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Gentlemen, Two questions were on everybody's mind these past few days: - Is Greece really planning on leaving E.U ? - Is Zampa di Gallina planning to have sales campaign ? Well Gentlemen, I don't know about grexit, but we're very happy to launch our summer sales session, with special offers on Sartoria Ciardi sportscoats, Sentiero shirts, and even a discount on one Anna Matuozzo shirt, and one only. The items probably won't last long, so it's your chance to pick them at...
It's inferno in Paris.
Hi guys, A bit of Trunk Show Porn:
Steps in making a crochet glove by Omega Guanti Napoli:
Hi there, For SF members who will be in Paris next week, we are doing a Trunk Show with Croquis sartoriaux/Sartorial Sketches and Kalgati shirts We will present Cappelli unlined 7-fold ties and cufflinks, Omega gloves, Fratelli Noviello bags and Calabrese 1924 ties/PS/Scarves/bags... We will be more than happy to welcome you!
Eliod,I'm sorry, I have to make a pic of the Ciardi suit and the Edesim suit in full shot for you. I'll try to do it ASAP.
Wow. Great pics EFV. Thanks for this reportage!
Hi guys! (Sartoria Ciardi suit X Calabrese tie and PS)
Hi, I'd say that they are moderately slim.
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