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Do both of the above. Also consider adding "side pleats".
^ Which fabric is that? it's very smart.
Looks perfect except cuffs slightly too narrow, yoke .25" too wide.Your cuffs need to be bigger so the sleeve can come down a little bit more.Rest of the stuff is just because shirt isn't ironed and your body shape slightly unideal.
Prices on the site are VAT free.
Well, from the description of details, it sounds great. But that picture :x. The balance is definitely not to my liking. For my tastes: the roping looks too stiff, lapels too wide, quarters rounded awkwardly (they square off much too soon).
Do we have pricing or details on the unstructured jacket group buy yet?
I like this one and consider me in for a group buy.
yes, this has happened to me several times too. don't worry, you'll get everything soon.
are you guys making button down shirts with those piques, or polos?
There is no consensus.FWIW I like the white fresco chambray and the warzone white oxford (though a lot of people think these are casual). The weaves look pretty discrete and I can't imagine anyone actually judging me for wearing these fabrics as a dress shirt.
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