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I got the wholecuts and the captoes in size 11.My US size is a large 12d.I've worn both shoes a handful of times, captoes were really tight, but wearable. Wholecuts were just about right.Semi interested in the chukkas but the colors I like are only available in 10.5 . I suspect the last is going to be larger but Idk...
hahaha ^. Amsterdam NY.
I would like to know this too. Also, how close was the fit off the bat? What are you having done?
When do we get to see a fit pic of that suit?
Too skinny
Congratulations man, I really liked that suiting... especially with the brown hand stitching all over.
that's a 3 roll 2
HOT DAMN. great photos.
save your money stitch. I alrdy offered on that one.
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