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nice jacket!
me too.
Can anyone tell if these are some sort of fresco? Anyone able to identify brand? It's from a Sartoria Partenopea piece I just bought. Wondering what I'm in store for receiving once it gets here from Rome.
I don't know if anyone has tried ordering custom sizing socks yet. I wrote Viccel a while ago and asked about custom sizing socks for bigger ankles and calves. I have bigger calves and ankles and the size 12 sock fits me well in the foot but it is really hard to get on and off because of the size of my ankle/heel. They made me a custom pattern and shipped it to me and I was totally satisfied! I asked them how I can order more socks like that in the future and they said...
Anyone know any cool vendors for blazer buttons? Got a navy Brioni sportcoat that's just itching to have its buttons converted to metal. PS: I know most of you prefer tonal buttons and don't think brass or gold blazer buttons are cool anymore. Not looking to start that argument again. Just wondering if anyone has seen anything as nice or nicer than the buttons Holland and Sherry make (very nice enamel coatings and gold plating).
It's even more prominent in the wild. All you see is blue bars. There are pics of that cloth in a jacket from someone else going back in this thread to last year or so. Just look at the LL history. What is nice about it is that the pattern does highlight excellent pattern matching against the sleeve.
I like 150CM but I never really buy Drakes stuff. Not enough handrolling!
Share some pics of these dugdale jackets. I ordered some NFW swatches and will probably make one soon. Also, the dugdale mohair blend doesn't seem to wear any cooler?Also tell us how you lined the jackets because I am thinking about quarter lined for this. It will be the lightest suiting I have done without more lining.
Fresco is all about dat crease. For me.
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