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I am getting shit on in this forum, but I will take some of the advice for sure. The suspicious thing is supposed to be light and somewhat funny, but it isn't coming off that way. Just to be clear, I never claimed my shit was dope. I know it needs a ton of work. I just wanted some feedback and I got it. I will be making some serious changes before I oficially launch. I appreciate you checking it out.
Alright, I get it. I am currently just doing screenprinting. You gotta have some cut & sew stuff and button-ups along with a ton of other things. Professional web design, models, and photographers wouldn't hurt either. I am small time, not even that, but I apprecite the feedback.
Not trying to advertise on here, just trying to get some honest feedback. The site just launched and I am trying to get a vibe for what people think. So yall think it sucks, at least I have the balls to start my own line. I can see that my "About" needs to be changed. I clearly struck a nerve with the military/police thing. I will change that. Can anyone give me an example of an underground brand that they think is sick?
Quote: Originally Posted by ghostdog123 I hope you're already in debt. Also, you claim your "designs are inspired by the capitalist motives of the military, police, government, etc." Under your team link, it says Audity's "music cannot be taken as a literal interpretation of what he is saying, listeners must find the hidden messages." Care to explain what capitalist motives you identify in everyday law enforcement and the military? Or do you...
So, you think it sucks? Anybidy else check it out? Advice?
damn, I must be out of the loop. I have seen a couple streetwear brands offer it, but I can't remember what brands. I don't like the super tiny look, but I aint wear a tie, so I don't need a big ol collar.
I dig the small or short collar trend on button down shirts. Anyboady know of brands that make this style of shirt. I bought a Calvin Kleinthe other day, but looking for more.
Champion basic tees are some of the best on the market -
Cant go wrong with New Balance.
Just launched my clothing. I wanted to get some opinions from some aficionados. Let me know what you think. Good or bad. Thanks.
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