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Bordeaux Saffir will go great on museum burgundy.
damn, those are pretty hideous.
lol. Have you seen the dugdale worsted and cashmere POW?unbelievably. sexy.
Yes, see reason below. Would be different if they asked for your confirmation or something before sending out the order. But in below example, when did customer ever agree they wanted to have that pair of socks for $20?
This seems kind of frustrating. IMO they should also refund shipping if they cancel half of the items in your order.
No I'm not. I'm in California. If you ever stop by again and think of me though, snap a photo of the cloth and do give me your impressions!
I have never ordered from them, but I was browsing their website a few months back and really liked this:http://www.sultansfinefabrics.com/products/forest-green-with-purple-lilac-overchecked-wool-cashmere
No way those are similar scale. The one you posted looks much smaller.
I've noticed Septieme Largeur does not have any size 12 or larger shoes on their website. This is pretty stupid. Any brothers with larger feet dealt with this issue? I think their biggest stocked size is 11.5.
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