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Yes, congrats!
One exemple of a truly unlined tie from Cappelli:(sorry for the quality)I checked : no lining at all.
I got one. I will try to make some pics these days.
Today, something classic:
We had the answer about MTM offer: Il Sig. Ciardi says that it's too uncertain. As a tailor, he prefers to take himself the measurements, that's why he trusts his own size chart. His point is that he doesn't want to make a badly fitted sportscoat just because there was a misunderstanding about the measurements.
If you like gamay wines like Morgon (I am fond of it), try Daniel Bouland and his delicious Morgon Vieilles vignes.'f course, if you have the opportunity, Jean Foillard makes also of the best morgons ever.
Pasta alla putanesca. Generally I hate capers but cooked that way, with garlic, tomatoes, olive oil and olives, it's simply divine.
Totally agree.
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