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Thanks! Appreciate the reminder. I forgot Hedi went over to YSL so that would be a decent alternative.
Hello, Where can I buy Raw MIJ 17cm? Dior's website only shows 19cm. Thanks.
Looking for a pair of Diors. MIJ New. 21cm Whatever equals 32" Waist. Blue or Black, maybe both. Please let me know price shipped to Bay Area and pic of label & leather tag. Thank you
For those who are familiar with this blazer, can you please direct me to other labels that are very similar in fit? The material is pretty awesome and I'm looking for additional pieces that work super well with pretty much anything. I wear it in a size small. Only complaint I have is the pits are a smidgen too tight, otherwise I think its great all around. What do you guys think of the regular blazers that Uniqlo offers? Thanks
Bump. Pulled these out of storage. Would love to see these Somets go to a good owner
Hello, If these are still for sale, can you please provide measurement for hip? Also, is thigh measurement taken from crotch to outseam? or lower?
Anyone have one new with tags or close to that condition? Small in black or grey.
Looking for a pair of PRPS Dark Burner SZ 29 Condition should be new to lightly used. Send me pics, price shipped, and pertinent information please.
Prices dropped to be picked up. Steal some great denim at great prices.
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