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Morning Gents
Albert Boxler, very good reputation and very well noted in the french revue La Revue du vin de France.
Hello Gents, it's been a while:
Last dinner with friends : Tokay 6 puttonyos 2002 Côte rôtie Champin le seigneur Domaine Gerin 2004 Guilhem Gaucelm, Ermitage du Pic Saint Loup 2007 Chateau Simone (Palette) 2004 Chateau de Vaudieu, Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2011 Domaine des moines, Savennières-roche-aux-moines (don't remember) Champagne Gosset And we started with a red Bourgogne from Fanny-Sabre (fruity, nice). That was good, particulary the Côte Rôtie and the Champagne.
For Sale different pairs of John Lobb vintage a pair of brown John Lobb Fould Size 9 UK (lenght 12 inches) These are subs and the sole might need to be changed. A pair of black Russel size 9 (not subs) 400 USD A pair of loafers Lopez (not subs) 300 USD A pair of William with commando sole (not subs) 400 USD Free shipping worldwide.
Hello gents,
Thanks guys !Nope. Twill.
(EdS, Calabrese, Sentiero, EG)
St Joseph from Domaine des Bruyeres (one of the best domains in Crozes-Hermitage, same level as Combier or Graillot). 100% Syrah. Very nice. A bit of acidity and greedy fruit with enough spices that makes you feel that you are indeed in the Syrah.
Hello gents, it's been a while (first time in two months that I don't wear bermuda shorts)
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