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(Lino Sentiero shirt, Cappelli tie, Caruso jacket, Calabrese PS)
very high level, as usual. My vote would go to Betelgueuse and AAC.
Gents, I sell this pair of Gaziano & Girling Walkton two tone burgundy & oxblood in calf and pebble grain. The shoes are sold with G&G lasted shoetrees and shoebags. Ship to anywhere.
Thanks! It's a Cappelli.
Today (well, yesterday): P.S: Sincerely sorry for you Eliod.
Hurry up then, Calceom is closing down.
One question: what did you think of the referee?
Bravo to the US Team and a big hat off to Howard. The real stars of this WC are the goalkeepas.
We played with our heart. I am proud of my players. Without a great neuer and a huge Mbolhi (the goalkeepas), ther would have been a massive scoring game. And I'm not sure the Germs would have win it.
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