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I'm most concerned about the instep. If the heel is narrower it might push my foot forward into the vamp more?Do you think it is Rain-D?
Carmina outlet just listed some really cool croc adelaides in my size. http://www.carminashoemaker.com/outlet-shoes/adelaide-brown-crocodile-80208 Question: It says "Style made on soft chiseled Rain last. Semi-squared shaped last with narrow fitting." Does that mean they made these shoes on a narrow version of the Rain last? I have another pair of shoes in the Rain last and it is quite wide. I want to buy these but not if they are narrower than the normal Carmina...
I ordered the Classic Navy in 370g. Wee.
They've basically done this before. They did it with the VBC stuff when they first introduced it, etc.
I wish CM's sale thread had traffic like this. Any CM stores having nice sales right now? (saw NMWA)
Nothing in my size. 11.5UK life is hard.
Guys stop asking for sales on linen stuff. Honestly I have more than I need or want. They are a pain in the ass to press after washing. Bring on the oxford, end-on-end, and chambray shirting sale .
agreed. I would also love different colors of the lovely sky blue oxford. unfortunately, it has been asked about several times in this thread before so I assume if we don't have it already that it doesn't exist.
I have the G&R White Pinpoint Oxford, it's very nice.It's not really comparable to the sky blue oxford. It's a lot thinner and softer.It's also much more expensive.But if you are looking for something soft and thin, I recommend it.
How overdue am I for a resole? Appreciate if anyone can explain whether the re-sole will address only the heel, or the forefoot as well. Seems like the forefoot is in fine shape but I'm not sure what to think about that heel. Shoes are shell cordovan loafers by Carmina, by the way, if anyone was wondering.
New Posts  All Forums: