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Rainy day, Barbour day, knit day. Whatever. (Haiku)
I cannot say. 40 US equals to 50 EU (Europe). Better check the measurements.
They are used. Cantarelli blue jacket is tagged 56 (italian size)
Hi, The Boglioli suit ahs indeed working cuff. And no flaws at all!
Measurements added. Back measurements from the top of the collar.
Me today:
Mein Gott, quel gla├žage!
Idem, 3.
Gingham style for me today.
Gents, this is a free shipping worldwide selling! Principe Flannel Suit (wool and cashmere Guabello cloth) size 42 Measurements: Back: 32"5 (from top of collar) Shoulders: 19" Sleeves: 26" Price 280 250 USD Boglioli Flannel Suit size 42 Measurements: Back: 31" (from top of collar) Shoulders: 19" Sleeves: 26" Price : 340 SOLD Cantarelli Blue Jacket (wool, cashmere and Camel hair): Measurements: Back : 31"5 (from top of collar) Shoulders:...
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