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Thanks for the feed-back MF, but i am not fond of BD shirts with ties (maybe only with knitted ties)
First Father's Day as a father: (New Cappelli cufflinks with tie tissue)
Good point.
I've been told that it was Sartoria Pathenopea which does RTW suits for Cifo. Might be them.
Thanks Dirnelli, his prices starts from 1000 euros for a two pieces suit.
Thanks for the thumbs, gents! Today:
So are mine.
Thanks! Yes I guess it's the angle coz the tie has a normal width (9cm)This pic shows it better:
Some pics of my new bespoke suit from Jean Rotin as requested: (the famous Dirnelli Posing) That was the fourth fitting. It needed some adjustments and it will be ready in two weeks.
Today with my new Custom Tie from EG cappelli:
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