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Some nice sportcoats there! I'll be sure to participate.I've already asked this here in the thread and by PM, so I'll assume that the answer is no because I would have likely received an answer otherwise... But can we ask that you pick out specific items from the stock you don't have warehouse space for? IE. I'm interested in 42R singlebreasted suits (2 buttons or 3/2)... I know that usually you guys don't have a lot of stuff in that size and style, so maybe it wouldn't be...
I got the wholecuts and the captoes in size 11.My US size is a large 12d.I've worn both shoes a handful of times, captoes were really tight, but wearable. Wholecuts were just about right.Semi interested in the chukkas but the colors I like are only available in 10.5 . I suspect the last is going to be larger but Idk...
If we have specific interests can we get back photos of things that might match from the new lots? IE single breasted 42r suits. I know probably 85% of what you got is size 40.
hahaha ^. Amsterdam NY.
Congratulations Matt. Ready for the 1000 new items. I'll be sure to buy some when we see them. Any idea for when? Edit* just ordered some stuff.
I would like to know this too. Also, how close was the fit off the bat? What are you having done?
When do we get to see a fit pic of that suit?
Too skinny
Congratulations man, I really liked that suiting... especially with the brown hand stitching all over.
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