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Yes, they will be subject to a premium, from what I have asked.In my experience, when I have asked for quotes on a 2pc suit or jacket based on something listed in the pants section of Luxire's website, the jacket cost was roughly the CMT cost plus whatever the price for the pants was ($250-350).
yes anything goes. They can do full/half/no canvassing.I believe they charge $650 for full canvassed jackets (CMT. Material is extra).
I have one being made right now without a reference jacket sent in for copying. I just gave them garment measurements like I was ordering a shirt or trousers.Will share here when I get it so we can see if they can make an attractive pattern just from measurements. I ordered in the same material as the rust chinos on the last page.
share canvas trial jacket now!
Lol, can you get the group buy going on the Lanificio di Pray stuff we posted a while back? There was a lot of interest.
It's sold out man.
nice. Anyone know the best way to go about getting some of this?Anyone want in on a group buy?
https://33.media.tumblr.com/e898231fbbcc115794e42a00ec18675c/tumblr_nb6vuehboR1rs4tdvo9_1280.jpgWant. Badly.
can you share a photo?I didn't find any of that fabric made up and in the wild.
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