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Thanks bud. E-mailed.
What can I do if I want the holdall bag from black Friday by Christmas? Over e-mail I was told it's unlikely they will be ready, but I really want to try to give it to someone as their gift. Do we have an update as to their status? I noticed the comment about G/R fabrics not being in yet so I imagine you guys have been working on the bags. Thanks
Guys, Luxire's service is pretty legit. If this customer had so many issues and was so unsatisfied I would find it hard to believe that he wanted to continue doing business with them. I think the fact that he wanted to continue using Luxire is pretty definitive and convincing evidence that any issues he had were not enough to overcome the value proposed by Luxire's operation. The truth is that they do a lot of labor on these garments and it seems like there is very little...
credited question.Although, I did buy about fifteen white swatches from Luxire and found them all to be pretty similar. To be honest, unless you go for a weird weave like oxford, twill, herringbone, etc, all the plain weaves WRINKLE a lot. And most are also see-through because they are white -- even the thickest stuff.
It was noted in the thread once or twice since Thursday/Friday.
I lost on like 6 auctions yesterday.
I got 20% off anyway. I used the other code for discounts off of $1500+ (not including gift cards).Luxire posted that gift cards were supposed to get the 20% off if your order total was over 1500. So I'm guessing they'll do an adjustment to give me another $200 back when they notice the codes aren't working on both (right now it's either or, I couldn't get both to be discounted).
Confirmed, I tried the same thing. The regular code will not work because it says you don't have enough in your cart, the GC code will work but only for the GC.
Hmm. Really wanted a deer bone but shipping to USA is harshhh.
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