gonna pay a $500 fine to use a forum, why didn't you guys ask for something more reasonable??
Double dip? I didn't get charged on either of the two items.And no, i wasn't, ha. I just wanted to know if it was by design that you get free shipping if you win more than one item, like a promotion or something.
Does Spoo not charge shipping when you win multiple items by auction?? I just noticed that I didn't have any shipping charge on my most recent wins (pair of shoes and a tie). Maybe I got a free win this time, but I guess it's fair bc the tie I got was (awkwardly) 3" shorter than described, heh.
I ordered like 15 white swatches from Luxire in my last package.In my opinion, the best ones are:Warzone White OxfordClassic White Dress ShirtWhite Fresco ChambrayIf you want more of a traditional poplin weave (I can't deal with all the wrinkling tbh), the best one that I found was the Monti Soft White Plain Poplin.Those four would be my go-tos.
all tiny. 6-7.5.
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