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Yeah it did seem pretty high to me too. By any chance did you get a chance to see the heavy calf from fw15? It seems just as nice as fw14 but I haven't seen any in person. Thanks.
does anyone here have experience with the leather on this jacket? I've tried looking up the leather code and it seems like this one is new. it kind of looks like a mix between the neoprene lamb and reverse cow @thekunk07@sinnedk thanks!
I'm looking for the ridiculously heavy RO stooges from FW12 (i think) in Cow (reverse cow) in a size 52 preferred, but maybe I can do 54. PAYPAL READY. Thanks!
i honestly feel like this has turned into a "Costco F/W 2014" thread hahaha
Honestly, price is set at what people are willing to pay for it; and I'm sure they'll sell out of most of the items Back on the topic of the collection, anyone else notice that the work shirt has an upside down pocket?!
Here's a look at A.P.C and Kanye West's second (and last) collaboration that comes out July 17th online, in store, and on several online retailers Airport sweater, $340 Army sweater, $325 Kanye jeans, $280 Parka with fur, $2,865 Patched sweatshirt, $180 Plain T-shirt, $90 Camo T-shirt, $150 Work shirt, $265 Kanye jeans, $280 Biker pants, $415 Bomber jacket, $780 Army pants, $385 Swiss Army parka, $1,015 (also available without fur, $605) Airport sweater,...
Yes I do remember reading somewhere on this thread that you have access to some of the best Nile croc skins out there so I guess really all shoemakers could source the best exotics with the right amount of research. DWF which shoemaker(s) do you think source the best croc hides?
When it comes to the actual quality of croc gator skins, do the big shoemakers like EG, GG, JL, Cleverley, etc always get the best skins? Or do those shoemakers who specialize in croc/gator shoes have access to the best skins? From what I've seen on this thread JL and GG seem to have the best skins but I haven't done too much research on exotics
my Lima sweatpants should be coming in today. what areas of the pants has stitching coming off? I want to be on the lookout in case my pair has similar issues compared to yours. thanks!
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