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I love how I can go a year without checking the offers section on HFWLTD and when I do, I'm guaranteed to find the same selection of 1.x meter lengths at the same prices as the year before. Honestly almost rather have something like the Dugdale offers section, where nothing is posted, ever.
I was wondering about those. Are they decent? Anyone know at all?
There is a VBC hopsack in estate blue in a LuxireStudio post a few pages back.http://www.styleforum.net/t/304965/luxire-custom-clothing-official-affiliate-thread/18500_100#post_7996636
This is really weird because... they show you the VAT excluded pricing, but there's no way to actually get that price. If you are in Europe you will pay VAT. If you are outside of Europe you will get charged a different price in a different currency.
What is the deal with the pricing on the Meermin site? I tried to check out for something that should have been 166 euros plus shipping. When I put in my stateside address it converted to dollars at $220 and added $35 shipping. 166 euros is about $179.84. It looks like they are trying to do some kind of price discrimination against American customers? Any way around this if you check out from another region, or is it just based on the delivery address? Do they allow...
Anyone with the Rain last ever try a Meermin Elton? Can you comment on fit comparison? How's instep on the Elton?
someone compare the Elton and Rain last for me? Anyone? How big is the instep?
Yes I think so.
lol, Patrizio will know what a 4ih is.
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