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I was just there about 3 weeks ago and they have some very nice balmoral boots this season (at something like $525 or $550 I believe). Sadly, not pictured on the website. One was a brown lower with chocolate suede upper. Another style had cloth uppers (either black lower with black & white plaid upper, or brown lower with brownish and green tweed upper). Allen Edmonds also has a cloth upper boot this season (the Shaker Heights), so I suppose that's the new trend.
Can anyone identify the frames that Sam Waterston is wearing in the new HBO series Newsroom? Hard to find pictures of him wearing them online though
So I'm doing a bit of decorating/redecorating and I would like to just print out a few choice sketches from the internet and throw them into some existing frames I have. They are small frames, so it wouldn't have to be too hi-res. I am thinking some classic architectural sketches or industrial schematics/patent applications for famous things. Something along the lines of these, but I would need bigger.
Thank you, Labour and Democratic parties. You've gotten exactly what you've wished for.
There is actually a non-trivial amount of natural gas under New York state.
I wonder how much of those bars is fake/counterfeit gold
Can we blame white people for this? Or at least Bush?
You can do a lot of cooking for $150 on an 8 piece Tramontina set from Wal-Mart. It's their top of the line set and gets decent reviews. You can even buy it online so you avoid the People of Wal-Mart shopping experience. Remember that the lids are considered a 'piece' in most boxed sets that you buy. I recently got a Crate & Barrel catalog with an 10 piece, Cuisinart MultiClad set for $200.
So you suggest we should borrow more, so we can spend more, so that when we do, inevitably, default it will be more epic and spectacular?
I'm only interested if we can blame Obama for this. Or are we still blaming the last guy for the world's failures?
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