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Thanks guys for your support!
Hi folks, I wanted to share with you our new project (siamo bambini, just five months old): Zampa di gallina is an online shop, dedicated to neapolitan craftmakers, focusing on clothes and accessories. It is still a brand new shop, created last December, by three fora members (including me, Amar Ezzahi, SF member since 2007!). We were customers of all the brands we propose before selling them. (Image courtesy of the excellent drawer Croquis sartoriaux) We started...
Thx Arnathor!
Hello Everyone: (with a special dedication to alexjapan)
The prices are already VAT free on the website I guess.
Hello, [[SPOILER]]
A bit of old Harris today: [[SPOILER]]
Thank you for the feedback Japan, I'll keep that in mind next time I dress that way.
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