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Not in my opinion. I think any offer for 75% or more of the seller's ask is pretty much likely to be considered good-faith.Personally, I might feel low-balled and offended if someone offered less than about this much.
Agree with the above ^, the ecru trousers look great.
Yes this is true. I haven't complained in this thread because in my experience that has not lead to any helpful discussion here, but for anyone who is wondering, I had similarly negative experiences to what the other user was complaining about. Not about sizing issues, but styling issues; aggressive communications; passive-aggressive administration of policy, including failure to follow written policies; et cetera. It is a big dispute since I was previously a dedicated...
That's all fine. Can you address the question of why you are not satisfied by the customer's photo? (It seems detailed and clear). Also I did explain before that the customer did not seem to be coming across as untruthful, it looks like he was just reading your policy on your website and thinking that you will charge him an alteration fee, which is what the website says.
Why do you need to measure and send images again? He has provided a photo where it looks to me like there is no disputing the fact that this shirt has an armhole measurement of roughly 8 inches. He has measured the shirt exactly the way that your website indicates it should be measured. It may be possible to manipulate the armhole into providing a wider measurement, by tugging at and ironing the material to stretch, or by replacing the sleeves and then taking a photo of...
Finmeresco is a little more expensive than Minnis Fresco of the equivalent weight. I just ordered a Minnis Fresco in the 9oz and the Finmeresco would have been about $150 more. It is softer than Minnis and comes in some different colors. The weave is also different.
Yeah they don't do that either, unfortunately. Ha. You will get an automated email in a month asking if you received the package though.
It would be my first time in Italy, so yes, it would also be kind of a vacation .
They don't provide tracking for small orders. You're out of luck until it shows up at your door.
New Posts  All Forums: