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Thanks @RoSaCe, I appreciate!Here I am with a Ciardi unlined SC : [[SPOILER]]
A bit of old fashioned punk music :
Guys, you can take a look at the SS Collection here and at the FW Collection here Some examples: (This one is made of 85% Wool, 10% Cashmere, 5% Sisal 260g) (this one: 43% Wool, 32% Linen, 25% Silk 240g) (this one: 43% Wool, 32% Linen, 25% Silk 240g)
Springtime (I miss the winter)
A few pics from a sportscoat (linen and silk) ordered to Jean Rotin:
Allora, I pinched and I shimmy'd. For what it 's worth, I found only silk and no lining.
No worries, I'll do the experience.
Yes, congrats!
One exemple of a truly unlined tie from Cappelli:(sorry for the quality)I checked : no lining at all.
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