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^ haha this is funny. Why is everyone so into the brown w/ blue circles?? Strange that all of you had an eye for it! I grabbed the brown/red attolini. Wanted the solid purple drake's too but someone took it fast .
Suit cloth? There were deals to be had on suiting? info?
So I need a few of these for some suits. Anyone have a recommendation for a source on ones with full length zippers, a clear front, and a canvas back? Prefer not to spend more than $25 for 5 or 6. I saw these, which looked ok and were on sale super cheap, but IKEA shipping starts at $15: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80037066/
So can anyone explain to me how group MTOs get organized? What's the minimum order? I really would like to get a navy wholecut in Ama. Basically this: With or without a medallion or something like the Grenville: How can I do this??
Pics? I'm prob getting those when I can figure out sizing.
Can anyone here give outsole measurements on size 11 or 11.5 UK? Unsure where I fit. Also, the lightbrown wholecut a few posts above... MTO only? Or coming soon to RTW? Love their navy stuff so much.
Can someone explain what this means?Are these really made in China?Also, where are people ordering these shoes from? Anyone getting them at retailers or pretty much just direct? Price is pretty much the same no matter what right?Interested.
let me know when you get some 11.5. Edit* decided to pick up the 11 red wholecut lodgers.
edit* nevermind got it.
So does anyone know what the outsoles might measure on an 11F in this brand?
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