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What's his wait time right now? I emailed and he told me 6 months . I also asked if he could get two fittings done in a one week period if I fly in from California. Sort of hoping I can get the fit pretty much set this way and have him send me the finished product later.
Apparently in the MassDrop discussion an admin said that the 9CM ties are outnumbering the 8CM ties sold at a 4 to 1 ratio. I also strongly prefer 9cm ties as I think that 8cm ties are too narrow at the knot to have a decent looking cleft. They always end up looking awkward in my experience. I wonder if this will inspire Panta to change their default width on their website?
Ed thanks a lot for doing this. I ended up buying three after the navy was added.I expect I will be happy with these.Please consider doing more in the future.
Yeah, this is true and a couple people have hinted at it already. When you poll between a large number of options, it's not necessarily the case that the ones with the highest votes are the favorites to make a palette from. Has to do with the covariance of different options vis-a-vis each other.PS, all kidding aside abt getting three ties, I bought two when I found out they charged tax in California, heh.
The solution is to buy three .It stays flat at $7.71.
Regarding the "pimples", those are completely normal. The scratches/oily areas are also normal and will easily be buffed out. The glue residue is easily removed. Looks like a fine shoe, brush it vigorously and it will come to a nice clean shine!
I have the tassel loafers, the string loafers, and the xim moccasins (which are like penny loafers but with a moc stitch). The xim mocs are my favorite (bought them in color 8 shell).
Can someone explain what this is all about. Jacket looks amazing. How was it only 300-350 euro CMT? Can I send something by mail for replication?How is their construction quality? You said this was fully canvassed, what about other details. Also what do you mean when you say "lapel buttonhole made in Paris"?
I like it better this way anyway.The neats look neater.
Lol, one of two things will happen:a) 90% off is too cheap, Everyone buys it at 90% off and you just sold a lot of merchandise at a loss.b) 90% off is too expensive, no one buys it at this price and your policy does not allow you to mark it down to move your stock off the shelves.
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