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I see. Though their shirts are priced pretty competitively with Modern Tailor / Moda Republic, their suits are a bit less competitive.
looks good. I would make the yoke a bit smaller and leave the sleeves the same. Does anyone know what the price range is like for a Luxire suit?
So I decided to order through this website for the first time. I requested the collar and placket to be done exactly like order 7563 (turner 1pc collar). Is this specific enough to cover all the details? Will they remember to add hidden buttons on the collar, line the placket without fusing, etc? I'm wondering how comprehensive they get about replicating a previous order when you just give a general instruction. PS, I asked early yesterday afternoon whether they scale...
ANYONE ELSE share my thoughts/issues with most collars? Does Luxire scale the length of collar points and other details with the size of the collar you order? My huge pet peeve is when the collar doubles back outward near the band, rather than always panning further and further outward toward the points. If I ask for a NOBD 2 collar with bigger points will it solve this issue? I have a 17" neck. I'm afraid that the larger your neck is, the smaller the points will look...
Shipping is from southern California and all ties are in clean condition. Add $5 for shipping anywhere. Take 20% off if you buy two. Take 25% off if you buy three or more. I found some cheapie ties in the closet, they are free or available cheaply toward the bottom of the thread. Feel free to message with any questions you have. Thanks! Attolini - $55 Brown with red pindot. Seven fold. Condition: 9.5+ Kiton - $45 Green, blue/gold floral pattern. Seven fold. Condition:...
I got the wholecuts and the captoes in size 11.My US size is a large 12d.I've worn both shoes a handful of times, captoes were really tight, but wearable. Wholecuts were just about right.Semi interested in the chukkas but the colors I like are only available in 10.5 . I suspect the last is going to be larger but Idk...
hahaha ^. Amsterdam NY.
I would like to know this too. Also, how close was the fit off the bat? What are you having done?
When do we get to see a fit pic of that suit?
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