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I like 150CM but I never really buy Drakes stuff. Not enough handrolling!
Share some pics of these dugdale jackets. I ordered some NFW swatches and will probably make one soon. Also, the dugdale mohair blend doesn't seem to wear any cooler?Also tell us how you lined the jackets because I am thinking about quarter lined for this. It will be the lightest suiting I have done without more lining.
Fresco is all about dat crease. For me.
Excellent comparison. I like the Vanda roll the best. HN White looks good too. Cappelli and Shibumi look OK. Not at all into the look on that Rubinacci.Thanks for this as I do not have handrolled ties from any of those makers except for Cappelli.
Great gloves. I have the same ones in black! Which I bought from Shaya a bit over a month ago.I was watching the youtube video on gloves from Gentleman's Gazette and they recommend not buying gloves that do not use a traditional form of closure, which would be a button.I have to say it's my only complaint about those gloves, the wrist area stretches out and is awkwardly loose. I suppose I should be looking into having a button added?
Why was the cotton-silk chosen as the material for the second Panta run? It does not seem to be nearly as favored as the first run was. It's kind of a weird pick. I've never even seen a cotton-silk tie and generally wouldn't buy ribbed fabric. I would love something with similar patterns, colors, and constructions to the first run in a heavier silk. As soon as possible!
I'm interested in dress socks too. And Cappelli ties. I like Panta ties too but the cotton-silk does not appeal to me at all.
That Shantung is tits. I have one of his navy ones. Perfect weight, drape, construction.
I had an order that took probably about three months. They just use the cheapest shipping possible. It's a total gamble.
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