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That Shantung is tits. I have one of his navy ones. Perfect weight, drape, construction.
I had an order that took probably about three months. They just use the cheapest shipping possible. It's a total gamble.
I think a thicker lining would introduce other issues; weight difference between lined and unlined tip; separation of silk from lining in the dimple; etc.It's really just the silk that was too thin on this. IMO.I love the look of the ties I got from this run but they definitely leave a kind of unsatisfactory feeling in how flimsy they are. I think Ed said next run will be a little heavier.
I may be the outlier here but Shaya's orders consistently get to me in California 3-4 days after shipping. Always amazing stuff.
I contacted him and he said he only had enough material left for an unlined 3 fold.Is that wool thick enough to support an unlined 3-fold?
How does it wear cooler?Are you just saying this because the Fresco is 1 oz heavier?How does it perform next to the 8-9oz fresco?
Amazing deal. The jackets look super lame in the photos but hopefully that is just because the models are not wearing the correct size.
wow. link me that item at his shop?
If this is true then I am wrong. FYI I was quoted $1,275 for a Minnis Fresco two piece suit in January 2015 ($1,000 for just the jacket). I understood that they raised the prices after that. Maybe they stopped raising prices. Or maybe that quote was off the cuff. Or maybe you are looking at cheaper Minnis fabric. This was one of my major issues with them, the prices were invisible and always changing and you could never tell. Which was an even more frustrating experience...
They instructed me to file chargebacks with the card companies when we couldn't work out issues with the items or get along anymore (didn't want to process any refunds). I did that and got mostly everything back. Nothing really further for me to gain by commenting on it here.I started using other shops, one of which made that fresco jacket w/ the Milanese buttonhole that I posted a few days ago that you liked! I'm a lot happier with that. And I'm going to get something...
New Posts  All Forums: