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Today (well, yesterday): P.S: Sincerely sorry for you Eliod.
Hurry up then, Calceom is closing down.
One question: what did you think of the referee?
Bravo to the US Team and a big hat off to Howard. The real stars of this WC are the goalkeepas.
We played with our heart. I am proud of my players. Without a great neuer and a huge Mbolhi (the goalkeepas), ther would have been a massive scoring game. And I'm not sure the Germs would have win it.
Needless to say. The whole thing was just a witticism (only translation I found for "boutade").Anyway, I would like to thank my producer Cleav and the oher gents who made this happen.
Okay. That's why perhaps my pic does have 19 thumbs instead of the 20...
Is it possible to remove a thumb?I can swear on my little pony's life that I had 20 thumbs. Than I checked and it became 19...
Let me check.
New Posts  All Forums: