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Late start with my reading, but better late than never. In the past two months I've read some books I probably should have read years ago: The Tipping Point Freakonomics How to Win Friends and influence People Any suggestions for books based on the above, apart from 'Super 'Freakonomics' and 'Seven Habits...' ? Anything business, economics, self-development etc...
Neither is XXS
I don't see Rugby coming back, but I already am seeing Rugby being integrated into the main Polo RL line. Some items that would never have been PRL are showing up. There are even some things that look like old Rugby items but now labeled as Polo.I think we'll be seeing more movement in that direction as RL has to start competing more and more with Red Fleece, Gant Rugger, J Crew, and others.In other news, just got a Gray Made in Italy Rugby suit in 36R from Malford of...
They should make me an 'Assistant E-Commerce Planner', I would love to fix everything and make it accurate apart from the other job duties.
Give in Style last year was Sept 27 to Oct 8th, 25% off select stylesPrivate Sale started first week of November, 40% off
I'm definitely digging that donegal shawl collar sweater. My list is now the Corbin Messenger Bag, The Merino-Cashmere Shawl (Donegal) Cardigan, and the Walker Leather Jacket. My wallet is screaming at me.
Streetwear and Denim is ----> That way
Next big private sale is sometime in November I believe/i am told. Let's cross our fingers it's a good one to start off the holiday season.
I saw the messenger in person last weekend in Georgetown, was very nice and something I plan on buying once it goes on sale. Has two separated compartments, large enough to carry a 15" laptop from the looks of it. Definitely more of a portfolio briefcase than a hard shell briefcase, and less of a messenger bag than the deerfield vachetta messenger bag, rather it's more sturdy and structured. Just outside my price range, although the SA told me it was $795 in store for some...
Haha, so nobody tucks their shirts in? I agree though I personally am starting to prefer the BB shirts, red fleece in small fits decently for me. I can never find extra slim in stores.
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