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Pissed off that I missed that 65% off hacked coupon code last night for RL *sigh*
How am I being an ass.. I really do wish someone did that, I didn't fucking know until this morning.. I'm utterly pissed.. I would've spent at least $4k after discounts.
I wish someone came and woke me up and told me about the code and then shoved my computer in my face
You bulking up?
Considering I'm an XS and slightly smaller than you, I say go for the Small.
Tell me about it, I love their bags, this one takes the cake for me:Anyone have suggestions to someone that can make a similar bag for cheaper?
You're right, a bit of a stupid thing for me to do, cloak of "anonymity" and my bad decisions sometimes get the best of me.
Thanks, I think I'll try the 15 in Tokyo Slim Fit then.
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