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I think it will hold up fine. 9oz hemp/wool does not sound fragile to me at all.
Wool garment measurements can reasonably be relied upon for linen productions.There is a bigger difference moving between different weight classes than between different material compositions, unless you get into the implications of laundering shrinkage. IE. size up slightly when moving to heavier/thicker fabrics.
Lol, way to hijack the thread right after I write a lengthy review guys.
Update. Shoe seems to be taking polish fine. I just had to use a lot more than usual and get a base going with my fingers as an applicator, since the shoes didn't come with any finish on them.
Ok guys. Received my shoes 04/29, this morning. I was generally pleased to see that the last was pretty attractive. FIT Fit out of the box was very tight, but this leather was surprisingly quick to stretch. I forced myself to wear them to work for the day (taking a pair of loafers for backup in case I couldn't take the pain anymore). By the end of the day, the shoes were still tight, but I felt a lot more confident that we could nail the fit with the next...
Teaser. Guess what I'm wearing at work today? FWIW, this is what I ordered:   Will upload more pictures and share thoughts when I can.
those shoes look like the ones I ordered. Are they my test pair? lol
Arriving tomorrow: "All of the items from order #10800 have now been shipped: 1x Luxire Bespoke Shoes" this is going to be interesting. Haven't seen any photos yet or anything.
Yes, they will be subject to a premium, from what I have asked.In my experience, when I have asked for quotes on a 2pc suit or jacket based on something listed in the pants section of Luxire's website, the jacket cost was roughly the CMT cost plus whatever the price for the pants was ($250-350).
yes anything goes. They can do full/half/no canvassing.I believe they charge $650 for full canvassed jackets (CMT. Material is extra).
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