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A brand new pair of Cigar longwings, mail ordered from the Alden Shop. I was surprised they didn't have stacked soles, but I prefer these plain ones.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola Australia has a Snowsports industry? What's the date on this? Sure, there are quite a few ski resorts in Australia.
It's not an April Fool's joke, although it's an exaggeration to say the practice is widespread. The Australian dollar has been at an all-time high against other currencies for about six months and local retailers have been losing sales to online retailers because of it.
Hi, I live in Adelaide and have been buying clothes online from the US for about two years. Mainly from Eddie Bauer (business casual shirts and pants, t-shirts, sweaters, underwear), Banana Republic (business and casual shirts), Johnston & Murphy (shoes and jackets), and my most recent purchase, a pair of Alden All Weather Walkers from The Alden Shop of San Francisco. I even bought a pair of Florsheim Veblen wingtips from Amazon. Eddie Bauer has excellent business...
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