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Hi, The Boglioli suit ahs indeed working cuff. And no flaws at all!
Measurements added. Back measurements from the top of the collar.
Me today:
Mein Gott, quel gla├žage!
Idem, 3.
Gingham style for me today.
Gents, this is a free shipping worldwide selling! Principe Flannel Suit (wool and cashmere Guabello cloth) size 42 Measurements: Back: 32"5 (from top of collar) Shoulders: 19" Sleeves: 26" Price 280 250 USD Boglioli Flannel Suit size 42 Measurements: Back: 31" (from top of collar) Shoulders: 19" Sleeves: 26" Price : 340 SOLD Cantarelli Blue Jacket (wool, cashmere and Camel hair): Measurements: Back : 31"5 (from top of collar) Shoulders:...
Right here, right now: [[SPOILER]]
It's getting a bit colder in south of France: Let's get dressed! (the jacket is an old bespoke one from an algerian tailor)
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