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Has anyone compared the 2-ply frescos with the 3-ply of the same color? I have a pair of 3-ply fresco trousers in the "Dark Grey Plain." Want to make a jacket from the 8oz or 10oz version (trousers are 14oz), and am wondering if the color will be off. I realize it will be obvious by feeling the material that they are not the same suiting. But by glancing?
Honestly I don't consider that a problem in my experience. I can wear the tie higher or lower. The problem is when you wear the tie lower the collar points are buttoned too close to the neck and aren't being pulled out enough. I have thought of a solution, which involves putting a second buttonhole under each collar point, in a slightly different location, so that the collar can be worn with a tie correctly. This seems to be the best of both worlds since there is no...
I have used both collars a lot and like them both.Turner's collar is more casual and really unique. The buttonholes are not in a great place for wearing with a tie. It looks really nice without a tie though, just do not try ordering it with a light colored shirt or you will probably see that funky placket through the breast of the shirt.I use a modified NOBD2 with bigger collar points and more cutaway, and am happy with it both open and with a tie.
Lol, the special runs are not organized by material type. Thte photo looks like wool, it kind of has a brushed nappy looking texture. Didn't say anywhere that it was going to be silk!
Got my stuff today. Was disappointed by the Special #A03. Was expecting a wool challis tie, instead got some weird sort of porous hopsack silk (which smells weird too).
Any of the following strike anyone's fancy? Pretty basic. Some textured plain navys, one plain brown, a dark green, and a few windowpanes.Prob choose one to order tonight and get swatches of any others that are available from the same retailer. Speaking of, does Yorkshire sell swatches?(Sources are Dugdale, Yorkshire Fabric, and Huddersfield Cloth.) [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the help. Yeah those patterns are super pretty. But too heavy. I realize this stuff is woven for Scots but I need something that can be worn in LA.
Yup! No worries though. I have a feeling everything will ship this week.
Looks very nice.
Quick question. Where do people buy their Lovat tweeds? Also what's the lightest weight they make? I don't know anything about them, but looking through the gallery for this thread I am seeing a lot of patterns I like from their mill.
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