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Too skinny
Congratulations man, I really liked that suiting... especially with the brown hand stitching all over.
that's a 3 roll 2
HOT DAMN. great photos.
save your money stitch. I alrdy offered on that one.
Hm, ok. maybe I will. Length/width?Are they both 3 fold construction?
you should do direct sales in the thread to get through the stock.
nice ties. I'm interested innnnn:
edit* nvm
Hey Folks, Thought I'd pop in here and write a review comparing Moda Republic and Modern Tailor, because, probably like many of you, I have had a lot of experience buying Made to Measure shirts from MT. Of course, it would be easier to just write a review saying hey, these shirts are great, go buy them; but I thought it would be more helpful if I compared to something familiar to put everything in context. "A" Pricing: Ok, so pricing is about similar if you are looking...
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