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They can easily replicate that collar. ^
Well, I asked them on august 29th for a CMT quote and a quote for minnis fresco 2pc. They quoted me $600 for cmt(2pc), and $950 for minnis fresco.But I asked again last month to confirm before choosing a fabric and they quoted $640 for cmt and $1125 for minnis fresco.I was a little annoyed because I bought a $1000 gift card based on what they first quoted me (about 2 months earlier) and when I asked them again about 6 weeks after buying the gift card, the price was...
It works if you just check out as a student. We may not really be formally studying tailoring but we do spend a significant amount of time paying attention to it and learning. Put in the address of your alma mater where it asks for your school.
These are both awesome ideas. I think they should be implemented.
I'm gonna send this stuff in for a CMT 2-pc soon. It's Dugdale's 120s and cashmere bunch. Did not see this pattern on luxire.com and am completely in love with it. So excited.
Just in : 4m Dugdale POW: http://www.dugdalebros.com/cloth-ranges/super-120s-and-cashmere-bunch-203/1313/ I'm also considering the swatches for another order.
Just to save you guys from an embarrassing "oh, haha" moment, I should tell you that shell is not an option for the shoe offer! I think I'm going to ask them for a museum calf dress boot, depending on whether that's allowed. Here's what i originally wanted (it's obviously not shell in the photo): by the way, navy shell cordovan looks awesome:
good question.In the picture luxire provided, they sort of looked like they wanted it closer to the ball of the foot rather than the ankle. I would have thought measuring as close as possible to the ankle where the instep is largest would be better. But anyway, I compromised by going somewhere in between. Then I marked on my tracing of the foot roughly where i took each measurement, so it would be clear.
I don't know man. What you're describing is different, in my opinion. A restaurant's business function is to stock, make, and serve food and drinks. They are incurring an extra cost by stocking that wine and the point is to offer you some extra convenience by having it immediately available. Additionally, for the picky customer, they will allow the refusal of a bottle that is not satisfactory -- this is something that I'm sure is abused, but it justifies the premium to...
Re: sourcing cloth from tailor or not. I can't justify the tailor charging a premium for the cloth. As many of you have pointed out, they already get discounts from our rates. I noticed that a tailor of mine charges roughly 40% markup from my rate on several cloths. Does he provide me with anything for that premium? Not really. If the cloth comes and I don't like it, he will not provide me the option of returning or backing out. Unlike a retailer, he is not stocking a...
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