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My pleasure.
Just for information for those who are in Marseilles these days: there's a french tailor named Jean Rotin (an old man. Actually there is no many tailors left in Marseilles, only three as far as I know). He works only with Scabal and is very flexible regarding the desideratas (do we say "desiderata" in english?) of the customers. Starting with EUR 800 a two pieces suits (fully canevassed obviously) if you bring your own cloth. The waistcoat costs EUR 300 more. He made me a...
For my part, a 9UK in both 82, 888 and 202 lasts and a 42,5 in Vass F Last.
Equateur, a store in Marseilles clears its EG stock with a discount of 30% (prices from 780 to 900 €). http://www.love-spots.com/fr/shopping/313-equateur.html (the only link about the store I found )
Thank you! Such a compliment.
This suit is gorgeous and seems very smooth.
I received mine, very good stuff, I recommend!
Hello everyone, Just wanna share a new address in France, Aix en Provence: La Fibule. This guy makes handmade belts exclusively made with full grain leather taken from the neck at a very attractive price (35 to 45 euros). If anyone knows Pierre Cotte (who makes belts for Hermes. It is now impossible to order directly to him),I found it the same quality of leather. He offers kind of MTO belts. You can call him + 33 but I think it's better to send him an...
Damn, nothing in my size. As does my bank account.
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