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http://slickdeals.net/f/7275736-edox-men-s-les-vauberts-day-date-automatic-watch-428-free-shipping?page=2#comments Edox automatic movement $428 at Ashford.
uhuh. Thanks, can you let us know which ones are coming? One of the ones I thought was going up later is already up, now i'm wondering if there was just more than one in that style and size?
Maybe i'm the only one unclear on this but, kinda confused -- which Carminas are yet to be posted to e-bay? Saw the ones that went up a few days ago. What's going up next week?
Read the last few posts ITT before seeing the drama. How did I know when I scrolled up I would find Jet to be at the center of this?
I've had these before. The sound quality is good and so is the build quality. They also look stylish.But for me, the comfort wasn't there. And if you look at the ergonomics of it you will see these headphones don't have cups. It's literally two rectangles of pleathery blocks that are just squished against your head. I would never use for gaming or something like that where you wear them for over an hour. May be acceptable as a portable headphone for use with your phone or...
For me, the sky blue summer chambray doesn't load any of the order detail form or an "add to cart button". The "customize and buy" button isn't working like it does for all of the other shirtings.Anyway, I had another question. Really loved my Sky Blue Oxford, like everyone else here. Does anyone know if Luxire carries this exact material in white? I know they have a ton of other oxfords, but I want the same weight and manufacturer. This is high quality cotton.
For some reason I can't order the sky blue summer chambray. When I hit "Customize" to enter my order details nothing happens. Is it out of stock or something? http://luxire.com/collections/dress-shirts/products/sky-blue-summer-chambray
guys let's move on from this topic. Luxire is not in the wrong here. Obviously you have all seen the quality of their work. You can't get that kind of quality and consistency from unfavorable work conditions. It takes a happy, experienced, stable crew of laborers.
unsubscribing this thread. worthless lately.
I was just telling you their policy.However, maybe they will make an exception in your case, don't worry (did you happen to choose the correct cuffs on the web interface when ordering?).Ps they have mentioned in this thread a few times this week that they are behind on e-mails at this time. Do not worry, they will get to you. Just don't nag them and Theresa will take care of you .
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