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Hey all. What are the best merchant websites to browse suitings on clearance? I noticed the Dugdale website has a section for clearance, but nothing is there. Funding a CMT suit soon and before I pay standard rate for something I want to make sure there's nothing I really fancy on sale somewhere for a really good value. Looking for anything which is: - 12 oz or less. - Drapes well for its weight. - Darker than mid grey or at least patterned (don't want to worry so much...
Can you please post pricing for jackets and suits relative to each price point for trousers?There is something like this published on the Luxire wiki: http://luxire-unofficial.wikia.com/wiki/Suits_and_Sport_CoatsHowever, it's not the perfect source because a lot of blocks are missing and it clearly says that someone was quoted $450 for a jacket that wasn't unstructured (below the $550 minimum you just provided here).It would help me a lot if you did this for the most...
No 12Us. /shrug
Box pleats are center pleats. Yes they are considered more casual, but it doesn't really make a difference to me. I rarely have my jacket off in any place where that would matter.
Back looks fine. Just add a box pleat. Collar also does not look tight, but perhaps youre feeling something that isn't coming across in the photo. You're right to add to the body length by about 2 inches if you ever plan to tuck in the shirt. Chest looks slightly large.
Winter weight prob will not be ideal for NYC in the winter.Fwiw I bought 10 pairs about five weeks ago. Received them maybe two weeks ago. They look nice and seem durable.Wish the patterns were better.They don't stretch very much, so putting them on and taking off is somewhat difficult. The bit that they do stretch is over the course of the day, I will feel a looseness developing to the socks in my shoe, which is a really uncomfortable feeling. I usually have to adjust...
Did the Minnis stuff from black friday or cyber monday come in yet?? What about the G&R? Also, I feel you guys on the FedEx stuff getting delayed. Mine just got updated to an unavailable delivery date too . Was supposed to be delivered this morning.
Thanks bud. E-mailed.
What can I do if I want the holdall bag from black Friday by Christmas? Over e-mail I was told it's unlikely they will be ready, but I really want to try to give it to someone as their gift. Do we have an update as to their status? I noticed the comment about G/R fabrics not being in yet so I imagine you guys have been working on the bags. Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: