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It's way too loose. I'm fairly slim. That cut is made for a bigger gentleman. It's beyond alterations limits. They used to make it in my cut, however from what I see they do not carry it anymore.
I am looking for a fitted DB navy blazer 6x2, preferably with golden buttons. The only one I found is at Brooks Brothers, but it is Madison cut, which is way too loose on me. Can you recommend something nice OTR, or would I have to go MTM? Thank you.
Not really sure.I pinned it from this tumblr blog of swedish shop "Rose & Born".Their website got some cool stuff.
Where can I find wool/cashmere solid ties similar to the ones in the picture below?Preferably around $100 mark and 3.5"-4" width. Thank you. [[SPOILER]]
My first MTM.
Finally found the Drake's Mughal Scarf. I just bought one, now have to wait until it arrives. Seller mentioned that he has couple more. Good service and fast communication, so do not hesitate to contact him before he lists it again.
I would assume that they are suits.Nope.
I confirmed today that the kicker will be 15% off for Boxing Day only. What's ESF? Extra Slim Fit? At Bayview, in Toronto we have some selection of basics, whites, blues, and some whites with blues. Regardless, pretty much anything can be ordered through SA.
I'm not sure about online. I would assume it is the same.
UPDATE So the sale I mentioned before is not happening. I apologize, as I did not intend to mislead anybody, but was rather communicating information passed down from several levels of management. Im not sure who got confused/miscommunicated, but here is the list of the actual discounts just received in my mail. Shirts Buy 2 - 25%, Buy 4 - 40% Ties Buy 1 - 25%, Buy 2 - 40% Underwear ...
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