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@Pliny thanks for the feed-back! I'd say you are right to some points: reducing the PS and trying to find pants in the same color as the jacket (a solaro beige suit par exemple).
I respectfully submit my application: (the chinos aren't yellow but sand)
Challenging Friday :
I'll try to participate. Very high level already though.
Love the lapels. Where the suit is from?
WAIWHicEtNunc: (EG Asquith)
The very himself. Clearly a tribute. He looks like my lawyer (and I love my lawyer. As long as I don't need him).
My turn: Any guesses? (the quality of the pic has nothing to do with the challenge)
I clearly fancy brown shoes with burgundy socks. As for burgundy shoes, they are my favorites (EG Inverness & Lobb Marshall)
Thanks DieWW! Yeah, the original color is burnt pine. Here's a pic of them when received. (sorry for the high foot)
New Posts  All Forums: