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Like the pants. May be a less dark shoes and a plain shirt could match better, but I like that.
Well deserved!
Grey weather... (In order of appearance: The Knottery, Cantarelli, Hackett, Hilditch & Key, Edwin, Edward Green)
I would say that between Holdfast and Tchoy my heart is torn.
I always thought that monks were not as dressy as oxfords. Actually, monks are not that dressy, especially in brown. IMHO.
Always happy to confront sartorial opinions.
One cannot always win But seriously (sartorial issues are always serious), my point was to match two kind of colors (blue and yellow) with their shadings. The blue dots are a reminder of the blue checks of the shirt and the yelow shading starts with the tie , then the PS, the pants and the shoes. It has a coherence in my mind.Ok, even the deranged have their own logic...
An old reference. It's not on the EG stocklist anymore.
If you mean that the tie is not yellow enough, add the pants in the balance.
New Posts  All Forums: