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really cool.
Styleforum opinions have never led me astray. Just found this thread for the first time. What are the frontrunners / most popular scents right now? For a classic menswear type in late 20s. Would not be opposed to a fresh-out-of-the-shower type of scent. Currently have/use: Boucheron, Tuscan Leather, Tobacco Vanille, Untitled, Fuel for Life, Cool Water, Acqua di Gio. Not really in love with any of them, what do I need to add?
I have had shell stretch. Just like calf, really.
Yes they wrote me the same thing this morning. Decided not to buy. I don't think I can vibe with plain toes on an adelaide.
Great post. I will add that a major reason your store is popular is that the prices are competitive. The efforts involved with getting new and original styles are appreciated, but definitely secondary in my opinion.And with regard to the guy trying on shoes at someone's store and then ordering online; personally would not do it unless my size was out on the floor because I feel uncomfortable speaking to / wasting a sales associate's time if I'm almost certain I'm not...
If you search by size it will only show you items which have stock in that size. Protip.
Careful, that seller only has three posts. Looks awesome though.
Anyone have a favorite place to score a nice turtleneck? Woolen, maybe. Who makes a good cut?
I'm most concerned about the instep. If the heel is narrower it might push my foot forward into the vamp more?Do you think it is Rain-D?
Carmina outlet just listed some really cool croc adelaides in my size. http://www.carminashoemaker.com/outlet-shoes/adelaide-brown-crocodile-80208 Question: It says "Style made on soft chiseled Rain last. Semi-squared shaped last with narrow fitting." Does that mean they made these shoes on a narrow version of the Rain last? I have another pair of shoes in the Rain last and it is quite wide. I want to buy these but not if they are narrower than the normal Carmina...
New Posts  All Forums: