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Anyone help me out?
Hey all, I did some searching but did not find an answer. Plenty of threads about different lines by Santoni, but little guidance on how to identify. Can anyone guess as to what the retail price for these shoes was: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SANTONI-Gorgeous-Brown-Antiqued-Cap-Toe-Leather-Dress-Shoes-12-D-12D-Excellent-/351167666944? I'm wondering which line they are and which retailers carry similar models. Bought them last week and got them a few days ago, they feel...
Anyone order a shirt or swatch of this?: http://luxire.com/products/mustard-linen-cotton Looks cool. I kind of want to know how transparent it is.
LOL ^^ so freaking good. Ya Luxire kinda screwed me with the shoulders. What the f is the deal? This is literally copy and pasted from Theresa after I placed my order: "We will do the very light shirring to shoulder and the yoke."
Hey all. I got my White Fresco Chambray shirt this morning, my first Luxire order but certainly not my first MTM experience. Loving the feel of the fabric and it looks extremely well made. Only few issues: 1. small stain on the back of my shirt (washing now to see if it comes out). 2. My invoice said the total value of my order was "$179.99 USD" (I actually only paid $70). 3. Shirring came out horrible. Ok so about issue 2, I have no idea why they misbilled it. I'm...
Yeah, I was also wondering if there was a step between fulfilled and unfulfilled. My order is still unfulfilled after abt 3 weeks and I really just want to receive it so I can base more orders off of it. Frustrating.
Looks great man. Hate to bother, but any chance you can tie a tie on both shirts and repost photos?I was deciding between these two collars a while back and there were not very many photos of them with a tie on to compare (I believe just one or two of each). The band height on that turner collar looks ridiculous! I ordered the same collar three weeks ago, so we will see how I like it when it finally comes (not shipped yet ).
@luxire Can you let us know about CMT cost for a suit? Also, if I send in a suit that I want copied, how perfectly will it be copied? I understand you guys are better at making shirts and pants, maybe you don't have as much experience with suits, but I am only interested if it will be exactly the same as what I send in (in terms of construction and hidden nuances). I found a suiting fabric on E-Bay that I would like to use for this, but I'm wondering if I will save any...
Dropped some prices by $5.
I see. Though their shirts are priced pretty competitively with Modern Tailor / Moda Republic, their suits are a bit less competitive.
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