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For sale a brand new Boglioli Jacket with tags. Size 48R EU Loro Piana Fabric. 50% Cotton, 45% Wool 5% Cashmere SOLD Retail price is 575 €.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty not mine Looks like a Cleverley last.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman Thanks for the replies guys. I'll be going with a friend to Lyon and then we'll split up and I'm doing Paris solo. In other words, I won't be bringing a ladyfriend to any of these locations. Drink (red, of course) wine. Not that cheap, but just unforgettable: Hermitage and Cote rôtie. Eat: a french sweeties speciality: "les coussins" from Voisin...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ben Gurion Lyon has some impressive neoclassical buildings but beware of all the moors trying to steal your wallet. Yes, and beware of all the Israelits trying to steal your money. But seriously, You can visit Upper shoes in Lyon : 8 rue Jean de Tournes Lyon 2ème Tél. 04 78 38 39 31 « Contact Boris » 54 rue de Brest Lyon 2ème Tél. 04 72 40 27 08 « Contact Boris » And eat at Paul...
Damn! Too fast for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by IIIrd Icon Acquiesce +1 And supersonic. And Cloudburst
Quote: Originally Posted by GucciKid Will these guys sell just the cloth? I'm not sure they will, it looks like they will certainly make the cloths up into a jacket, but I am not sure they will provide cloth for you, especially for small orders. I hope to be wrong though. They do not sell cloth. They could provide with samples. But in fine the suit (trousers, jacket, coat, waistcoat) is made by them.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_c7F8PuiXxE...00-h/Foto3.JPG these are crazy! what are the prices? + 1 Very beautiful. Make me think of this:
Spaced. It was on channel four but it doesn't matter. Otherwise, blackadder and life on mars.
PM'd on the third red one (with yellow triangles)
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